Extend, Trade, or Cut

by Micah Hart

One of my favorite pastimes with my friends growing up was “Date, Dump, or Marry”, a silly little game where given three options of people you had to choose which person you’d date, which you’d dump, and which you’d (surprise!) marry. Always made for fun arguments and often times disagreements.

One of my favorite pastimes now as an NBA fan is arguing the relative value of different players, which also makes for lots of arguments and disagreements. So, I thought it’d be fun to try to translate this game over to the League, with what I am going to call “Extend, Trade, or Cut“. The premise is simple – pretend you are an NBA GM, and for your mythical team you have three players, one of which you can sign to an extension, one which you can trade for some hypothetical asset, and one you have to flat-out dismiss.

To get it going, I thought we might start with three point guards who competed against each other for spots on the U.S. National Team this past summer, all of whom are considered among the best young talents in the game at their position. Here’s a little info to help inform your decision:

Rajon Rondo: Has a ring to his credit, and seems to turn his game up a notch in the playoffs. Might be the best defensive player at the position, and doesn’t lack for confidence. Not a terrific shooter though, and attitude has been questioned in the past.

Russell Westbrook: Terrific athlete is also a tenacious defender and rebounder. A bit turnover prone, many would say he is still learning the position after playing off the ball much of the time at UCLA.

Derrick Rose: Made his first All-Star game in just his second season, and has shown in the NBA and at the World Championship there may not be a player alive who can stay in front of him. Perimeter game could still use some work though.

These are your options – all terrific players with tremendous potential, so it won’t be easy. The choice is yours: extend, trade, or cut?

You have to extend one player, trade one player and cut one player. Vote!

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  1. Taylor says:

    Rajon Rondo – extend

    Russel Westbrook – trade, couldnt cut him

    Derick Rose – extend

    • Will says:

      You gotta cut one!

      Rondo – Trade
      Westbrook – Cut
      Rose – Extend, he’s the best there, with the best upside, and the best chance to get a ring before the other two (excluding rondo’s freebie ring off the back of the ’08 Celts)

      • JIm says:

        Rose is overated Rondo is the best one.



      • Berto says:

        Are you kidding me? Its like they said, virtually nobody can stay in front of Rose. Not even Lebron, who is acclaimed through some as the fastest player in the NBA, could really stay in front of Derrick in that first round series in 2010 when Lebron made it his responsibility to guard Rose as soon as Chicago started to see a little light.
        Could you even imagine what the two squads of Boston and Chicago would be like if they switched point guards? Chicago would definitely not be even close to a .500 team, thats forsure. I think they would basically fight for the worst spot in their division against the likes of a dismantled Detroit ballclub.

        Rose- extend
        Rondo- trade
        Westbrook- Cut

      • Ammar says:

        I bet to differ, Rondo didnt get his ring as a `freebie`, if you say that, then all of Fishers rings were freebies, all of scottie pippens rings were freebies, and tons of other players. Scalbaines ring was a freebie that year, not rondo he played magnificent, and anyways it was during his sophmore year in the NBA so obviously he wasnt gunna perform like kobe, or even at the high level hes playing at now. He was the starting Point Guard, he distrbuted the ball, made plays and did everything in his power to help that squad. So next time think twice beffore saying a player didnt deserve a ring because he didnt do anything.

    • Zzanzabar says:

      Since you MUST cut 1, extend 1, and trade 1, for me it would be:

      Rose- trade (for Melo heh)
      Westbrook-extend (too important to OKC)
      Rondo- cut (since I HAVE to cut someone)

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  3. tj says:

    Put the same thing

  4. Greg says:

    Rajon Rondo – Extend

    Derrick Rose – Trade

    Russel Westbrook – Cut

    Hard to say cut for any of those though. Rajon definitly is the best performer among those 3 at the moment, and I’d say he’ll still be in the next few years.

  5. jay says:

    im pretty sure you have to cut one of them. you cant extend two of them. its a tough choice… thats why it makes it fun. I chose to extend on Rondo, trade Rose, and to cut Westbrook.

  6. Will says:

    i thought once you choose one, that option is elminated
    rondo – trade
    westbrook – cut
    rose – extend

  7. JRaff says:

    Great idea! For the first time in a while this has actually enticed me to submit a poll result. However, it would have been nice to get your perspective on the extend/trade/cut scenario.

  8. Joey says:

    I think Rose is the less of the 3. He is the probably the fastest but lack intelligence on both ends. His lack of play late in games during the Olympic run defines my statement. If Rose is not scoring, he does absolutely nothing for the better of a team. Westbook has the most potential of the 3 but needs to mature at a “PG” not a basketball player. Rondo is a true championship PG that may always lack a “jumpshot”. Let’s face the music, Magic Johnson didn’t have much of a shot either…. Rondo is the “Extended” PG as he is the most current complete of the 3

    • Kent says:

      did you say the rose the the less of the three. are u crazy? Rose has way more Basketball I.Q. than Russell Westbrook. U cant judge player’s game on just the olympics. These players have way different roles from the nba team. Rose wasnt supposed to be a dominant scorer on this olympic team. Russell westbrook turns the ball over more than the other 2. Rondo has a ring, but he played with 3 future hall of famers. If rose played that squad, he would also have a ring maybe 2. Rondo wasnt in the game in the 4th qtr during their championship run, Eddie house and sam cassell played most of the minutes.

      • rico says:

        Agreed, if boston had rose istead of rondo I think they would be playing for their fourth straight title this year.

      • Danny says:

        Thank you Kent for making that clear. You have to be crazy to think Rose is the less of the 3. Rose is definitely the best out of the 3. He has tremendous upside and understands the game just as well if not better than rondo. Yes rondo has had success in the past but a lot of that is due to his 3 future hall of famer teammates. If rose was alongside them, he would easily bypass rondo’s success. As for Russell Westbrook… he’s quick, young and athletic. Obviously has trouble taking care of the ball and does not have much else. Sure, a promising guard, but not as promising as Rose. Enough said

      • BOB says:

        if rose was on the celtics, he would need the ball for scoring, because that’s all he can do! so rondo has matured as a leader. do you all seriously think that the celtics would have got to the finals last year without rondo? rose just gets a lot more attention because he is was the star on his team, rondo wasn’t.. but that doesn’t mean rose is the better player. in my opinion it goes :

        rondo – extend

        rose – trade

        westbrook – cut

      • AARONKING says:

        rose has the lowest assists because he has the least amount of talent to pass the ball to, he had no shooters last year and no big man

      • spiderman says:

        Wait, hold on Rico… Boston would be working for their 4th in a row with Rose instead of Rondo? Rose wouldn’t have made that much of a difference without Garnett and Rondo played amazing ball during these last playoffs, so he wasn’t the make or break in their falling short of winning the championship. I’m not saying Rondo is better, but Rose wouldn’t have given the Celtics an automatic championship with a Garnett-less Celtics back in ’09.

  9. MagE says:

    I thought the idea was to pick 1 extend, 1 cut and 1 trade? how come there are way more extends than both the other 2 combined? lol

  10. Dre says:

    Man you guys picked three guys that obviously are a necessity to a championship caliber type team! Extend! Extend! And Extend!

  11. Pill Billy says:

    Ahem the choices are really easy for all of them as can see from the results.

  12. JohnLhew says:

    Rajon Rondo – Extend
    Derrick Rose – Extend.
    Russel Westbrook – Trade.

    Still D.Rose is the best of 3. Give him a year or 2 to progress. he will only get better!

  13. Tom says:

    I thougt you could youse each option only once, so in that case, i keep rose, trade rondo and cut westbrook. If you only choose sign or trade, the game gets a bit lame.

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  15. Chuck Bobby says:

    Extend Rondo, Extend Westbrook, Trade Rose. If you look at all things considered the only thing Rose does better than Westbrook is score, and although Rose has a better FG percentage I dare say Westbrook would score more without KD. Westbrook is just better than Rose.

    • candid says:

      FG percentage should be better when you have a star on your team that commands a double team on a nightly basis. Rose has a better FG percentage than westbrook does even though he had no other star on his team commanding a double team regularly. That in my opinion says a lot. I think Rondo is probably the best defender of the 3 and that is important but I think Rose is the best shooter of the 3 and that means a lot too. Westbrook turns the ball over way too often for a PG and with a star like KD on his team, his FG% should be a lot better and his points per game should be higher also. In fact, his assists per game should be higher as well with a quality finisher like KD on his team. So given the players they all have on their respective teams, I think Rose is the best (extend), Rondo is a very solid quality PG (trade) and Westbrook is quite clearly the worst of the 3 (cut). Westbrook is a good finisher at the rim and he is good in the open court but so are the other 2 (Rondo and Rose) so he really has no clear advantage over them in any category. This is just my opinion.

  16. j says:


  17. Mike B. says:


    How can the guys who said cut westbrook say that…..Who could you cut him for thats already proven in his position on the team? His stats show that he should be extended a contract….Haters!!!!!! Me personally their is no one on this list that i could cut from their team…..

    • candid says:

      The scenario:

      You are a GM of an NBA team and you had 3 of these point guards on your roster but you can only extend one, trade one and cut one.

      Understand the scenario. He is not asking you to cut any of them from their present team. He is saying if you had all 3 on some imaginary team but you could only keep one what would you do? I really didn’t think the question was that complex until I read your comment. It actually is quite simple Mike B. so stop being an undecisive little child and make decisions based on the scenario.

      Coach K had to cut one of them from Team USA right? Well, be a man and put yourself if his shoes. What would you have done in that situation?

  18. Nick says:

    All i know is ya’ll need to watch the bulls more if you think you should cut or trade him.. he’s the franchise player. The thunder and the celtics both will move on without both of their point guards. Derrick Rose is needed on the team and neither Rondo or Westbrook have proved to me they can lead a team. Derrick can be the leading scorer on a team and still put up other great numbers, he lacks perimeter shot but he’s only goin into his third year and he’s already an allstar. I would have to cut Rondo and trade russell westbrook because of Westbrooks potential and athleticism you would easily get the better trade for him.

    • BOB says:

      rondo lead the celtics to the finals..soooo, that just killed your argument. watch the game, not your favourite player.

      • ARH says:

        Rondo didnt lead the celts to the finals BOB. The big 3 did. Hmm lets see… Minus the big three from Rondo and what would we get? The Celtics would completely suck if Rondo was to be the best player, which he clearly isnt. Take Rondo away from the big 3 and you still get a championship team, that can go to the finals and that can win it all. Your story has no facts. You can even look at the games that was played without Paul Pierce and KG in it because of Doc resting them for the playoffs. Yes, we had rondo on the court, but did we win the ones againsts the high caliber teams? No we didnt. Thank you 😀

      • ben says:

        haha cutting rondo… stupid…
        Rose is good and will get better BUT this year he has got other guys around him scoring. so we will see how his numbers develope. Rondo is the best player of these three,,, the is a leader at a team with 3 future hall of fame players and will be the forth in a few years. And russel is a great guy as well. but you would get way more talent back if yyou trade rose as a GM, cut russel and keep rondo. and you have to think about it. rondo got better every year. and I don’t think his development is already over.

      • Emir S. says:

        I suggest watching those games again. As well as reviewing the Celtics roster BOB. Maybe you’ll get the point. =)

      • Peter says:

        Rondo is easily the best pure PG on that list, and IMO he’s easilly the best plyer on that list period.

        Rose is IMHO one of the most overrated PG’s in the league because is is a one dimensional player – much like the Dirk Nowitski of the PG position. He does one thing well, and that’s score. He’s a mediocre defender, and he’s nothing special as a passer/playmaker. Even as a scorer he is incomplete because he lacks a solid jump shot. People mention that Rose played on a team with no scorers etc – this is one of the key reasons he has been as successful as he has. Rose needs the ball in his hand to be productive, so if you put a guy like Rose on the Celtics he would be nowhere near as fitting as Rondo – he’d be fighting Pierce/Allen/Garnett for possessions and sorry to say but all three of those guys are more accomplished offensive players.

        Very few (if any) players could have been thrown onto a team like the Celtics, with three future hall of famers, and stood his own ground. That Rondo made the all-star team last year DESPITE not being a scorer, and DESPITE playing on the same team as three future hall of famers speaks worlds about his value to that team and his ability as a player. People say that Rondo ‘rode’ the big three – did you guys not watch ANY playoff basketball the last 2 years? Rondo didn’;t contrubute hugely to the 08 champtionship because it was only his first or second year in the league and he had just been asked to take over a floor general role on a team filled with stars and full of expectations. In 2009 Boston went further in the playoffs then they had any right to (considering their injury issues) and Rondo was the biggest reason, having averaged a near triple double over 7 games against Chicago (and thoroughly outplaying Rose). Then last year – 29 points, 18 rebounds and 13 assists againt the team with the best regular season record? Neither Rose nor Westbrook could ever put up those type of numbers in a game – in fact no one has in what was it…30 years?

        Rondo lacks a consistent jump shot, and because many fans are so ‘scoring’ oriented the only thing they look at is the lack of scoring. Thing is, Rondo’s lack of a jump shot is the only single weakness in his entire game – in every other aspect he is up there with the top 2 or 3 PG’s in the league. Steal, Assists, All defensive first team, 50% FG, amoung top guards in assists/turnover, and despote being the 4th option on his team AND not having a jump shot, he averaged 14PPG at 50% from the field.. On any most other teams (if he were the 1st or second option) Rondo’s FG% would probably be down to abut 46%-47% but his scoring would be up to 17-19PPG…and it wouldn’t surprise me at all if his scoring numbers are up around the 16 – 17 PPG mark this coming season,

  19. Chuck Bobby says:

    In light of comments of having to use extend trade and cut. I’d Extend Rondo, Trade Rose, and Cut Westbrook. This is because most people don’t see Westbrook is better and that makes Rose better trade bait.

  20. aj says:

    Rose is the best of the 3 in a pickup game, not the best point gaurd. That Rondo easy, anyone who says otherwise didn’t watch the playoffs. Westbrook is raw, gaurded by someone taller or just as quick you can shut him down (Kobe did it). Rose and Rondo both have great trade value, keep whoever fits your style, trade the other. Cut Westbrook, Rondo is a better PG and Rose is a better scorer.

  21. Pill Billy says:

    Oops i misunderstood, It is actually not an easy choice. But seems like everyone misunderstood as well.

  22. Neal Mathur says:

    All 3 are keepers if you would be lucky enough to have them on your team. I’d go with a 3-guard offense and extend them all. However to play the game:

    Rondo – TRADE (he’s the most established with the most star-power, so we’d get more for him)
    Westbrook – EXTEND (smart, young, fast and quick, really fast & quick… he showed me something in the FIBA games)
    Rose- CUT (hard to even write, I know I could get a good big man and a 1st round pick or 2 for him- but if I had to pick one to cut…)

  23. Aleksandar says:

    Rondo – Trade – he is great, but i don’t think he can lead a team, since he is best when he has good players arround him to make assists and to dictict the tempo of the game. Seeing as he is the best trade bait celtics have, i would trade him, and i am a celtic fan. If you extend, celtics won’t have much cap space / assets / trade baits after the big 3 leaves the ship.
    Westbrook – cut – i had to cut one.
    Rose – extend – he is the best out of the 3 that can lead a mediocore team.

  24. Lakers Fan #555 says:

    Ummm… The idea is to select one of each for all three people, meaning, you cannot choose the same option for two players. My opinion is that of the following: cut Rose, extend Westbrook, and trade Rondo. The reason is simple though. Rondo’s trade value is easily higher than that of the other two individuals, and therefore; demands trading. He’s able to provide more “prospect value” to a team than he would be with his aging body, and so on… He is more of a risk to keep than to do anything else except trading him. A safe and easy choice concerning the trade option, I’d say. That would leave only two fellows left, Westbrook and Rose. Westbrook, though I suppose I’m somewhat biased, seems that he’s a better defender than Rose, and therefore would gain the “extension” option rather than the “cut” option. If you look at what Westbrook has done for his team in two years, you’d be amazed:
    -Played in every single game.
    -15.7 ppg and 6.6 assists, excluding his 20.5 and 6.0 playoff averages. [He isn’t the primary option, either.]
    -4.9 rpg, 1,3 spg, and 0.3 blocks on the defensive end. [Remember, rebounding and defense won the Lakers the championship.]

    Compared to Derrick Rose, who did in fact miss games in his two seasons in the league, the stats would be better than Rose’s if Westbrook had been the “primary” scorer for his team too. The only thing Rose does better is score, and only by “3.0” points per game for a career, however, if you consider that Westbrook averaged 8.0 assists last year, it’d be silly to pass up for a guy who just scores like “3” more points than Westbrook, but has less than two assisted field goals, himself. Defensively, Westbrook has the same amount of blocks as Rose, but excels at steals and rebounding, without any doubt. Then when assessing the playoffs, the first time Rose went into the playoffs is scary looking, and comparing that to Westbrook’s first effort is like a joke. Westbrook easily did far better than Rose during his first playoff trip.

    That’s why I would “cut” Rose rather than Westbrook, who I expect to contribute much more and be a better player in the long run; especially on the defensive end.

    Cut: Rose [worse at the defensive end than compared to Westbrook.]
    Extend: Westbrook [much younger than Rondo, and does about as well…]
    Rondo: Trade [worth much more prospect than Westbrook on the market…]

    • NBA.com staff says:

      Lakers Fan, you nailed it. You have to select one for all three. So somebody has to get cut, somebody has to get traded and somebody has to get extended.

    • Kamil says:

      lakers fan #555 so westbrook averaged 20.5 and 6.0 in the playoffs and rose averaged 26.8 and 7.2 last season in the playoffs and your gonna say westbrook contributes more? lol check your stats and by the end of this season rose will go down as the best pg of the 3

  25. KDH says:

    i feel like this. none of the 3 can shoot. the all very fast. one of them them plays fast all the time (WESTBROOK) and that makes him turn the ball over alot. another of them has great d but cant have the ball in his hands at the end of the game cause he might get the hack a shaq done to him (RONDO) but he can pass his butt of. the last one does nt have great d or a shoot (ROSE). but he knows how to play the game, when to use his speed or when to slow it down. no one player can just go at him to score on him cause he understands what D is. and when the game is on the line you can give him the ball let him make a play at the end of the game. so there for




  26. Symphony says:

    I love all three of them, but if I had to choose I would…
    Rondo- extend
    Westbrook- cut
    Rose- trade

  27. Joaquin says:

    Rose – Extend
    Rondo – Trade
    Westbrook – Cut
    It was hard but Derrick Rose is definitely better, and he has just 2 years as a pro, he has a very bright future, there’s no way Im not extending him.

  28. hikap says:

    Rajon Rondo – Extend

    Derrick Rose – Trade

    Russel Westbrook – Cut

    Hard to say cut for any of those though. Rajon definitly is the best performer among those 3 at the moment, and I’d say he’ll still be in the next few years.

  29. KDH says:


  30. think says:

    RONDO – TRADE: one of the best defenders at PG and can play his game despite being the “plus one” to the big three… but him being the team’s franchise player is yet to be determined… very high trade value especially for those teams who just lack a player or two to win a championship and would give up high-picks or young players with exceptional potential just to complete a championship roster.

    WESTBROOK – CUT: may come to a point that he’d be better than rondo, but for now he’s the one i’d cut.

    ROSE – EXTEND: Chicago wouldnt pick him as #1 if he isnt that player teams can build around… and since he entered, he became the face of the franchise which is improving year after year, so he’s the real deal.

  31. D. Ruff says:

    Rondo- Trade
    Westbrook- Cut
    Rose- Extend

    Im going to have to build up around Rose, he’s a proven leader and his game elevates with each season. I like Rondo, because he’s going to look good on the numbers, but I want a leader without the attitude problems. Westbrook isnt quite ready to take control of a team, but he’s a nice 2nd option.

  32. Scope says:

    I’d extend Rajon Rondo. He’s the most well-rounded and polished out of the three. The closest thing to the Big O in the League, as far as getting triple doubles, which is very valuable at the PG position. He’s comparable to Jason Kidd, which is a huge compliment and definitely capable of leading a team to championships!

    I’d trade Derrick Rose, because he’s got the most trade value of the three. He’s young, incapable of being guarded one on one, and with more knowledge and understanding of the game through experience, he’ll become a player that would never be traded, again. Extending Rondo and trading Rose for an elite SG or SF puts my team one solid big man away from Championship contention.

    Unfortunately, I’d cut Russell Westbrook. He’s definitely talented and capable of leading a team at the PG position. He does it with a player like Kevin Durant and still manages to be more than just a distributor and facilitator of the offense. He’s actually capable of taking the game over, if need be. Scoring PGs are always more valuable, especially when they know how to distribute, as well, but against Derrick Rose, a better scoring PG, he’d be cut.

  33. Rhino says:

    OMG!!!! This is so wrong, I’d prefer if these were actual ladies, would make my decision easier….

    Rose- Extend
    Westbrook- Trade
    Rondo – Cut

    At the end of the day Rondo can’t shoot free-throws and judging from the history of poor free-throw shooters this is not something he can make much improvement on. Put the same team around Westbrook and they would win a championship and he is the leader of a young and talented squad who if I may say will win a ring soon. Look at the HELL OKC dished the Lakers in round one thanks to this man. So I don’t really see Rondo’s unique value, but he does have the experience factor. Westbrook is big and athletic and his game is exciting to watch, Rose is a BEAST nuff said.

    • Berto says:

      Umm, did you really just say what Westbrook did to the Lakers? Did you forget that he had cough* cough* Kevin Durant (the scoring champ!) to play next to.
      You’re right though, Rose is a beast, but give Rondo some credit, he almost literally ran the Celtics to the Finals.
      Westbrook has too many question marks. He can’t really shoot, can he lead a team by himself, is his potential really that promising?
      Rose and Rondo have proven they can at least lead a team. Even if Rondo has Hall of Famers on his team, he’s still the leader which was made obvious throughout the playoffs.
      Be realistic, Westbrook was not, and probably never be the leader of the Thunder–given that Mr. Kevin Durant is around.

      • Rhino says:

        Dude, did you just have one of those special moments? OKC is Kevin Durant, Jeff Green and Westbrook no doubt. why did Lebron jump ship on the Cavs? Because a superstar can’t do it alone. Yes Durant is the man in OKC but yes also he can’t do it alone. Westbrook’s value to that team is unmeasurable. Don’t misunderstand me, Rondo is great, definately top 10 but he can’t shoot freethrows. Fortunately for Boston they were dominant therefore Rondo wasn’t exposed. Now that they have Shaq let’s see how well Rondo does when it’s time to perform in the clutch and he gets double teamed and has to go to the line……. OKC is durants team yes, but it’s westbrook who decides how the game flows because he has the ball as the point gaurd so in that sence i use the term leader. It’s his leadership that will propel this young team and as for ROSE yes BEAST…..

  34. Devon says:

    Rondo is the future when everybody on the celtics retires so you have to keep him. You have to keep westbrook to possibly keep durant happy. Chicago is completly built around Rose. Id keep them ALL this is to tough to choose.

    • candid says:

      You’re a spineless GM without any vision.

      • Berto says:

        haha, a little harsh don’t you think? But very true. You can’t win a championship with guys who all play the same position almost the same way: with speed, slashing ability and athleticism.
        You’re team would be as doomed as the Gilbert Areanas-John Wall experiment that is about to be unraveled in Washington. ehh thats just my opinion though.

  35. Ben says:

    Without a shadow of a doubt, the one to extend would be Westbrook. The responses here show that people don’t watch that well, instead just look at stats or big market players. But I’ve watched all three, and Westbrook is the one without ego but still with the skills. He will always make a perfect piece of a machine, while still being a superstar.

    I think we are talking about three future hall of famers here – other than Nash and Paul my favourite three point guards in the league. So it’s a matter of very small degrees. But I think it has to be Rose, trade and Rondo, cut. Rose has a stronger skill set overall and can shoot you through to a win. Rondo is more of a scrapper, getting my on pure instinct, speed and brain.

    Micah, since you ask such a mean question, I’ll ask one back. Which would you extend, trade and cut out of Gasol, Nowitzki & Bosh

    • mihart says:

      That’s a good one – we’ll do plenty more of these as we go, so there will be plenty more hard decisions to make. As for me on that one, I’ll extend Gasol, trade Nowitzki and cut Bosh.

  36. Neela says:

    Extend Rondo-primetime performer in playoffs and glue of team.
    Trade Rose-Huge future potential that could recieve lots of assets in market
    Cut Westbrook-Worst of the three so gets the worst option.

  37. Patrick says:

    Cut: Rondo
    Trade: Westbrook
    Extend: Rose

    The Celtics would still have plenty of very capable players on their team without Rondo. Rondo is already seen as a top 5 or higher point guard, and would have no trouble getting signed elsewhere.

    I originally had Rose traded and Westbrook extended, but I don’t see how Chicago letting go of their homegrown talent would be beneficial in any way.

    While breaking up the nucleus in OK City would be a shame, I would trade Westbrook, but mostly by default.

  38. JGriff says:

    Rose – Extend He’s the truth.

    Westbrook – trade

    Rondo – Cut, what kind of PG can’t shoot free throws and barley shoots threes.

  39. J.P says:

    I think people don´t understand the game and has extended more than one player. Besides, I will like to know the opinion of the writer about this issue.

    In my opinion:

    Rajon Rondo – extend

    Derrick Rose – trade (you can get an all-star trading Rose)

    Westbrook – CUT (although it will be very difficult to do this xD)

  40. alsor33 says:

    Extend – Westbrook a good or maybe excellent potential + good rebounder for a PG + good defender
    Trade – Rose a very good player but i chose Westbrook over him..
    Cut – Rondo oldest of the three so cut him

  41. Leo says:

    I just want to remind a few people that Rajon Rondo has been in the league longer than Westbrook and Rose. Experience makes a big difference between a rookie guard and a second year guard and so on.
    Rondo has been lucky to have KG, R.Allen, and P.Pierce on his team.
    Westbrook is a great teammate to K.Durant but need more than that to make a push in the West.
    Rose has gradually elevated his game in every season he has played. With the proper coaching staff and players
    he will facilitate others and benefit from having Boozer, Brewer and Korver on his team.
    I say we look back at their career in about 7 to 8 years and see were they stand among the top PG in the league.

    • S.D. says:

      Rondo has been lucky to have THE big 3, but they have been more lucky to have him. they don’t win in 08 without him. they don’t make playoffs in 09 without him if they do then its even shorter lived, and theres no way they go 7 with the Lakers in 10. when you look back in 7 or 8 years rondo will still be the best of the three and he will have another ring that says 2011 on it for sure.

      • Berto says:

        Ok, seriously? The Celtics did not need Rondo in 08 to win that championship, lets be honest. They needed him this year, but definitely not in 08. They needed Pierce, Allen, and Karnett. Thats why they traded to get them. Rondo was just along for the ride and walked away with a ring.

    • Rej says:

      depends on the teams need:
      1. If we lack rebounding, I would:
      Westbrook – Extend
      Rose – Trade
      Rondo – Cut
      2. If we need scoring, I would:
      Rose – Extend
      Rondo – Trade
      Westbrook – Cut
      3. If we have a balanced team (good rebounding and scoring)
      Rondo – Extend
      Rose – Trade
      Westbrook – Cut

      • ehrickitoys says:

        its realy depends on what do you need in your team to make everyone looks at their best. I read some of the comments above and found some wrong toughts, like the one who thinks that if and only if rose and rondo are in diff. side of the team. well try to think about a fast break of any team against boston w/o rondo on the line up and got rose on the floor? not good in eyes in’et? or how about rondo on chicago’s uniform w/ their current line up? errrr… noah is the 1st choice scorer? no way.. everyone of this 3 players have their ups and downs in their respective games, the telent is there, its up to the team and to the coach on what talent they need to make a championship team. best example their is the former cavs team w/ LBJ, they tought they will win the trophy when they got shaq on the line up..errrrr thats 1 of the biggest mistake they made. why? cavs got it all with LBJ, shooting, defence, isolation, team play, what they need is someone who is a legitimate ball scorer to help LBJ, do they have one? none is the answer. Shaq now a days is only a shadow of who he was 10 years ago, he cant change the game now by himself. and yeah they have MO to score for them but MO is a point guard not a scorer, when they turn MO into a 2nd scorer, they lost a PG. Then they get Dwest, a natural point guard but converted into SG. what they get next? confusion.. confusion between MO and Dwest, who’s going to dirct the offense and who’s going to take the shot, result, LBJ end up doing everything for them. Cavs is realy a victim of wrong personel. and LBJ is the biggest casualty among them. Imagine Cavs line up if they add Marion rather than shaq on their line up 1 year ago? A guy who can defend the pick and roll, can shot the ball outside the shaded line and can help in defending a fast break, more scary in’et? or investing to get ben gordon rather than getting Dwest and jamison to complete the cast?much better in’et? Gordon can take over the scoring when LBJ is under double or triple team, plsu the fact that gordon is a pure score, rather than that nothing, but, thats what they need right? MO can focus at point, LBJ defenitely going to score, pass and defend, big Z or Varejao is going to make the rebounds and defend under the basket and contribute for some scoring inside. And here’s Marion to add some inside scoring, interior deffense and fast break opportunities and gordon to score outside and take over the game when the deffense is on LBJ. ermmm… much way better team right? to make the long story short, teams must picks players depend on their needs not on who’s more better player.

  42. Lakers Fan #555 says:

    This should be a lot easier than you guys think… The “trade” option is best suited to help your team in the future, by removing one of these three players for great return value. So, this is what should be debated over more so than the others… You’d have to select the player that is WORTH much much more than the other two, despite them being relatively similar. Rajon Rondo easily takes that trophy, and should be traded ahead of the other two players.

    With him traded, you could not only garner more talent from his value, but you’ll be able to make up the slight variation that he brings to your team; rebounding, steals, so on and so on…

    That’s what the “trade” one should be for, after all he is the most marketable player to other teams, especially due to the fact that he has won a championship, and done all that he needs to do to make it in the league.

    It comes down to two people: Westbrook [younger player] or Rose [slightly older player]. As an executive, you’d have to approach miscellaneous things like “games played,” statistics, value, and so on… The most important thing to consider [for a chance to win a championship] is to evaluate the defensive prowess of each player and compare them. Westbrook wins easily. No question. Health and athleticism is very crucial as well; which Westbrook wins again. Scoring and passing ought to be valuable for your point guard also; which the only thing Westbrook loses at here is scoring, but that’s nothing big given to Rose, unless you consider the playoffs this past year. Otherwise, Westbrook would be as effective of a scorer as Rose was, regardless…

    Westbrook is, in my humble opinion, more unselfish of a player than Rose is, and he hasn’t had to deal with the drama as much as Rose has, which makes him a lot better in the locker room; I’d say. Westbrook played for a relatively young and “non-mainstream” team in the Thunder, which would suggest that he’s not obsessed with a boastful ego disorder. Therefore, it would come down to two probable situations: do you want your point guard to be a better SCORER or would you like to have a better POINT GUARD– someone who will sacrifice points in order to play better defense?

    If it is the former, then Rose is your guy, but I wouldn’t expect waving championship banners around your stadium anytime soon. If you like to focus on the defensive end, then you’d be insane to pass up Westbrook– who is a much much better defender than Rose ever could be.

    A point guard, by my definition, has to “defend” and “pass the ball” around the floor. Derek Fisher comes to mind when you think of a good example; he defends, quite good for someone his age, and he does pass the ball. Do you see Derek averaging 20 points per game? No. You see Kobe Bryant running around shooting jumpers and fadeaway shots all over the place, because he is the SHOOTING GUARD.

    According to their stats, and if you’ve managed to watch both players play… The easy choice is Westbrook.
    http://www.nba.com/playerfile/russell_westbrook/career_stats.html = Westbrook
    http://www.nba.com/playerfile/derrick_rose/career_stats.html = Rose

  43. VJBE- says:

    I agree with everybody’s choice. But it is really funny how people choose to cut Rondo… SMH!!!!
    Who was the best player for the Boston Celtics for the last Playoff??
    Who lead the Celtics the playoff finals???
    Who is the one who always got the ball and distribute it to right player for the boston celtics??? The one who always choose the right play at the right moment???
    Imagine yourself playing with the ” Big Three ” what would you do to make people see you like people are looking at ROndo now?? The Big Three appears to be a complete team without the two others player, But now ROndo ( cant even shoot perfectly free throws and threes ) make it The fantastic four…. In my opinion, there is no other point guard that would be able to lead the celtics like Rondo.
    And people imagine ROndo improves his free throws and three points, how would you call this player???
    Rondo all day

  44. st says:

    I do not think rose is that good
    he is over rated
    rondo – extend
    trade – rose
    cut – westbrook

  45. young lambo says:

    rondo showed his ass in the playoffs so i would definately extend him. but i would also extend westbrook and rose because you cant just cut them because they all did great in the playoffs. rondo cant shoot to save his life but his drive to the rim is excellent. rose can shoot and drive and plus he is quick but rondo can also grab alot of rebounds. westbrook is the quickest out of all them and he was the engine the thunder rolled with in round one of the playoffs against the lakers so i think that would be hard very hard to choose who to cut and extend and trade. I think they all have something to improve on and so therefore they are equal in some areas and some are just blowouts

  46. greg says:

    this is so dumb i wouldnt cut any of these players

    • Lakers Fan #555 says:

      Directions should be read… Despite the idea, you have to cut a single one of them, trade a single one of them, and keep the final player for life.

  47. Big Ty says:

    You must be crazy if you think Rose should be traded or cut, COME ON SERIOUSLY!!!! The man became rookie of the year Instead of Westbrook, And in his second year he became an all-star when Westbrook didn’t. And the only edge Rondo has over Rose is his passing ability, but thats it, Rose is a far more supeiror 2 these other 2 PG, Soooooo

    Rose- Extend



  48. MK says:

    Rajon Rondo- great talent and all star potential but extended or be traded
    Russell Westbrook- explosive guard and also hell of a dunker: EXTEND..
    Derrick Rose- He is all star guard in my eyes and the dude is explosive going to the basketball with no fierce: Chicago Bulls should definitely give him an a extension forever…

  49. Parker says:

    I would really hope that I would look at the skills I have on the rest of my team before making this decision. Based off what my team needs more would change who I would extend, trade or cut because each of these guys has different things they are good at or better at then the others.
    But with no team and just them
    Extend Rose
    Trade Rondo
    Cut Westbrook

  50. Dustin says:




    rondo is the best one there,rose is a good player so extend him and in my opion westbrook just flat out sucks he show boats way to much and he turns the ball over to much so cut him

  51. kjcheow says:

    apparently a lot of jokers didn’t understand the poll questions.. he should have just put up one vote button instead of 3..

  52. Jai says:

    Rondo- extend (mental toughness, great basketball i.q., physically tough, scrappy!, He gets better every year, NBA superstar! championship and winning mentality and alot of playoff knowledge and experience, fun to watch him play)

    Rose- trade ( great scorer, quick, however, he has not amazed me yet, great assest to another team, some playoff knowledge and experience)

    Westbrook- cut (potential to be amazing, He has alot of talent, very confident, scrappy player but not a leader yet and not enough playoff experience)

    they are all great players, but Rondo is the best PG and the future of the NBA…in my opinion…

  53. LeRoi says:

    Rondo – Extend

    Rose – Trade

    Westbrook – Cut

  54. fantasystats says:

    If you go on any fantasy shooting chart, you will find that Rose has the best value. His mid-range shot is developing, and he is now able to consistently hit from both elbows. Westbrook has improved as well, but his jumper is still suspect, with random patches of blue (cold shooting). Rondo….actually got WORSE in shooting the the last few seasons.His chart has multiple blue spots EVERYWHERE. In fact, he has to take 75% of his shots right under the rim. the reason for this is while Rose and Westbrook have fixed their shooting forms, Rondo can’t seem to keep his elbow from flaring out. Not only that, but his hands are proportioned to those of a 6 9″ wing man. As of now, Rondo is best due to the fact that he is the best playmaker and defender, but Rose is already better offensively, and will only improve defensively under Tom Thibbadeu (same defensive guy who mentored RONDO)

    Rose – extend (best upside, already amongst top PGs in league)

    Rondo – trade (sad to say, he’s about reached his prime; strike while the iron is hot)

    Westbrook – cut (KD is the reason for the extra assists, but Westbrook will be a premier PG for the future)

  55. bdittman1163 says:

    I had to extend Rondo he does have a ring and though he may have rode coattails that year to get it, he also was the best player on a stacked team last year. That being said there are only two choices left I would rather have Westbrook than Rose but Rose has soooooo much hype he would probably offer the better trade value of the two. So trade Rose and sadly cut Westbrook.

  56. Mack says:

    Extend Rose, trade Westbrook, cut Rondo. P.S. Today is Rose’s birthday

  57. Erick says:

    Rondo is the best there, He can score, assist, and defend. What else can I say?

  58. Russell Westbrook – Extend – He is in my opiniun The best out of those 3 players, he can score a lot, and he is near a triple double all of his games plus he is the fastest one also.

    Rajon Rondo – Trade because of his low scoring range from outside…

    Derrick Rose – Extend – he is to great to trade so far

  59. matt says:

    Rondo – Extend: I don’t think people realize how good Rondo is. People say that the knock on him is he plays with 3 future hall of famers. Though this is true, anyone who watched the end of the regular season and the playoffs last year would say that Rondo is the new face of the franchise. Besides leading the league in steals and being THE BEST defender at the point guard spot in the NBA, Rajon Rondo has evolved in to a deadly all around threat. Through his years with the celtics, he has become an elite passer. Also, after watching his multiple triple-doubles in the playoffs, it has become relevant that even without a lacking jumpshot he can score and rebound. Rondo is only 24 and is a jumpshot away from being as good or better than Chris Paul and Derron Williams. Also, every coach wants a clutch player, and few are more clutch than Rondo.

    Rose – Trade: Derrick Rose is one of the youngest and best PGs in the game 2day. Though he has the ability to be a major contributer at both ends of the court, his youth and ability to score the ball would make him one of the most valuable players in the trading market. I would trade him rather than Westbrook, because though young, Rose is already established as a top talent and potential player, while Westbrook, is still comming into his own.

    Westbrook – Cut: Westbrook is a great player, but his lack of smarts on the court would earn him the cut. Westbrook is talented enough to be one of the best players in the NBA, but his decision making is just not very good at this point. He doesn’t understand that basketball is played at different speeds and that his job as a point guard is to control the flow of the game. Westbrook, in my opinion is the best shooter of the 3, but he puts up a lot of low percentage shots and it affects his field goal percentage and production. Westbrook, gets a lot of rebounds for a PG, but it is not because he is a great rebounder, it is because he crashes the boards way to often and is often left chasing the play. I’m not saying he won’t improve, but if I’m trying to put a championship team together, Rondo is already established, Rose has the best trade value, and that leaves Westbrook as the odd man out.

  60. tom says:

    Rondo can run an offense for the other guys.. but dosent really generate a lot him himself thats why they cut him from
    the Worlds he always needs a lot of shootesr around him

  61. MIK-OHH says:

    Lakers should try to get one in a trade

  62. DYLAN says:


  63. Rajon Rondo says:

    Wait a minute! Nobody told me any of this was happening! haha just kidding guys vote on! Don’t cut me or else i will get KG on your ass!

  64. charlie says:

    trade rondo-he has a ring and is a playoff insanity so id more likely get an all-star caliber player to go along with rose who i extended because hes got so much potential(like micheal and kobe potential) and i cut westbrook because hes got durant on his team

  65. Niikki says:

    Rondo- Extended… Boston loves him, Danny loves him…. and he already got extened… also he shine when the team needs him most, bring his team to the playoffs
    Rose- Trade… doesnt shine in the playoffs… he cant bring the bulls past the first ROUND! when his team needs him most he doesn’t shine
    Westbrooke- Cut

    • Kamil says:

      i think you got rose all wrong in the playoff aspect..he averaged 26.8ppg and 7.2 assists on 48% shooting from the field, he did everything he could to help the bulls get past the 1st round but the teams he was facing were just much better than the bulls team remember one guy cant do it all not even mj did it w/o scotty

  66. D-Will says:

    Rondo – Trade
    Westbrook – Cut
    Rose – Extend

    Rose is the best out there followed by Rondo & Westbrook’s the last on this list !

    Hey , never mind what haters say ignore ’em ’til they fade away – T.I.

    L.A. Lakers for life !

  67. dean says:

    i would extend rondo- everyone seems to forget that rondo left the fiba team to work on his game n family matters n was starting in most of the games. I believe that rondo saw that he was weaker at the offensive end compared to these other guards n felt that he rather improve his offensive game n be better than people expect this season.

    as for trade rose- he is very quick n athletic, great scorer, defense could be better. All in all great trade value since you decide to keep rondo.

    cut- westbrook i would hate to do this but if i had to. Great potential, explosive offensively, good rebounder. Needs to be more of a leader durant has had that taken care of.

  68. Reggienho says:

    Rajon Rondo all day if i was a trillionaire i would own a nba team Celtics off courses and let Rondo do his things. But other than that Derrick Rose i know definitely this fucker wouldn’t part of my team so i would cut him for Brian Westbrook i would send that niggah back to High school to learn his basketball rather College basketball. He turns balls over to much instead being a great stealer like my Homie Rondo.

  69. mikadiva says:

    this game SUCKS!

  70. frankiee says:

    Rondo-Cut…..can’t shoot, can’t score, can’t finish with both hands…hes gud but i wud have to cut him outta the 3

    Rose- Extend – 4th best pg in the nba,, soon to be the best,,, hes athletic, n can get to the rim at will and has a good mid-range jumper

    Westbrook-trade- better than rondo, worse than rose,,, hes the 5th best pg and can only get better

  71. nba#1fan says:

    My choice is to extend D.Rose, trade Rondo and cut Westbrook. Extend Rose, simply because he can do everything except 3’s but he’s workin’ on that. Trade Rondo, because celtics can get get better assets out of him plus Rondo needs to work on his shooting. Cut Westbrook!? a bit unfair but he’s the weakest link.

  72. Nick says:

    Rondo-extend best defender of the three and maybe best defender at the point and defense is what gets you rings.
    Rose-trade you could get more for Rose then Westbrook if you did a trade.

  73. libbyson says:

    I know most people wont agree with me here but I would have to extend Rose because he is easily the only franchise player of the three. Now for the other two its tough but I’d have to trade Westbrook there are more teams that need a playmaker.

  74. Scope says:

    People, please grasp the concept! You have to make a different decision for EACH one! You cannot keep all three, you cannot trade all three, and you cannot cut all three. One has to stay, two have to go, one by trade, one by waivers.

    But I think we should start submitting ideas to Micah for the next round of Extend, Trade, or Cut. I like this concept.

    Ben had a good one, with Gasol, Nowitzki, and Bosh.

    Bosh – Extend – He’s the most athletic of the three and can bang inside and shoot outside. Maybe the next 20,10,5 guy if he was the sole star with a shooter on his team.

    Nowitzki – Trade – He’s a superstar today. Definitely will give you the most value with his versatile style. Enough said.

    Gasol – Cut – He’s great, but I just still can’t see him being a beast in the paint. I can’t deny he’s shown it, though, and he is an excellent player, but he still just seems a little soft. Maybe it’s due to him not being as athletic as other PFs.

    But here’s one: Rookies. Haven’t played one regular season game, but it’s up to you to choose based off pure potential and scouting abilities.

    Extend, Trade, or Cut: John Wall, Blake Griffin, Evan Turner

    • Ben says:

      Extend – Wall
      Trade – Griffin
      Cut – Turner

      I’d always choose to extend a great PG or C over a great PF, SG or SF. So the only qusetion here is, will all of these guys actually be great!

      So many good young point guards in this league…

  75. BossRoss says:

    Extend Rose- He led a less than mediocre Chicago Bulls to the playoffs.. Enough said

    Trade Rondo- Earl Boykins can have those numbers if he played with three hall of famers. -Right now he is a better PG than Rose but he already is at his ceiling Rose is still getting better.

    Cut Westbrook- For the sake of the argument I’ll cut him even though personally i would never do that he can ball but you can always find an athlete Rose and Rondo are true PG’s.

  76. Conor says:

    Wait a second, Rose and Westbrook havent even made it past the first round of the playoffs and rondo has won a championship along with going to another finals. future hall of famer and #1 guard in league is rondo. rose is probably ineligable for some reason anyway.

  77. bywhopower says:

    Ridiculous. Not only the high points of the series with LA, Did No one watch the world championships,? Russell is the youngest of the three guards here, I see him blossoming into his own star. Not to mention him and Durant have a ton of chemistry already, trading/cutting can potentially put that down to zero. It’s Jeff Green i’d be worried about; take the chance on Westbrook.

  78. g-MONEY says:

    rondo is the best as of now, so trade him. rose will develope so extend him. westbrook will most likely not make any more noise so cut him.

  79. Cassuto32 says:

    Rondo is garbage. The only reason he seems to be incredible at times is because there are 3 other guys that gain the attention of the entire other team. So why worry about Rondo when you have KG, Allen, and Pierce. If Rondo was the “star” he couldn’t carry a team to the play-offs like Rose.

  80. Hector says:

    Westbrook- Extend

    Rondo is good player on a great team…good defender but he cant create for himself however his defense makes up for it
    I would extend westbrook hes young and great defender and can create fro himself
    love rose but i would trade him solely on him being so inconsistent he has a great game then a average game you dont ever know which rose is going to play that day but i know i can get a great piece in building a team if i would trade him

  81. bigben lakersallday says:

    Cant really lose no matter what way you go depending on your teams style. But for me it has to be:
    Rondo – trade (he has the best trade value of all three)
    Westbrook – cut (very good but not ready as a point guard)
    Rose – extend

    I like Rose the best because he is such a great athlete and he is such a good scorer it disrupts the whole defense of the other team. Remember Rose’s rookie season they played the Celts and as a rookie he was better than Rondo and had an amazing series.

  82. E-Dog says:

    From all three of these tremendous players, I believe you have to extend Rajon Rondo. He’s been to the Finals twice, has a ring, and is one of the (in my mind at least) best defensive guards since Gary Payton. His shooter is improving, and during some of the games in the Finals (including Game 7), Rondo proved he can shoot. And if he worked on his jumper in the offseason, then he has the complete package.

    Derrick Rose is an up-and-comer in this league, and barring major injury, could prove to be one of the best point guards that the Bulls have ever had. Saying that, as a mythical GM here, that would make Rose the perfect trade bait. All you’d have to do is wait for the right deal and pull the trigger. Like I’ve already said, Rose has no where to go but up.

    Now comes Mr. Russel Westbrook. Sorry to those of you who said you’d extend or trade, but I’d outright cut him. Don’t get me wrong, he is also one of the game’s best young point guards, but it looks like his talent level has levelled, a very big elephant in the room (if you catch my drift) for someone of his age and skill. He may be a great option now, but I can’t see him being the go-to guy in late game situations, nor can I see him being a major factor for a playoff-bound team in the next 7 years. Westbrook is a great option in the offence, and a well-rounded defender, but out of these three guards, he could be left in the other two’s dust.

  83. #9 says:

    Rondo-Extend POSITIVE:gets better each year, best passer in da game today,basketball I.Q at A+,unselfish play on court,lock down D,crazy stamina, not injury prone,top 5 layup artist,playmaker,handles,take cares of ball,hustle,triple double machine,steals,high FG % meanig he plays to his strength in scoring well,experience
    NEGATIVE: may be hard 2 coach sometimes,shooting still non threatening,horrible free throw shooter(still my boi though RONDO haha) and still doesnt know when to take charge all da time

    ROSE-trade Postive: da most hyped PG in da game between all 3 so get more from trade,exlposive drives,handles,blocking ability,student of da game,strong,can take control of a team,athletic,good scoring PG,blow past speed

    NEGATIVE:sometimes play more like a SG than a PG,mid range not consistent,a average passer, defense out da 3 PG’s is weak,injury prone

    Westbrook-cut Positive:athletic,explosive,blocking ability,handles,strong,good scoring PG,strong D

    NEGATIVE: still learning PG position (sometimes cant run a fastbreak right), mid range not consistent,average passer, poor man version of Rose

  84. Markese Love says:

    You trade/cut Rondo and you’ll be trading/cutting the future best PG in the league…..not smart.

    Rondo – Extend

    Rose – Trade

    Westbrook – Cut

  85. jimmy says:

    Rose – trade
    Rondo – cut
    Westbrook – extend

    Rose is a promising young talent which can be traded for a young bigmen like Blake Griffin
    Rondo is pretty much useless if you have a good interior defensive team against him
    Westbrook is talented and athletic, he has shown the ability to play with another good player, he does have a large amount of turnovers but that’s happens to all the better players

  86. Wizards Fan says:

    John Wall will make everybody jump on the bandwagon after this season…

  87. Vine says:

    Rondo is the best P.G In the League.. Look at the numbers.. I dont remember any one else averaging a triple double in the playoffs.. Thats big time.. Rondo is a big time player, he shines in the big games, he has the most WINNING expirence out of the 3.. His just very under rated, has a lot of haters for some strange reason
    Derrick Rose is talented but he isnt the best P.G he still has a lot to learn, he needs to learn how to win and play in big games. E.G play off’s and world championships
    And the other guys iyt
    Rondo – EXTEND
    Rose -Trade
    Other guy – Cut

  88. chozen1fl says:

    look all three are good but rondo is the best pg rose the better scoer and westbrook best athlete it depends what u look for in a pg i would extend rondo all those people that syas he cant score he does not need te ball 24/7 like rose to still drop 20pts/10 ast/5 rbs/2stl dont beleave check last years playoffs or better yet the year before when he was almost avg a triple double on who derek rose he is the best passer,defebsive,better decition maker,better leader,rebounder,and he is cluch evey time at end of games when the d lags off him he knocks down mid range thats all while sharing with future hall of famers

  89. Alfonso Corral says:

    rondo – clutch player carried a weak Celtic team to the finals trade because has very high trade value trade
    rose- elite player potential but not a team player cut
    Westbrook- very talented guard who can pass and defend is an elite athlete but not the best jump shot but is better then rondo and rose at shooting the ball extend

    • djks58 says:

      whoa….you say rose not a team player what are you smoking you guys keep getting it wrong thinking pg are only suppose to pass the ball all the time the role of a point guard is to lead a team both years rose have been in the leauge he lead the bulls to the play-offs and watch the game some time and not just go on stats from the websites rose always shut down rondo one on one

  90. nbaguru says:

    ok here we go starting with the champ who has a ring to prove it we know what rondo can deleliver during playoffs but he is also surrounded by high talent and very defensive minded players can put up really good numbers lacks of a jump shot low percentage freethrows as well…………….mr. russell westbrook a very fun player to watch play on both ends of the floor can space the floor out with his outside shooting and willing to put the ball in the floor and take it to the rim very young talent very loose on turnovers as well still a student og the pg position……………..last but not least derrick rose coming off his second year as a professional player stats have definetly increased and has showned he can take over late games and be a big factor in the game he’s athleticism and power at 6’3 190 you can argue he the best at his position could work alot more in his defense and freethrow shot better but has shown to improve alot more this off season on those categories plus with the addition of tibs can really take affect on to this player and become one of the most player in this league

    derrick rose extend
    rajon rondo trade
    russell westbrook cut

  91. nbaguru says:

    just look and see who is on the front page of nba early bird special advertisment……..nba.com dosen’t make mistakes…

  92. Jeff says:

    i would say extend rondo, trade rose, and cut westbrook. the only reason i would cut westbrook is because he’s not as good as the other two and i would be able to get more in return if i traded rondo or rose. i extend rondo because he is a proven winner. rose can get me a top tier player in a trade

  93. malcolm says:

    rondo- extend (has a ring, 2009-2010 made the defensive team, will be #1 pg if he proves his jump shot and freethrows)

    rose-trade (don’t question his atletisism but question his defence that is why he is not better than rajon rondo and has to pass the ball more often, need to renound the ball better, improve his 3’s but still in my top 5 pg list and will become top 1-3 pg in the league)

    westbrook- (cut) I can’t belive i cut this guy but I have no other choice, those 2 players are on different level they shouldn’t compare to him.

  94. alex says:

    you can tell who on here just looks at the stats and doesn’t watch them play.

  95. SYDALE says:

    Trade: Russell Westbrook- because you can get the most for him with his potential… Westbrook could become another Deron Williams IMO…

    Extend: Rajon Rondo- Because he has championship experience. Experience running a team full of stars. Doesn’t let his own ego get in the way… Plays the best defense of the 3… Dropped multiple triple double on Rose that time they went head to head in the playoffs…

    Cut: Derrick Rose- In my opinion… He’s maxed out… he already is the player he’s gonna be for the rest of his career… Don’t get me wrong… I like the kid… But, Rondo’s better, and Westbrook will be better…

  96. Ronny says:

    Derrick Rose – TRADE for deron williams the true leader…

    Westbrook – TRADE for steve nash…OKC needs him despite his age…

    Rondo – EXTEND/TRADE

    his assets are the speed..confidence…strong defensive aura which intimidates weaker guards…and with a set of gd passing and scoring skills… Boston doesn’t need a scoring point guard for now… but as we see the departure of allen/pierce/Garnet… they may need a consistent scoring point guard who can dish out those passes and run the court… Maybe then they might trade him for younger talents like tyeke or jennings..

  97. Joony says:

    Rajon Rondo should definitely be extended because he needs to help big old 3’s to get an easy basket and Derrick Rose should also be extended because he doenst wanna ruin his fame like Lebron James.. (his decision), and Russell Westbrook can do whatever the fuck he wants because his teammates are young and full of talents… so EXTEND DROSE AND RONDO! the Bulls need Drose more than ANY PLAYERS!

  98. Joony says:

    Rajon Rondo should definitely be extended because he needs to help big old 3’s to get an easy basket and Derrick Rose should also be extended because he doenst wanna ruin his fame like Lebron James.. (his decision), and Russell Westbrook can do whatever he wants because his teammates are young and has full of talents… so EXTEND DROSE AND RONDO! the Bulls need Drose more than ANY PLAYERS!

  99. WhatisThis says:

    Extend Rondo, Trade Derrick Rose and Cut Westbrook, Now My reason for Saying to extend Rondo is because he can play Good defense, with the amount of steals he has gotten and has the speed and ability to keep up with everyone, Secondly he kinda carried the Celtics team during the playoffs and throughout the season, get good rebounds and nice assists, Lastly hes a matured player, knows about being a champion and has good chemistry with his teamates.

  100. D-Ray says:

    Rondo definitely no question is the best point guard out of the 3 and in the league

  101. Win says:


  102. kcaberhzm says:

    For the person who said rose is the most overrated, whether its true or not (not) your admintting he has the best trade value, so you cutting him and trading the (underrated) westbrook) is an idtiotic move

  103. Jay Espaciao says:

    Rondo – Extend

    Rose – Trade

    Westbrook – Cut

    Rose has the best value in a trade. Rondo is the better definition of the position. Westbrook is outclassed here.
    I would have liked to keep both Rondo AND Rose (Rondo at the one and Rose at the two). Oh, and Rondo could
    always work on his jumpshot; he has improved every year since he’s been in the league, and, if I remember correctly
    this is the same Rondo who dominated last year in the playoffs. Talk about upside, huh. Rose is regarded as a great
    player (he is), I would trade him for a great player to play alongside Rondo. You’re not gonna get the same value for
    Rondo. Highly underrated, I know, it’s not fair…that’s life.

  104. Dick Smith says:

    I think something that you people arent seeming to realize is: Rajon Rondo is a great point guard yes, but i dont see much more imporovement to his game, i dont think there is much more upside to rondo’s game. However, there is loads of more upside to Derrick Rose. Who with a newly put togethered bulls team will prove that this season. No dissrespect to Westbrook, but he is not on the level of rondo or rose. Go Bulls!!!

  105. rasul says:

    rondo is more promising than those two.., he’s gonna be like kobe.., he won’t stop getting better

  106. ddddd says:

    Ok this isn’t fair, but…..

    Extend Rose- franchise player, room to grow, likes to pass, heart, can score if needed… Theres a reason why he was number 1 in his draft.

    Trade Rondo- Everyone is looking for the franchise speedy pg and he could get some real loot back—- as in the next franchise player….

    Unfortunately I would let Westbrook walk or cut him… see I told you this isn’t fair…… He is only a pg because of his size, not his abilities… his abilities resemble more of a sg and its not a longterm solution if there are others (see above two) on the table…… However that is only if there is better on the table……… IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF!!! Nowdays its doubtful….

    That concludes my game of extend, trade or cut…. Was this game brought to us by the number 4 and the letter R?

  107. Jorge says:

    Are you kidding me? apparently no one saw the FIBA world championships this summer, or the NBA playoffs.

    Out of all these guys, Russel Westbrook has the upside here. Check these stats vs Rose:

    Westbrook: Mins. 19 / PTS 9.1 / FG% .468 / 3pt% .429 / FT% .840 / Reb 2.8 / Stl 12/ Blk 4 / Asst 23 / TO 16
    Rose: Mins. 23 / PTS 7.2 / FG% .458 / 3pt% .278 / FT% .500 / Reb 2.1 / Stl 11 / Blk 3 / Asst 29 / TO 14

    Westbrook was better than Rose in every category except TO and assists.

    He is still very young and still getting better. He will be a stud this year. Because of the market, Rose is more marketable, but don’t think he will ever be as good as Westbrook, taking in consideration the whole package.

    Extend: Westbrook (he is the future)
    Trade: Rondo (most experienced and best defense and best passing ability – assts. out of these guys)
    Cut: Rose (too much hype / as mentioned before I also believe he is maxed out)

  108. VinceC says:

    Westbrook- Extend
    Rose- Trade
    Rhondo- Cut

    Westbrook is the best dunking guard and great vision and can score but having kevin durant he doesent have to as much. We shall see this year……..to be continued..

  109. Chase says:

    Rondo: Trade
    Westbrook: Extend
    Rose: Cut

    I really do like all of these players but you have to look at their teams with out them. You can’t let Rondo go free because he’s the only young player for the C’s and he already has an extension. Westbrook gets the extension because I question his team with out him, where I feel the Bulls would still get into the playoffs with out Derrick Rose as long as everyone stays healthy. But if you think about it though neither team has a solid backup PG. I think they both have a nice cast of players, but I’m not sure who would be better w/o their PG. Maybe I did pick cut for Rose because I like Westbrook a bit better… Who cares they each deserve an extension ASAP>

  110. oppositepain says:

    i’m a celtic fan i like rondo because he’s in the celtics
    but that 3 is 3 of my top 5 pg in nba, with steve nash and baron davis, i dont like fisher d.will and cp3 ..

    this is my opinion being just a nba fan not just celtics fan

    Rondo trade
    Rose extend
    Westbrook cut

  111. FlyingPig says:

    Trade: Rajon Rondo – In my opinion, he is a terrific defender. He is really fast and and intelligent on court. And more importantly, he has ring. But come on, he cannot be the guy you will build a team around. He really has problem in his jump shot and 3 pointers. I do not think he can bring his game to another level anymore. Better trade him.

    Cut: Derrick Rose – This guy is over-estimated in my opinion. He is good player but i think he can only be this good for the rest of his career. He is very athletics but that is not rare among NBA players. His defense is still flawed. And his shooting is….So why not cut him?

    Extend: Russel Westbrook – you see how he does his job when Thunders plays Lakers in the last play-off. This guy has done his job so well and still has a lot of room to grow. He is solid both offensively and defensively. And more importantly, he still has the huge potential. Because Thunder has a guy called Durant, Westbrook is somehow overlooked by the media. But I believe he can be all-rounded top guard one day

  112. GELOYING says:

    Cut: Russell Wesbrook Trade: Rajon Rondo Extend: Derrick Rose. Russell needs to improve more in his game., i’d give him some time.. Rajon is good but not good enough, needs more time, on my opinion, he couldn’t shoot consistently. Derrick has almost reached superstar level and is only 22. he has a nice mid-range game and can go to the basket at will. only if he can prove himself in shooting 3. in defense rose has already improved as seen in FIBA 2010. Rajon is also a very good defender, but Derrick and Westbrook are much more athletic. Rajon is already 24 yet Derrick is still 22 and Russell is 21.

  113. NBA Fan says:

    i think we all agree to cut westbrook. but id have to go with my man rondo for extend. yes he has a championship ring, but he was basically carrying the whole team this season andin the playoffs. rose is a great player, but he cant get his team to event the second round yet, and he has good players around him this past season. rondo is the overrall better point guard becuz he averages way more assist than rose, and thats why rondo doesnt score much cuz he is the POINT guard, not the guy trying to ballhog and score all the points for himself like rose.

  114. phen0m says:


  115. Invictorius says:

    So far,I’d say Rondo is the best according to what’s he’s on done and is still doin’ on the court on both offensive & defensive end.
    D-Rose when not scoring is not useless.Westbrook is a dynamite on D & O,we’ve all seen that while the lakers’ run to 2nd straight year champs,Kobe was signed to guard Westbrook…
    For all that matter,I’d extend Rondo,trade Westbrook and cut Rose.Thererfore they’re all 3 among the top 10 PG in the league.

  116. Michael says:

    To be honest, you really can’t cut any of these players. People who said cut Westbrook, plain out just doesn’t know basketball. You can’t cut a player that averages 16 pts, 8 asts, and ~5 rbs. you just can’t. if i had to rate on who will have the better career, i would go with rose. with that said i think rose is a bit overrated. he’s an athletic pg and possibly the best dunking pg right now, but he has a VERY inconsistent jumpshot and is not a pure pg. in terms of pure point, i would have to go with rondo, he has one of the best IQ on the court, finds the right players at the right time. westbrook is a hybrid of both. he is a willing passer and a very athletic player, but can be assertive at times, if he could gear towards one aspect of his game and take it to another level, he could be included in the elite point guards in the league today.

  117. kevin says:

    rondo (extend) -nearly averages a triple double in the playoffs, i’m not saying he’s the best player out of the three but as my point guard i would have to take rondo, who else can get you anything close to that at that position

    rose (trade) – if this were based soley on a one player aspect i would take rose to extend but until i see more from rose in the playoffs i have to pass, i could very well regret this one till the day i die but i’ve seen rondo do DAMAGE in the playoffs, also does anyone remember that ridiculous block rondo had on rose in the 08 playoffs that was a series.

    westbrook (cut) – personally i dont think hes a great player, good athleticism, shaky shot, good speed, he’s good to get me wrong, he just fits very well into okc but i think outside of that he diminishes

  118. JHAY says:

    RONDO – extend, reliable on important games, ex. playoffs
    WESTBROOK – cut
    ROSE – trade, overrated, you can have someone better if you trade this guy

  119. Rajon Rondo- extend

    Russell Westbrook- trade

    Derrick Rose- extend

    Rajon Rondo in my opinion is the best or one of the best point guards in the NBA. Derrick Rose is also one of the best point guards in the NBA. Russell Westbrook is good but I would trade him for somebody like Rajon or Derrick.

  120. allen says:

    Okay..rose is obviously the best out the three…rondo was not a big factor in the celtics championships..they would have won even without rondo..I respect rondo’s game and all but if he was in chicago..he could not do the things rose can in chicago..When you need someone to step up and score who would you choose? i would trade rondo, cut westbrook and extend rose hands down

  121. YOZ says:

    Rondo has got to be the best of those 3. Even Though he is not much of a jump shooter, he showed that he improved last in the last playoff. And no doubt that he is the best defensive point guard in the nba right now. Also, if i remember correctly, there was a debate about if Lebron should guard him during the playoff run. In the end, only 1 out of the 3 guys thinks Lebron can guard Rondo.[Extend]

    Rose has the ability to score, but he lacks in defense and passing ability. No other comments really. Didnt get into the Playoffs last season. No rings. [Trade]

    Russel Westbrook? Quite a good PG, but still lose out the the ther 2. [Cut]

  122. BBB says:

    Rose – trade him, because he has highest trade value and actually he’s not better than Rondo

    Rondo – extend

    Westbrook – worst of those three PGS -> cut

  123. Ron says:

    I would cut Rondo. Does not impress me. Plays well at times but hard to coach and motivate. Has some lazy skills and fits the Celtic system because he has vets around him who put up with his attitude. But I wouldnt if I was a GM. I could get someone better to run my team.
    Hell, Russell Westbrook is one of them. I love him as a player. A flat out warrior at PG. Strong, tough, and competitive. A rising star who will be in the shadow of Kevin Durant and would be better suited on another team where he is not bogged down and not having to without of off the ball as much.
    He is too much of a playmaker to have to be on a team like the Thunder. Oh he is good on that squad but I would move him and get the Thunder a true Center like Greg Oden perhaps a sign and trade for Al Horford.
    He would be great on a team like the Blazers, Hawks, Bobcats, and Magic making plays in crunch time and being free from a gyy like KD. to get better. Durant, Green and Harden needs a true pass first PG. Russell needs the ball in his hands to be effective and be involved. He might outgrow the role in OKC if he can hit that 3 ball down there!
    Rose…I extend. Bottom line you extend Derrick Rose. Flat out stud PG. Getting Boozer for him is a godsend. In his hometown and at PG in a city like chicago with his low key strong on court personality and the quiet respect he gets from teammates and admiration from fans…
    If DRrose he hits his treys, and becomes more vocal and masters the pick and roll with Boozer and locks down on D under Thidibeoux like Rondo did…look the hell out. He can steal a ring in Chicago. Top 3 PG in the league behind CPaul, & Deron.
    Just sick…

  124. Reno_Lamont says:

    Rondo – Trade
    Rose – Extend
    Westbrook – Cut

    Being as though I don’t know who else is on the team I would have to keep Rose. I think he is the most complete player. May not be the best but I can pair him with almost anybody and feel ok with it. Whereas I would NEED an All-Star Caliber shooter if Rondo was on the team and the way you guys are talking he would be an amazing trade bargain. I also know that Rose can carry a mediocre team without 3 future hall of famers or a freak of nature basketball player like Durant.

  125. Ron says:


    You dont know what you are talking about in regards to these players. I read your comments and you couldn’t be more wrong with regards to Rose and Westbrook.
    Rose is more unselfish then Westbrook is. And Westbrook is not a natural PG but a combo guard who looks for his shot or drive first. If anything Rose is too passive not too selfish and not assertive enough! That is not Westbrooks problem at all. What in the world are you watching?
    Russell looks for his shot more. On the Thunder you don’t need that. Durant and Harden and Green or Ibaka need to be set up more and a guy like Maynor or a wily veteran like Andre Miller can do that on a team like the Thunder to move forward.
    I have read many of your posts and almost all of you want to cut Westbrook when he might be as good as either Rose or Rondo right now IMO! LOL.
    The only reason I trade Westbrook is to get the Thunder the big man and or veteran PG they need to take the next step and bring out Green’s greatness and give Westbrook a team of his own to take over. Not because he is a scrub.
    If Westbrook and a filler like Collison and some pick(s) went to say, Orlando for say Gortat and or Jameer Nelson or a guy like a Brandon Bass for example Westbrook would blow up more away from Durant where he can be free and attack the rim and be aggressive.
    I would trade him, not cut him. I would cut Rondo in a heartbeat while all of you say extend him. No no no. When Garnett or Doc Rivers is done they are done and Rondo is done. Rondo is only good because of them. The Celtics are not good because of Rondo but because of Pierce and Garnett and Doc Rivers.
    Yes he guards the ball well but so does Westbrook and OKC. In fact Westbrook might be Rondo in the West as a PG defender.
    And both are better defenders then Rose. But Rose is a bit timid for my taste but I would take him over either Rondo or Russell maybe…
    You cut Rondo IMO. Can’t finish at the rim, shot is too shaky, and his personality for PG is too reserved and flaky. Not vocal or a leader at all. But he can guard and has long limbs and huge hands. Russ is a solider. long wingspan and is only going to get better because he has heart and drive that is tangible that you can feel and see in his game and throw downs.
    Rose is cool and calm and collected. But he is in his comfort zone at home in Chicago for the next 15 years. You don’t move him. He is as much a staple in Chicago then Jordan was for the next decade. Perfect personality for that team and city. Even keel PG. Never too low, never too high…a team can feed off of his composure and character.
    That is my take.

  126. rory says:

    derrick rose is the best player by a country mile. rondo only has his ring on back of other people and tbf how is rose meant to take Chicago past the first round when they cam up against lebrons cavs who had the best record in the league . he doesnt have heart or shine in the playoffs! he had a record amount of points on his playoff debut for a rookie joint with kareem so shut up rose is the best player and you will see that this season

  127. wolverine says:

    among the three, i like the potential for development of both westbrook and rose better than rondo, so the latter is the obvious choice to cut. between westbrook and rose, they both have assets that offset each other’s advantages, so it boils down to who brings a better return on the trading block. this is a no brainer, rose has more trade market value when dangled to other teams so i’ll extend westbrook and trade rose for a nice complement to westbrook’s game.

  128. Marlon says:


    RONDO-Trade, can get better players from Rondo than westbrook at this point. But in 2 seasons, Westbrook will look like MJ compared to Rondo.

  129. mythcold says:

    well i didnt want to say extend to all of them so i said
    Derrick Rose – extend because he is the best
    Rajon Rondo – trade he is a great player but never better than rose
    Russel Westbrook – cut he isnt such a bad player but i didnt want to vote the same thing twice

  130. VIPbrady says:


    Westbrook- trade

    Rose- Extend

  131. ERNEH says:

    Extend – Rondo
    Cut – Westbrook
    Trade – Rose

    Rondo is the most important piece to this teams future, with Thunder and Bulls being young while Celtics are a veteran team. Rose right now will get you the best value of the three, while rondo will be the most essential to his team in terms of youth.

  132. jkidd says:

    rondo – extend
    westbrook – cut
    rose – trade

    extend rondo bec he is the better PURE pointguard. rose is a better scorer so you can trade him for a bigger scorer who can play another position (like SG). of course you don’t need two excellent PGs in the team. so if there’s a need to keep one, keep the better passer, defender, quicker.
    need to cut one, so sorry westbrook

  133. Shijir says:

    rondo is the wonderful player

  134. jkidd says:

    you couldn’t be more wrong Ron. the celtics made it that far nec of rono’s leadership, floor awareness, and basketball IQ. as you can see in my nam (jkidd) im not a fan of either one of those players, and im not saying that rondo is a better player than rose but rondo is a bette PG than anny of those guys.

  135. Jay says:

    This is too easy
    Rondo – Extend though not the best of the 3 the most well rounded and experienced will be extremely solid
    Westbrook – Cut only because he is the least reliable of the three as of yet
    Rose – Trade if hypothetically all three were on my team i feel id get more talent back for rose and a pairing of Rondo + Rose level talent at another position > Rose+ Rondo level talent at another position

  136. KIng says:

    All three Pgs are good. I know people love D rose but rondo is the best pure pg out of all of them, plus the most exciting with the ball in his hands. Sometime the guy looks like he is playing three card montie. He is better than allen, pierce and kevin overall if u want be honest. I know people says oh he cant shoot great, but the guy still gets a triple double and he still scores in bunches at time, or atleas 10 to get that triple double. He is the best man to man defender at guard in the leauge. He can rebound better than any pg in the leauge and he has rebounders on his team. so that excuse for rose not getting them because he dnt have to goes out the window.he really leads that team when the ball isnt in pierce hand in the end of games or when he is isolating one on one. (good at times and bad). None of these guys can stay in front of each other but rondo sure has the best chance. You cant give up a triple doouble magne like Rondo. One last thing everyone says tht he needs good players. First he never started with bad players, so you cant say that. Plus if u watch ow he plays its impossible to believe that. If he aint on a break, he isolates one on one and beats his man of the dribble. He dnt score or feeds of the big three. The big three feeds of rondo isolation.

  137. wolves4thewin says:

    Rose is obivously the best player here. If I were Boston I would trade rondo after the big 3 retire for peices in the rebuuilding procces. Chicago and OKC MUST extend thier Rose and Westbrook

  138. Peter says:

    This poll is flawed. It should be set up as one single box because you can basically vote to extend all 3. So the numbers are really skewed. It’s an awsome question but it stinks that the poll doesn’t force people to answer the right way.

    Can we fix this?

  139. Peter says:

    Also, I would extend Rondo, trade Rose and sadly cut Westbrook.

    My reason is not because I think that Rondo is definitely a better player than Rose, but that he’s a proven performer for his club and the Celtics wouldn’t get nearly as much value for him. Rose on the other hand would get some definite value in return because he’s the type of player a non contender would trade for just to put more people in the seats because he’s just that exciting on all fronts of the game. Westbrook has been very fun to watch but hasn’t shown nearly enough to merit going above Rose and Rondo and plus when you have a top 3 player like KD on your team, you don’t need the best pg, just someone who can shoot the trey and play solid D.

  140. Malcolm X says:

    WestBrook is a Keeper

  141. Deebo18 says:

    Rose- Extend probably best out ov 3 now an definetly has the potential 2 b de best no debate in the future

    Rondo- Trade him an rose are basically on the same level in most aspects but his shooting is jus off if he fixs dat he’d b de best currently but its still ov so trade 4 sum 1 good tho like melo or dwight howard etc

    Westbrook- Cut don’t really wana cut him but i hav 2 cut sum1 really good player mite turn out great an he hasn’t even bin playin his position dat long so he’s got a huge upside wen he devolops a bit more

  142. magic says:

    Rose – EXTEND
    Westbrook – Trade
    Rondo – Cut

    Rose is better than the two other PGs and he has Athletecism and Scoring Power

  143. Lakers Fan #555 says:

    Westbrook’s first time in the playoffs:
    09-10 OKC 6 6 35.3 0.473 0.417 0.842 1.7 4.3 6.0 6.0 1.7 0.2 2.33 2.17 20.5

    Rose’s first time:
    08-09 CHI 7 7 44.7 0.492 0.000 0.800 1.7 4.6 6.3 6.4 0.6 0.7 5.00 3.57 19.7

    Who is much much better?
    Rose didn’t play the NBA champions his first time, no. Westbrook did. He had better stats in less minutes than Rose had. Enough said.

    What about Rose’s second time in the playoffs?
    09-10 CHI 5 5 42.4 0.456 0.333 0.818 0.8 2.6 3.4 7.2 0.8 0.0 2.60 1.60 26.8

    Let’s see, more minutes, again, but less steals and rebounds, blocks, shooting percentage, and obviously the whole truth. What did he do better? Scoring and a few more assists, plus less fouls.

    If you add the same seven minutes to Westbrook, he could easily replicate the same stats that Rose had in here, but he would have more fouls and a few more turnovers than Rose would have, maybe less points too.

    Better percentage with his shot, better defensive skills, and of course better rebounding.

    Let’s look at Team USA figures, now:
    If you use the “head-to-head” feature, here’s the results… http://www.fiba.com/pages/eng/fe/10/fwcm/player/p/eid//orderby//ot//pid/86203/rid//sid/4728/tid/379/tid2//profile.html
    Russel wins in ppg, 9.1 to 7.2
    Russel wins in rpg, 2.8 to 2.1
    Russel wins in Offensive Rebounds, 1.6 to .3
    Rose wins in assists, 3.2 to 2.6
    Rose wins in 2FG%, 53% to 47%
    Russel wins in 3FG%, 42% to 27%
    Russel wins in FT%, 82 to 50
    Now the important thing is who played more minutes? Rose did, with 208 against Russel’s 178.

    This means that Westbrook had better stats than Rose in pretty much everything that’s important… WITH LESS PLAYING TIME.

    Interesting, right?

    In the playoffs, Russel played better than Rose, and same with the FIBA World Championships…

    How about career records for the two?
    Career Points: 34 to Rose’s 39
    Career Free Throws in One Game: Russel’s 20/22 against Rose’s 9/12
    Career Rebounds: Russel had 12 two times, and Rose had 11 once.
    Assists: Russel had 16 and Rose only got his up to 13
    Steals: Russel had 8 and Rose only could get 4

    So, why not extend Westbrook’s contract over Rose’s? After all, he did outplay Rose in the playoffs, and FIBA respectively?

    He’s a better defender, slightly worse at the offensive end, and obviously, a lot better on rebounding. The only thing Rose has over him is his scoring, which you could contribute to his minutes, regardless… Westbrook had better “apg” than Rose last year, despite playing less minutes than Rose did. Westbrook had better defensive numbers than Rose did, despite playing less minutes…

  144. Doug from RJ says:

    Rondo – Extend
    Rose – Trade
    Westbrook – Cut

    People are saying things like “Rondo can’t shoot 3s” or “he can’t shoot FTs”. He drops 10 assists per night, it’s a excelent defender, make some clutch plays droping very nice assists and even scoring (like that crazy shot against Miami with less than a second to end the 4th quarter last season). He is a in-game team leader, distributes the ball making all his teammates get involved in the game. In Boston, with teammates as Allen, Pierce, he will never be in the “leading scorer” postiton. He could work on his jump shot, for sure. But his role will always be making plays to be finished by others. For me, thats the basic role of a PG.

    Have anybody ever imagined Rose becoming closer to Allen Iverson, moving from point to shooting guard and assuming a finisher role? Maybe It’s a crazy idea, but it could work. I think so… =)

    Westbrook? He is really nice, but not a big deal. I think OKC would be better with Rondo than with him…

  145. LogicMan says:

    Some people can not follow the simplest instructions as the percentages do not even come close to adding up.

  146. PK says:

    CUT Rondo – The only thing he can do is pass. He can’t make jumpers, he can’t make free throws, and he definitely can’t shoot a 3. Rondo gets lots of assists because he has Pierce, Allen, and Garnett to pass to.

    TRADE Westbrook – He’s a young player with a lot of potential and tough D.

    EXTEND Rose – The only reason the Bulls didn’t get past the first round of the playoffs 2009-10 was because they were playing the #1 seed. And in case you didn’t noticed, but Rose didn’t get that many assists because he had nobody to pass to.