Bogut’s beasts

by Micah Hart

Andrew Bogut is a pretty cool dude. Ever since bringing a copy of his resume and wearing a suit to his first interview with the Bucks (can’t argue with the results, they did pick him #1 in 2005 after all), he’s always come across as a guy who takes his game seriously yet still has a little fun with being a professional athlete.

After a successful debut last season, Bogut is bringing back Squad 6, a group of 100 hand-picked fans he donates lower-level season tickets for to rile up the crowd at Bucks home games. Auditions were held recently in Milwaukee for the Squad, and here are a couple highlights:

Just a couple more reasons to fear the Deer.

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  1. Tony says:

    It’s ok, it’s the pre-season. I’m sure Bogut will be back and ready. The bucks will surprise some people this year. For a good read on Bogut’s generosity check out:

  2. Bogut says:

    He seems to be a great guy, I really hope he’ll fully recover and not have any problems with his hand.