Superman gets Dream tutelage

by Micah Hart

You are Dwight Howard. You are perhaps the game’s best big man (certainly on the defensive side), but are often criticized for your lack of an offensive arsenal outside of dunks or dunks. What do you do? Why, you go see one of the most offensively-skilled big men in history, Hakeem Olajuwon, that’s what.

Man, the Dream still looks like he could get up and down the court a little, doesn’t he?

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  1. Ben says:

    It’s great to see Howard working with The Dream. Hopefully he can use those skills learned in games! He looks good now although his shot is a bit awkward but who cares? it goes in, This season is looking better and better!

  2. Tom says:

    I’m excited. Hakeem my favorite center of all time and now my favorite player is working with him.

  3. Juan says:

    I’m in awe how good Hakeem still looks Dwight did the right thing in choosing The Dream as a teacher its gonna add a whole new dimension to his game ,I guess it kinda bothers me how 1 dimensional players are today they’re exceptions but coaches should enforce fundamentals at an early age instead of blowing them up and not building a solid foundation ..that’s just my opinion

  4. Conor O'Brien says:

    Miami should sign Hakeem, they need a center, brother looks like he could still ball for 48 minutes. Im pretty excited to Dwight working with him, that kid deserves a ring,

  5. lyn says:

    It is about time he went to best big man ever. No disrespect to Ewing but Howards style of play is closer to Dreams. I love the fact players like Dwight and Kobe have gone to Dream to improve their game. Kobe last year in the post was unstoppable because you saw Dreams influence, the moves and now hopefully Howard will improve to help the Magic.
    Dream is the best ever!


  6. AL says:

    I will always wonder if hiring Patrick Ewing as a Big man coach in Orlando was a good or bad move, there is something awkward about Ewings confidence and i think it has hindered Dwights progress, The Dream, wow now thats a whole other story. Heart of a champion!

  7. bigdog says:

    it’s great that players like kobe and dwight, yao have went to hakeem for help. the biggest question is why didn’t they do this from day 1 of their nba career especially the centers. i don’t know if people know this but when hakeem was in college in unversity of houston he played against moses malone when he played with the rockets. that was fundamental to olajuwon’s growth in becoming the best center that i have ever seen and will probably ever see! period. players nowadays don’t have that drive to become the best and learn from the best. im not bagging on kobe he asking a center to improve his game, but the other guys play 5+ years and then ask for help! while dwight and yao early in his career were coached by ewing there’s no comparison between ewing and olajuwon except they are both in the hall of fame. by the way he has the all-time block’s list (good luck on beating that record) and he was always in the top 10 in steals when he played. there isn’t a center since him that has affected both sides (offensively and defensively) of the game. dwight still has a chance to get there.