Top 10 Top 10s for 10/10/10

by Micah Hart

Today is October 10, 2010. There is nothing particularly notable about this date, except that if you were writing a check to someone, you might notice that you’d write the date as 10/10/10. In honor of this confluence of 10s, here are 10 Top 10 lists for your viewing pleasure:

10.Top 10 Plays from 2009-10
As good a place to start as any.

9. Dominique Wilkins dunks
Again, I will argue till my dying day that ‘Nique was a better dunker than His Airness.

8. Top 10 crossovers
I never get tired of watching AI vs. Jordan.

7. Top 10 Barkley quotes (from his playing days)
Sir Charles didn’t just become funny when he joined TNT.

6. Top 10 Shawn Kemp dunks
So ferocious.

5. David Letterman’s Top 10 names in California
Can’t do top ten lists without the master, can you? Juvenile, but probably SFW.

4. Top 10 In-game dunks
From a couple years back, but still a good list.

3. Snoop Dogg’s Top 10
Pretty funny clip from Sportscenter with Snoop getting his sportscast on.

2. Top 10 Dunk Contest Dunks
Also a little dated, but still very enjoyable.

1. MJ buzzer-beaters
Like we’d stop anywhere else?

[UPDATE: Top 10 lists never get old – if I missed one a good one, leave the youtube link in the comments for everyone to enjoy]

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  1. ryan says:

    the crossover one was not what i was thinking! i wanna see people fall to the floor like D-WILL did in this clip

  2. ShawnK says:

    thank you for putting shawn kemps top 10 up there. its the best

  3. X Mile says:

    The crossovers list was off. There were other crossovers that were AMAZING like incredible. It seems like there was a 1 clip limit on each player and Iverson shud be on it atleast 3 or 4 times. and MJ shud be on dere atleast 2 times. What happened to his crossover in the finals buzzer beater shot? And Iversons Double Crossover on Daniels in 06?? He left Daniels layin on his back what happened to that?? Thats gotta be ATLEAST top 3 if not the best ever. no 1 else really did anything close to that so how is that not on the list? If You dont know what im talkin about then youtube search “Iverson crossover Daniels” n see how one man trips another without even touching him.

    • Streets03 says:

      Iverson’s sickest crossover ever is not even on here…when he broke Tyron Lue’s ankles and then walked over him

  4. Mark says:


  5. Goto Guy says:

    It never gets boring to watch this type of clips,

  6. hail says:

    I like this list

  7. John says:

    no grant hill dunks? =(

  8. luvstheHeathaters says:

    top 10 dunk contests dunks are nice – but most of those dunks are MILES behind Jason Richardson and Vinsanity. I mean MILES!!

  9. LooneyTIC says: Best play of 2009-2010 season hands down! D Wade Dunk on Varejao

  10. john karl says:

    very awesome and spectacular…all of the buzzer beaters, dunks, plays are history…very fantatic crossovers…really enjoyed it..more power…

  11. ballz says:

    I cant believe my boy Iggy’s dunk from behind the backboard never made it into the top 10… Ridiculous..

  12. bobby says:

    is this for serious??? u would have to be blind to say wades dunk over varejo wasnt the no.1 play of 2009 -2010. We are talking about the number 1 PLAY arent we people??? the play im talking about lasted about 20 seconds from go to woe. You may have forgot that play started with jermaine oneal rejecting a dunk attempt by lebron, then wade snaffled the loose ball, took it THE LENGTH OF THE FLOOR with lebron in hot pursuit and nastily crammed one down over one of the nba’s best shot blockers as if to say “have a go at this !!!!”……no chance. Then just for some more drama / threatrics wade casually steps over young anderson letting him know who’s house he is in. This is what can happen when greatness is in the company of greatness, you could tell no one enjoyed it more than the two living legends who were watching it side by side courtside……pat riley and MJ

    i really thought the basketball gods made it easy to pick number 1………whats goin on?????

    ps is the number 3 play a joke……great defense, terrible shot, a banker??? its a cruel world

    flashs number 1 fan

  13. sing says:

    I want today’s NBA PF to play like Shawn Kemp, Charles Barkley, and Domonique Wilkens. Today’s PF should not be called “Power” Forward anymore. We should just called them “Big Forward” as compare to the other “Small Forward” because they can’t play “power.” PF 15 – 25 years ago blocks, rebounds, dribble and dribbles, run the floor and cut the wing from one end to the other and go strong over a one, two, three and some time four defensive players and finish with a strong dunk. This is what PF should be. How many so called PF in the NBA today have enough power plays to get “Top 10?” I think not.

  14. janssen says:

    wew!! jordan is one of the ultimate nba or we sa y basketballs best player!!

  15. Divine says:

    Seeing all these footage it saddens me that Allen Iverson still hasn’t got a team. The man is a Future Hall of Famer and now he goes down the same road Steve Francis has.

  16. Streets03 says:

    just one comment…your top 10 dunk contest dunks of all time…jason richardson’s off the backboard through the legs was by far the sickest dunk ever! I ran out of my house when he did that dunk, I could not believe what I had saw. J-Rich is a living video game.