Extend, trade or cut – #1 Draft picks

by Micah Hart

And we’re back with another installment of the hit game Extend, Trade or Cut!

Just to refresh you on the rules (there seemed a bit of confusion last time), picture yourself as the GM of a mythical NBA franchise, and pretend that you have to choose between three players. One player you can extend with a new contract, one player you can trade for some mythical asset(s), and one player you must cut from your roster for eternity (it’s a harsh world). You may choose each option only once.

Today’s scenario asks you to consider some recent #1 picks in the NBA Draft: The Wizards’ John Wall (No. 1 in 2010), the Clippers’ Blake Griffin (No. 1 in 2009) and the Blazers’ Greg Oden (#1 in 2007).

Some pros and cons on each to help start the discussion.

John Wall: An electrifying talent with almost unlimited potential, Wall is preparing to take the nation’s capital by storm. However, he’s very young, and has only a year of college ball on his resume. The NBA is littered with seemingly can’t miss prospects who did, in fact, miss. Do you know enough about Wall to say he won’t be one of them?

Greg Oden: He may look 56, but the Blazers’ big man is still only 22 years old. A myriad of injuries have derailed each of his three NBA seasons, which means the information on him feels incomplete as well. Still, the light bulb did seem to turn on a bit last year before his latest injury (from which he has yet to return), enough that many think that if he can just stay healthy (a big if) he could still blossom into the dominant pivotman everyone thought he would be coming out of Ohio State.

Blake Griffin: Griffin was one of the most dominant college players these eyes have seen in years. He personified the expression “a man among boys” in his sophomore season at Oklahoma before declaring for and becoming the top pick in the 2009 Draft. Unfortunately, the curse of the Clippers befell him, and his subsequent knee injury forced him to miss the entire 2009-10 season. Like the other two (notice a theme here?), not much is known yet about whether his brilliance will translate to the NBA.

So there you have it. All three are terrific players with tremendous potential, but none is a finished product.

The choice is yours: extend, trade, or cut?

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  1. tom verstreken says:

    my math may be a little bit off since i don’t know how many people did all or maybe only 2/3 of the polls,
    but for every 2 voters here, there is at least one other who cannot read, but just likes to tick boxes.
    but I understand, the boxes are way cooler then the circles many sites use…

  2. BILL MCBLAZE says:

    extend wall, trade griffin, cut oden

  3. joe says:

    extend – Blake Griffin
    trade – John Wall
    cut – Greg Oden

  4. daniel says:

    PG and C are the most important positions in the NBA and while Greg Oden is not a great center that can dominate at his position John Wall is, and will be. He is like Rose but with a better passing ability. He’s a rookie so the turnover problems will go eventually but this is the guy im extending. I need someone to run the team and make lesser players better and more efficient. Oden unfortunately is my cut. Great potential but two seasos in a row of injury? not worth taking a chance for a rather limited potential big. Griffin was the hard choice for me. They both have unlimited potential (in Wall and Griffin) and the only reason i picked wall is because the PG position is more important and harder to fill than the power foward position. Trade Griffin. I know i’ll get a pretty gem back for him anyway and Wall will make em shine

  5. Montel says:

    Well, it was a quick decision for me. As a GM with these three shining stars, I was never gonna keep only the PG, here John Wall. I don’t want a CP3 who scores more. What I want is a dominant man who has a lot of abilities, like Blake Griffin. I’ve seen some footage of him from his old dayz and I’m really a fan. So the decision is quickly made. As for who will be trade et who wut, well, it’s quite simple too. Greg Oden is a fantastic player, but not really injury free, so I think I would trade John Wall and cut Greg Oden, even if I like both of them.

  6. Brandon says:

    Might I suggest that you alter this poll so that people cannot choose a result that would not follow the rules. One question with 6 possibilities to choose from:

    Choose One:

    1. Extend Wall, Trade Griffin, Cut Oden
    2. Extend Wall, Trade Oden, Cut Griffin
    3. Extend Griffin, Trade Wall, Cut Oden
    4. Extend Griffin, Trade Oden, Cut Wall
    5. Extend Oden, Trade Wall, Cut Griffin
    6. Extend Oden, Trade Griffen, Cut Wall

    This way, the results will mean something because people cannot get it wrong. I would choose option #1 above.

    • mihart says:

      Good idea – I’ll do that going forward.

      • Brandon says:

        Cool. I look forward to the next round

        P.S. I would enjoy a round of extend, trade, or cut: Brandon Jennings, Step Curry, Tyreke Evans


    • JayKowle says:

      I’d do #1 as well.

      We don’t know much about any of these players, but Wall seems like a player that I’d want to extend, rather than trade or cut.

  7. John says:

    All these picks were #1 for a reason. Portland needed a center who can just play defense and rebound the ball, though oden has been out alot when he is on the court he is exactly what portland wanted. he is young and with the right time off and some luck he is going to make portland a better team, When LAC took griffin number 1 it was because he was the best althelete than came out of that draft, LAC has some talent and with a new head coach they can possibly make some noise for once. Griffin is young really explosive and he can help bring some energy to the LAC franchise. Wall is similar to girffin for washington. he is the best althelete in the draft at his position and he is scary fast. All draft picks are risky and these guys have the most pressure because they went number 1. but they are all young and the only way to find out if they were busts is to wait until they are on the downside of their career. None have reached their primes so y not extend them?

  8. Markuss says:

    Whoever Would Trade Or Cut John Wall Is ”Stupid-Crazy”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. ahmed says:

    People just need to give Oden a chance. I saw him play last year, and at 24fitness, he is really dominate player. he just han’t had the chance to prove it to the ESPn analysis. Once he does, the whole world will gloom on him.

  10. Snika says:

    Extend – Blake Griffin
    Trade – John Wall
    Cut – Greg Oden

    Here’s why: John Wall has the highest stock in this group, by far. You could get real value back, by trading this guy. Griffin’s value has dropped a lot, but I think this guy will be back in high fashion this season. If he comes back strong, he should be just as big of an impact player as John Wall. I would never actually cut Oden, but the circumstances make me… and even if he is healthy, he has shown signs of fatigue, unable to keep up with the pace of the NBA, and unable to stay out of foul trouble.

    Bottom line though, all of these guys could have great years if they can get into great shape and avoid injury. Their respective teams NEED them to perform well for their team to win. It is vital for every team.

  11. Todd says:

    How many PG’s have lead a team to a championship? How many big men have done that? It’s an obvious pick. Griffin > Oden > Wall. Simple.

  12. Dan says:

    I would extend Griffin, trade Wall, and cut Oden.

    Oden has had injuries for as long as I have heard about him so that was the easy choice. Now by position, PG is more important than PF, and Wall is a very good PG. But even though I feel he can be electric, the teams led by the two best pgs (Paul and Williams) have not won a championship. Plus if Im trading Wall, I will attempt to bring back a guy I feel can be a solid starter with a 1st rd pick. (Maybe a Darren Collison if I could convince the other team Wall was that good). So I get my (hopefully) low block scorer, and a guy who should be above average with a 1st rd pick.

  13. Michael says:

    Wall — Trade — Let’s be honest here…he’s not that great. He is of no comparison to Rose.

    Griffin — Extend — He’ll be dominant one day

    Oden — Cut — Honestly, he wasn’t THAT great in college. He played 1 season, big whoop. He reminds me more of a friendly giant than a dominant Big Man

  14. nernst says:

    No Brainer. Yout gotta extend Griffin and cut Oden. No offense, he might be talented, but hes has proven that he just cant stay on the court. Griffin is a unique PF that only comes around every once in a while. Great athlete, nifty postmoves, inspiring work ethics, terrific defender, good shooter – hes simply a awesome player.

    Trading Wall is hard for (especially as a Wizardsfan) but its far easier to a good point guard, that a big man. Wall has problems shooting from the outside, is turnover proun and not as mature as Griffin is yet. He might turn out to be the better player in the long run since hes got the talent and the intangibles to develop into something special. But right now Blake Griffin is the safer pick.

  15. Aleksandar says:

    Extend – Blake Griffin – this is a guy you want to build arround. He is a dominant big man, who can impact both ends of the floor, and he has high IQ. Good big men are harder to find these days than a good PG.
    Cut – Greg Oden – if i have a great offensive team, this guy won’t be cut. But since i am starting a franchiese, and you can’t start building with your defense, i need someone who can impat more on the offensive end.
    John Wall – trade – there were number of scenarios where gms were going to trade 2-3 young players/assets for this guy, and there is a reason why. He has great pottential, but in order for a pg to be successful, he needs good players arround him. In my eyes, big man always creates more oportunities/missmatches than a pg for his team.

  16. Matthew Tanner says:

    Greg Oden is, statistically, the best center in the league while he’s on the court.

  17. Ross says:

    next time, lets not pretend we’re a fictional general manager.
    let’s imagine we’re pat riley and have to deal with the heats new super friends contracts running out.

    Extend, Trade or Cut

    Lebron, Wade and Bosh???

  18. oliver says:

    How can u compare 24 hr fitness to the NBA. I hoop at the 24 hr fitness and my stats are equivalent to Kobe’s stats! Oden is actually almost 35 yrs old, his mom somehow cheated his birth certificate. Look at his face and all the injuries he has, he should stick to hooping at 24hr fitness and DOMINATE 24hr fitness superstar like me!

  19. Victor says:

    Blake Griffin already looks dominant in his first two preseason games, so it’s a no-brainer to extend him.

    John Wall is massively over-rated, so I’d trade him to get the most value in return.

    And by default, Greg Oden would have to be the cut.

  20. John says:

    The obvious choice here is to cut Oden. He’s basically missed the last 2 seasons to injury and he’s constantly in the shadow of KD. To me it’s to risky to not cut oden, you don’t know what you’re going to get and you gotta wonder where this guy’s confidence is at. The next choice is a lot harder. Although they are both very talented and have A LOT of potential I’d trade wall and extend blake griffin. You could probably get more out of a trade with wall. Teams usually tend to have at least one strong player at the guard position therefor if you already have a great SG you’re better off taking griffin anyways. Players like griffin are becoming harder to come about, and before griffin went down to injury he was considered the best rookie the league has seen in years. Just look at the way both of them are playing right now in the pre-season… Griffin looks a lot more promising and could easily be a threat in the league right away.

  21. MedMate says:

    Just imagine,that in 09,the thunder get the nr 1 pick,instead of the 3rd…and Blake would play where he wanted to:OKC..Griffin,Green,Westbrook,Ibaka,Durant…wow…The youngest and probably the most filled with potential starting 5 in the NBA.

  22. Eddie says:

    Maybe you should make the poll fit the premise. I was allowed, by your poll, to extend all three players, which is of course what I would do in real life. Wall is a stud, and Blake and Oden shouldn’t cost much money to extend. This poll is worthless, as all three players are cheap and easy to extend at this point in their careers – choose veterans with big contracts.

  23. eulisis says:

    we dont know the potential of the three players but if we saw them in one team thats better

  24. JatFromPhilippines says:

    Next :
    Extend, Trade or Cut

    Tyreke Evans
    Brandon Jennings
    Steph Curry

  25. K says:

    EXTEND ODEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Bullets Fan says:

    Most these dudes on here got me LMAO!…the only correct answer is to extend Wall…dominate point guards don’t come along very often (unless your John Calapari) ….but Oden will always be injury prone this has been going on since his high school days so if it has not stopped now why would it anytime soon….Blake Griffen is an undersized power forward and if he had a goo dpoint guard (Baron Davis in his CHarlotte days) then he would be nice .

  27. Jet says:

    I’d actually extend Griffin and trade Wall they have Arenas at PG if they traded him while Clippers would need a comparable replacement.

  28. mason eberle says:

    the blazers can get somthing better than oden, extend wall and griffin unless he finds a true contender in the west

  29. mason eberle says:

    the wizards need to get rid of arenas, he nothing but a distraction, faking injuries and pulling guns on a teamate! that is bad karma, plus wall has a whole career ahead of him.