Who’s on the Cavaliers 2011 calendar? Oh, that’s unfortunate

by Micah Hart

Alright, the new 2011 Cavaliers calendar is here! Who will be on the cover – Mo Williams? Antawn Jamison? Oh, LeBron James, that makes sense. Wait a minute…

The best part of this story is the name of the company who produced the calendar – a Wisconsin company called Perfect Timing.

Perfect timing indeed.


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  1. luckyguy2k3 says:


  2. Nebs says:

    Seriously? They wouldn’t have thought “Oh, we shouldn’t put Lebron on this year’s calendar since, you know, he’s not on the team anymore”? What were these guys thinking? Or, were they thinking at all? Wow….

  3. devinhesteryouareridiculous says:

    hahaha i feel sorry for the cavs, they dont deserve this

  4. Ed says:

    Ha ha ha ha ha!!

  5. Ernest William Sosmena says:

    LBJ should be in every calendar in the world he’s very handsome, a face so inspiring, plus the attitude. perfect model.

  6. Afemo says:

    A valour only deserves to make a cover of a calendar,nobody wanna put a guy who chickened out and even underestimates his prowess unless Kobe Bryant to lead a team to beget a Cleveland its deserved glory……but dont be surprised he would not win a ring until after 4 years from now,its not about talents all about team work…excerpt….Phil Jackson.

    • LaK3rs 3peat says:

      agreeddddd, i dont think they will win, not this year or next……and he is a punk, i call him LeRun Away James

      this is funny tho, just to further piss off Cavs fans, but hey look on the bright side….more stuff to burn!!!!

  7. drwiAn says:

    I’m an NBA lover, a Filipino, and a Sacramento Kings fan since 2002, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with putting somebody in that calendar whatsoever, especially if the person has done something good & great for anybody, institution, group, or organization in his past. Along the way something may happen but the treasures of the past will always be there no matter what the future holds. It’s simply an ongoing story of respecting, honoring, & recognizing somebody’s contribution. Let’s not be selfish guys, the man has done a good job with you for long a time, he’s not a commodity for us to utilize to suffice our hunger for anything in this sport. Anyone, always, has the final say on what he deems good for himself and his career other than service to others. Just let it go and move forward. It’s the league, it’s a business more than passion for the sport itself. God bless Cavs Fans!

    Anybody has the heart to gift me a Mo Williams Jersey for Christmas? u can email or PM me on facebook, windarwin10@yahoo.com. I’d appreciate it much… it’s expensive and cannot afford one. I’m size 44. Thank you!

    Merry Christmas to ya all in advance!


  8. xndr_24 says:

    Hey drwian…. you suck…. do you think he has something good done in cleveland…. If he had a ring for the team maybe he is… well you also lebron nuthugger…. oh hey maybe ure a kobe bryant hater… come to think of it, sacramento fan who don’t won against lakers in playoffs those days… and a bitter lebron james fan – a loser and a chicken…

  9. mason eberle says:

    heat rule, lakers will get to finals and play heat and get swept, lebron just went were he could get a ring clevland gave him mo williams and antawn jamison, anybody with brains would play with d wade and bosh, and tons of other people left there former teams to have a better chance at winning, amare left the suns, boozer left the jazz, and they actully had a supporting cast like nash and deron williams, kobe has a supporting cast because the lakers general managers get him good players like gasol. kobe also had a allstar with him, amd when he played with shaq had 66 wins, lebron took the cavs to that many wins by himself. In game 7 of the finals kobe sucked but he ron artest and derick fisher and pau gasol to help him. nobody can do it by themselves all lbj did is switch teams, thats why people become free agents so if you are playing for a crapy team u can leave, he isnt a chicken he is smart
    p.s. kobe is selfish player and when he passes to a teamate and gets an assist he might just win mvp