Justin Bieber – can he ball?

by Micah Hart

Last week we began our groundbreaking series on the basketball-playing abilities of some of the world’s most famous people with Mad Men star Jon Hamm. This week we turn our attention to another heartthrob, albeit for a slightly younger crowd:

Justin Bieber

America has come down with a fever recently, and it’s not for more cowbell. It’s for the Biebs. In terms of popularity, this guy makes the Beatles look like your average local garage band. Think I’m lying?

I just looked up his song “Baby” on YouTube, and guess how many views that sucker has: 365,314,755. Holy crap! Apparently, every single person in the United States watched this video, then forwarded it to everyone in France. For frame of reference, I looked up the word “basketball” on YouTube and the most viewed item was this video of Shaq and Dwight Howard’s impromptu dance competition from 2007 All-Star Weekend, clocking in at a paltry 16,515,027.

At just 16 years of age, Bieber has the world at his fingertips (when I was 16, my big accomplishment was finishing third in my region of the Mississippi Science Fair competition with a revolutionary study of “Which Paper Airplane Flies The Furthest“). In addition to selling a billion records and touring the world, he’s been on Saturday Night Live, recently guest starred on an episode of CSI, and is pretty much a permanently trending topic on Twitter. If this kid were a vampire, he might spontaneously combust.

Bieber has clearly demonstrated his musical chops, but that’s not what we want to address today.

Our question is simple.

Can he ball?

Let’s take a look at some of the evidence:

— He’s no stranger to NBA players, having battled Shaq in a danceoff on Shaq vs.

— He makes little girls cry. Of course, he does make it up to them.

— He knows who is to blame for the U.S. housing crisis.

All kidding aside, it actually appears that Bieber has some skills. Check out this video of him going up against Usher:

And here he is taking on Shaq and his family from the same episode of Shaq vs.:

He’s got some handle, and a solid lefty stroke. He clearly has played before.

But hey, maybe that’s not enough to impress you.

It’s time for you to decide:

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  1. kifla says:

    he got some skills…but people dont like him and thats why they say he cant ball…

    • lady_fisher says:

      i agree. People need to stop hatin nd give props where props is due.
      He got a jumper..weird but its wet.

  2. Kevin Phan says:

    Usher let Bieber win for publicity…

  3. Matthew Tanner says:

    Usher didn’t even try to play D. I would wreck that little floppy headed queermo del torro.

  4. jojo says:

    it probably took him so many retakes to do all those moves

  5. Zay says:

    Bieber can’t ball 4real. I mean he can do a couple of ball handling tricks but he can’t do anything special in a game

  6. Qasim says:

    this is what the NBA world has come to that we talk about JUSTIN BIEBER on NBA.com?!?!??!?!

    • Raptoria says:

      i fully agree with Qasim.. how bout we stop talking about un-necesary stuff especially like justin bieber. w.e he cant play you cant tell usher is good by some of the moves he posted, he let him win obviously.

  7. zam says:

    those moves are average, everyone who plays ball should atleast be able to do those things

  8. HEs 15 guys! says:

    Alright, the guy has some basic handles and a few slick moves, but HES 15. I’m 13 and I can pull all of that (and more) off. Hes basically a good recreational player (layups are atrocious). His jumper is decent, but easy to predict and block, and from the videos, he looks pretty short. But.. he is fast, and he CAN handle. Not bad.

  9. RT3 says:

    Usher has no bball skills Played down at Crunch one day a few years ago in ATL and he was horrible. Not to mention he was like 5’7 1/2 or so.

  10. brrrr says:

    she isn’t even a guy..

  11. leeda says:

    I don’t think he’s that fast. Blowing by Shaq…nothing much to brag about there. Shaq would probably have smashed that last ball had he wanted to

  12. ExahCaLi says:


  13. mason eberle says:

    he is a weak little girl and i hate him. that is why he cant ball

  14. Ruben says:

    this is why this blog is not at the same level of the hangtime blog.