Southeast Division Preview: Animated GIF Edition

by Kevin McCormack

With a giant hat tip to the Web site, here’s a look at the upcoming season, gif-style. Today we’ll take on the Southeast Division, one gif for every team to encapsulate the season ahead.  ( Animated GIF Previews: Atlantic | Central | Southeast | Southwest | Northwest | Pacific)

Hawks fans react to the news that Joe Johnson (Joe Johnson!) is the highest-paid player in the NBA.

You get the sense that in a tough division, it’s uphill all the way for the Bobcats.

Darth Vader and crew take their talents to South Beach.

Stan Van Gundy responds to all the Miami Heat hoopla.

John Wall may be young, but he’s going to be a force.

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  1. JR says:

    This one was even better than the central division… Orlando and Atlanta were the best. Nice blog!

  2. Karlo says:

    WTF(Why The Face) Atlanta Hawks fans.