Stop the madness!

by Micah Hart

While having a conversation in the office this morning about the proper pronunciation of the word “meme”, we noticed one trending across Twitter: Free Kevin Love! NBA fans all over the world seem to agree that the Timberwolves’ power forward isn’t getting enough run, which seems especially puzzling given that the team traded Al Jefferson in the offseason — ostensibly in part for that very purpose.

The latest transgression occurred Saturday night, as Love registered 14 points and 13 rebounds in only 24 minutes, despite committing zero fouls.

I haven’t seen much of Minnesota yet, but this does seem to be Timberwolves fans’ biggest gripe. Just ask Minnesota blog Canis Hoopus, which put together this handy-dandy flow chart to explain coach Kurt Rambis’ decision-making:

As a Hawks fan, I can tell you what Atlanta supporters get mad at most easily — Josh Smith jumpers.

I love Josh — he is a unique talent in the NBA and does many things that change the game in a positive manner for the Hawks. But the sound that Philips Arena makes when he gathers himself to launch a jumper – well, it’s not exactly like this, but it’s close.

One of the most frustrating parts of being a fan, looking in from the outside, is not knowing what goes into making decisions on the inside. Maybe there is a good reason Rambis is rationing out Love’s minutes. Maybe there is a strategy to having Smith launch 20-footers. Neither seems likely, but I know I’d be less aggravated if I knew there was method behind the madness.

What one thing about your favorite team drives you the most crazy? Leave your suggestions in the comments.

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  1. mr gross says:

    Why wont the Pistons make big moves, they grab other peoples left overs and try to make it work, the only big time trade they ever pulled was for Rasheed all the other ones failed or didnt work right away (i..e Billups for Iverson, Hill for Wallace and Atkins)

  2. Emmanuel Ighodaro says:

    You’re very right about Smoove. I am a die hard hawks fan who almost always cringes in my seat whenever Smoove shoots a jumpshot. When it goes in its like weight off my shoulders but any other time, it makes me wonder about his decision making. A couple games ago against Memphis, he shot a three with like 12 on the shot clock. I was mad as hell when he shot it but was really relieved when he made. Maybe he can make shots in practice and feels confident he can do the same in the game.

    • JWALK4513 says:

      It kills me how a lot of Atlanta fans don’t understand. I’ve watched this team get better and better over the years. That has been the theme of this talented team. When a guy works his butt off during the offseason trying to take his game to the next level and we as fans discourage him from doing so what does that say about us as fans. This guy is a jumpshot away from taking his gsme to the next level and we boo him from trying to do so. Josh please keep shooting because those jumpshots aren’t the thing that kills the hawks. So why don’t you “new hawks fans” get on with that negative “fansmanship”. Yeah i mmade up a word.

      sn: And im from the “A” eastside trick

  3. 1234567890 says:

    Why can’t Andrea Bargnani rebound?!?!

  4. Fady Sherif says:

    Huge Celtics fan, I just get pissed when Paul Pierce plays point or has an isolation play in crucial possesions, I mean, when you have one of the best PGs in the league (Rondo to have an eye opening season) and a set in stone ball movement ideology and when teamwork is basically your bible, it seems rather daft to run an iso play. I love Pierce but it just frustrates me to see the Celts go so far away from their strength at such critical times.

  5. glen says:

    I hate it when the Lakers get up big and then play lazy for the rest of the game and normally just win. They need to play hard for 48 minutes

  6. Cody Martin says:

    I’m a Magic Fan, and the ONE thing that drives me mad is Dwight Howards free throws. If he could just hit a dang FREE THROW! Ugh, people wouldn’t be able to stop him! They couldn’t just foul him when he gets the ball and he would obliterate people. It’d be game over once he got the ball in his hands.

  7. Joe Rogan says:

    Josh Smith jumpers are the same as ron artest three pointers. whenever ron touches the ball from deep the crowd goes NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! haha

  8. mason eberle says:

    i am a heat fan, and what makes me made is that people wont stop talking trash on lebron he did nothing wrong!

  9. Jake says:

    It always bugs me when Andrei Kirilenko starts getting moody and emotional because he’s not involved in the offense enough.

  10. mason eberle says:

    it makes me angry when lebron finds an open teamate and they miss the shot

  11. Andrew Donaldson says:

    Kurt Rambis’s defense when he doesn’t show Love the love on minutes is K Love needs to work harder on defense. He says this every time, so I’m guessing he means it. But as the best rebounder in the league I think Love deserves more credit for what he does, and I’m pretty sure he’ll get it…and that he’ll work harder on defense.

    Meanwhile, since someone’s whining about Lebron James. Of course, Lebron’s getting criticism. He’s the best basketball player ever to leave his team, in an acknowledgment that he isn’t good enough to be the centerpiece of a championship team. (Shaq moved because he wanted to make it in the movies and rap; Kareem already had a ring.)

    Plus, didn’t he burn down an orphanage, or something?

  12. Uttam Menon says:

    Why won’t the phoenix suns work towards building a dynasty? They got close in 04-05, then just began trading away one star after another. Now all they’re left with is Steve Nash, who brilliant as he is, is nearing retirement age, the Suns will lose one of their greatest players, and with no one waiting in the wings to take up the reins.

  13. Gsvin says:

    Why the heat always walk the ball up the court. I mean you have two of the most athletic guys in the nba, plus a big who can run in bosh, but they let the D set up and then lebron drives and dishes looking for an assist