Last night in…revenge!

by Micah Hart

Josh Childress made his triumphant return to Atlanta yesterday as the Suns knocked the Hawks from the ranks of the undefeated with a 118-114 win at Philips Arena. Childress has 11 points and 6 rebounds off the bench in his first game back in the ATL, two years after spurning the franchise to play overseas for Olympiakos in Greece, a move that stunned the NBA at the time.

Though Childress’ move to Europe didn’t spark the mass exodus of talent that some predicted, it didn’t blow up in Childress’ face either, as the swingman seems to be playing at least at the same level he did before he left.

So really, it worked out for Childress (his game got better/stayed the same and he made more money), and it worked out for the NBA (no one really followed his lead). I guess the only party it didn’t work out for was Atlanta, which became the last Eastern Conference team to lose a game.  Which come to think of it, makes them a winner too.

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