Last Night…. from beyond the arc

by Adena Andrews

Last night the Phoenix Suns defeated the Los Angeles Lakers, 121-116 at Staples for the first time in two years and did it in true Hollywood fashion. Phoenix knocked back a franchise-record 22 3-pointers, with Jason Richardson (34 points) putting up the bulk of them with seven. Last night’s 3s were the most by a Lakers’ opponent in franchise history. Who was the last team to batter the Lakers with threes like this you ask? Why the Suns of course, in 2005, with 19.

The Lakers tried to fight a forest fire with a water gun and went just 9 for 23 from behind the arc. The 31 made 3-pointers in this game fell one short of the NBA record of 32. That game happened in double overtime on Jan. 22, 2006 between Seattle and, you guessed right, the Phoenix Suns.

Kobe Bryant attempted to go into “Super Mamba” mode, just chucking up ugly 3-pointers in the final minutes to save his team with no avail. Lamar Odom channeled his team’s frustration receiving an ill-timed technical foul with just 53 seconds left in the game and down by two. Nash hit the free throws and thus the Lakers’ sad ending was written.

The Lakers now have a total of two whole loses (gasp)! Is this the end of an era? Will Laker Land crumble (insert dramatic music here)?

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