The truthiness of David Stern

by Micah Hart

David Stern is the best commissioner in professional sports, and I’m not just saying that because I work for the league (Ouch! Put that taser away!), or because  I can’t believe the NFL is still thinking of going to an 18-game season. I say it because he does things like going on The Colbert Report to discuss basketball.

Stern appeared on Monday night’s broadcast for reasons I’m not sure of — he wasn’t plugging a book or the playoffs or anything — he was just there to talk hoops with the man still trying to Restore Fear and/or Sanity.

As with any guest on Colbert’s show, he had to try to answer many silly questions with honest answers while showing he was still in on the joke, and I thought he pulled that off fairly well.

Stern has many talents, but one of his best is his ability to give honest answers that most hoops fans would agree with (like the fact that the Heat aren’t doing as well as expected) without saying anything that’s going to cause any trouble.

Of course, it shouldn’t be a surprise that the Commish did well; once you appear on the Hang Time Podcast, everything else should be a breeze.

Commissioner Stern on The Colbert Report

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  1. Stan Johnson says:

    Commissioner Stern was proven to be a LIAR during the trial over the law suit moving the SEATTLE SONICS to Oklahoma City. E-mails were brought out in the open proving it was a conspiracy to move the Sonics from the day the team was purchased by the crooks in Oklahoma. David Stern has ZERO credibility.

  2. Texifornia says:

    FIRE HIM PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Matthew says:

    David Stern is a creep, a crook and is as straight as a corkscrew! He can lie between his teeth without a blink! Hey Micah, you are, indeed one of the best butt kissers in crappy online journalism. Yuck!

  4. Erin says:

    David Stern. The guy has proven one of the main reasons why teams are disappearing from their hometowns. First he did away with the Sonics a few years ago, and now the same effect is being seen with teams such as the Sacramento Kings. The city of Seattle knew that ever since day one, he had every intention in keeping his connections with his select few and that’s wrong.

    Not to belittle the people of Oklahoma City, for I am sure they are grateful for the Thunder, but that was our team in Seattle. Throughout my childhood, I grew up a huge Sonics fan. I’ve seen so many games I can’t even recall how many, and if not in person, then I watched many of them on TV. I remember at the age of nine, being chosen to give the players high fives as they called out the starting line-up at Key Arena. The excitement built up in me from the cheering around me and the split-second touch of the hand of Gary “Glove” Payton, #20. I thought, “Wow, they are so awesome!” Fans from all communities, no matter race or age, would all come together in that arena and pack the place. Everyone always had a darn good time while cheering on one of the oldest teams in the NBA. But now, all that love is gone in Seattle. Thanks to David Stern and his secret relations with Clay Bennett, that passion has all been stolen.

    And now it’s likely to happen again, people. The story sounds familiar. NBA Owner cries poverty, and says the team needs a new arena. Team attendance is dwindling, and speculation swirls about moving the team. But this isn’t Seattle, it is happening in Sacramento. The magic has moved, and Sacramento is on the bandwagon for disappearance as well. Just like we asked in Seattle, where is it all going? The Sonics had been settled in Key Arena for forty freaking years! That’s a full quarter of Seattle history. What kind of person supports that move? One answer comes to mind: NBA commissioner David Stern. The city of Sacramento has had an NBA franchise since 1985, when the Kings came from Kansas City. They’ve played since 1988 in Arco Arena and now the arena is not up to par in terms of current standards and a new arena is needed to keep the team there.

    When someone asked David Stern about the Sacramento Kings during a conference call, it ironically sounded like the Sonics’ situation a few years ago. In addressing the Sacramento area issues, Stern said “We got a sort of disappointing update with respect to the building situation in Sacramento… My optimism on there being a new building has faded completely.” However, he sure didn’t sound disappointed. He’s just some phony guy that wants to take another team away from its beloved fans. Some jerk who says we can’t come up with an adequate arena to house his “luxury suites and shopping malls”. A liar who said he would do what he could to make things work in Seattle… how could we believe a word he said?

    David Stern said his hopes for a new arena in Sacramento have “faded completely.” He sent the exact same message to the Seattle Sonics. The Kings are the only major-league team in Sacramento that fans regard as part of their identity. There is zero chance the Sacramento arena issue gets any positive reinforcement. With the Kings, it’s a local issue and nothing more. But that won’t stop the devil from finding a way to export them. Remaining hope is disappearing after countless failed arena proposals by the city and the team. When David Stern thinks there is hope, he leaves a team alone. Now that he doesn’t think there is hope, he said so.

    Is it a done deal the Kings are leaving? No. But is it likely? Probably and that truly sucks. Sacramento has one thing going for it. Seattle has, or had three big franchises. Sacramento has one. If the Sacramento Kings are to leave the city, they should run themselves out of town. It should not be another arena problem, when the one who oversees everything and is constantly complaining is the guy at the source of the problems, good ol’ David Stern. I think maybe it’s time we vote to oust David Stern like he is doing with Sacramento!

  5. Ivan says:

    Commissioner David Stern I just watched the lakers and spurs game the spurs won in la by a busser beater offense goaltending which was a bad call because the ball was over the cylinder could you do anything involving this situation