Tracy Jordan, er Morgan, mic’ed up

by Micah Hart

Tracy Morgan has one of the sweetest job in show business — he gets to basically play himself on TV. As the character Tracy Jordan on NBC’s 30 Rock, Morgan’s brand of “there is nothing he isn’t capable of” behavior is not only hilarious, but is rumored to hit very close to home, as witnessed by the show cutting in actual footage of the real Morgan into several bits over the years.

As if to prove the similarities to his fictional character, the Knicks decided to mic up Jordan at a recent game against the Sixers, to hilarious results. Roll it!

As Jordan would say, “This video is so good, I want to take it behind the middle school and get it pregnant.”

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  1. Boorebrook says:

    Did you mean ‘hilarious’ or ‘annoying as hell’?

  2. […] Tracy Morgan went to a Knicks game and wore a microphone. The result is air drumming, Rent Too Damn High Party shout outs, “guy-rows,” reminiscing about the best dunk ever executed by the worst human ever, and “agua” being yelled over and over and over again at Landry Fields. […]

  3. Todd says:

    rent is too damn high

  4. MelaTOM says:

    I love when “certain” people get mad when people of color don’t fit their “certain” stereotypes.

  5. […] – You may already be aware of this, but 30 Rock’s Tracy Jordan is not an actor. He’s just a character. As proof, I offer this video of him wearing a microphone and sitting courtside at a Knicks game. […]

  6. Mike says:

    Wow. Think the guy who plays Pete on 30 Rock is pissed becuase he had to sit 2 rows behind Tracy?