Last night in a … sign of things to come

by Micah Hart

The Miami Heat may win a title or several titles after bringing together the SuperFriends, but something tells me they’re going to regret giving up on Michael Beasley so early.

Beasley continued his beastly ways last night, scoring 33 points including the game-winner in a 113-111 win over the Clippers. Since dropping a career-high 42 on Sacramento a week ago, Beasley has been laying waste to every opponent in his path, averaging 32.6 ppg over his last five games.

Miami had no choice but to let Beasley go in order to take on the salaries promised to Wade, James, and Bosh, but something tells me that, in the long run, they are going to wish they still had the Beast in Miami.

One thing about the NBA – you never can tell when a lightbulb will go off in a player’s head. With Michael Beasley, it seems like that light is starting to shine, and shine brightly.

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  1. uFO says:

    No they won’t. Basketball is a game of opportunity, almost any player given the oportunity will be better off than if not given. First of all like you said they simply couldn’t keep him cuz of cap space, so that’s that. But regardless if they did keep him, he wouldn’t get the chance to blosom like he is now, when he was the second best offensive punch in Mia, he didn’t get close to enough touches for a top pick, so now that Miami still has DWade, added LeBron AND Chris Bosh, he would get even fewer touches and wouldn’t get the chance to be this good.

  2. Carlos says:

    You guys are so lame. You are just a couple of BDL/TBJ knock-offs, trying to be 1) as insightful as Kelly Dwyer (which you aren’t), 2) as silly as Trey Kerby (again, you aren’t), and 3) as on-top-of-things as TBJ/BDL (again, not).

    It’s like, geez. I get that you want to produce something similar, but be good at it, at least.

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  4. JayKowle says:

    Oh, yes, I love Michael Beasley. He’s the reason (albeit KLove) why I’m riding the Minn. train now.
    But he’s doing really well. I’m glad he’s getting a chance to do his THANG.!