Patty Cakes is back

by Micah Hart

After a non-so-successful jaunt through Chicago on Halloween, Patty Cakes is back with another installment, this time within the cozy confines of the Blazers’ hometown of Portland. Would he have better luck getting people to talk to him this time? Let’s take a look. Roll it!

I’d say it’s pretty much official, Patty Mills is now my favorite player in the NBA. I love his dedication here – he continues to struggle to get people to talk to him, and he continues not to let that faze him.

Also, the introduction of his “guest correspondent” Pat Stacks had me in stitches – no wig, no makeup, no different accent — just a change of clothes, and presto! A whole new person.

He kind of reminds me of Charlie from Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Am I the only one who sees that?

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  1. DownUnderFAN says:

    LOL, good value. Keep it up patty

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