Carmelo Anthony, how do you rate on the Horry scale?

by Micah Hart

Wow. Four weeks of the season go by with nary a single GWBB, and now we’ve had three in a week. Someone is digging the Horry scale!

Last night we had our first come-from-behind GWBB, courtesy of Carmelo Anthony and the Nuggets, who used ‘Melo’s heroics to beat the Bulls 98-97 in Denver. Let’s take a look at the action, and then we’ll see what Big Shot Bob has to say about it. Roll it!

Once again, the Horry scale examines a shot  in the categories of difficulty, game situation (was the team tied or behind at the time), importance (playoff game or garden-variety Clippers-Nets game), and celebration, and give it an overall grade on a scale of 1-5 Robert Horrys.

Let’s see how this one rates:

Difficulty: At first glance, this jumper looks pretty routine, much like Mo Williams‘ GWBB from Wednesday. ‘Melo’s shot is a fairly standard one from the elbow that most NBA players should be able to make. But upon closer inspection, I think we have to say that part of the reason it looks so easy is due to Carmelo’s outstanding offensive capabilities. Maybe a lot of players can make that shot, but not a lot of players can create that much space for themselves in that kind of situation. You can blame Luol Deng if you want, but he has to be prepared for so many different things that Carmelo can do, it’s not a surprise to me that he falls for the jab-step so easily. This isn’t an easy shot, yet because the ball is in Carmelo’s hands, it certainly looks that way.

Game Situation: The Nuggets trailed by one, so if Melo misses, the ballgame is over. It’s our first do-or-die of the season. However, I’m inclined to detract a few style points here due to the fact that Denver blew a 19-point lead in the second half to a Derrick Rose-less Chicago team. Yes the Nuggets trailed by a point, but they shouldn’t have ever put themselves in that situation to begin with.

Importance: It’s early still, but both the Nuggets and Bulls have championship aspirations. Couple that with all of the rumors of Chicago as a potential destination for Anthony, and this one felt like the stakes were a little higher. Wouldn’t it be interesting if seeing this kind of clutch performance (the shot was Anthony’s 14th career game-winner) up close and personal ended up being the final piece of evidence that convinced the Bulls to pull the trigger on a deal?

Celebration: Muted, but for a reason. ‘Melo battled flu-like symptoms the entire night, symptoms that him feeling, as he put it, “terrible”, all night.


3.5 Horrys. ‘Melo does indeed make it look easy to his credit, but the shot itself is nothing special, and I have to take off a half-star for the fact that Denver never should have needed heroics in the first place.

What do you think?

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  1. Eddie R. says:

    being a basketball player too, this was one of the best game winners I’ve seen in Melo’s career. Deng did a good job on guarding Melo, but Carmelo can do so much it is hard to predict what he was going to do. Good job by George Karl setting up the play for his best clutch shotter and good job by Melo delivering the game winning shot. Go nuggets

    • nuggets fan says:

      i think this game was 1 of the most epic games this last3 years sure denver gave up a 20 point lead to a derrik rose less bulls but dont forget that chaucey billups didnt play, you have to give credit to the nuggets for drawing a clutch play after giving in a big lead. go nuggets

  2. Yangbo says:

    If anyone was to blame, it was Lucas III for missing the 2 freethrows. Having the talent Melo has, he could have pretty much made that shot over any defender.



    • la4life says:

      lebron sux. u do realize the heat are 1 and 7 when he plays 40+ minutes? he isnt even the heats go to guy. kobe is the best ever to play

      • Rick says:


    • Tuneche says:

      Lebron makes harder shot becoz hes forcing his shots. Btw Lebron will be watching with bosh and wade at home when celtics and lakers play in june

    • PC says:

      miami will not top over LA. Ron-Ron will keep LBJ in tight check. Kobe will b all over “The Flash” all 48 minutes. oh wait D-Wade will only play 39.9 minutes. Gasol will be in Bosh’s grill all day. The three in miami cannot beat LA’s starting lineup and bench. Miami’s bench cannot….oh wait miami has no bench….

      Heat cannot even get pass Boston AND Orlando.

      ok on topic. C-Melo’s GWBB is nice. but the difficulty of that shot isn’t too difficult. Deng was in his grill. but not nearly enough in C-Melo’s face to make a big difference in adjusting the GWBB shot. Good shot nonetheless. Deng was slow on contesting C-Melo’s shot. He thought for a sec C-Melo was about to take it in or was faked out by the right jab step and couldn’t contest the shot quick enough. Melo was already in the air releasing b4 Deng got his hand in place to contest.

      • Jake says:

        Kobe only plays 33 min. a game, so I’m not sure how he’ll be all over the Flash for 48 min.

      • nuggets fan says:

        that s melos shot he can make that with anyone on him

      • John says:

        Miami dont have a bench? excuse me but we havent even seen miami at full strength so dont say stupid stuff like that and wait if i remember right didnt miami rip orlando by 29 points or somthing earlier in the year

    • Jack says:

      Quit typing in all caps you douche. Miami may have the big three but L.A. will be unstoppable when bynum comes back.

    • HEATNEEDHELP says:

      Miami going to the finals, that is the funniet damn thing ive heard all day! At this rate they would be lucky to even make it to the playoffs. If they were in the west there is no doubt they would not make it. Like i said when this team was first put together, this team sucks. Because its really not a team. Three superstars with a bunch of lame ducks! There is no way the heat will ever win a title with this current roster. Bench sucks, centers suck and point guards suck! But thanks for the laugh thinking they will make it to the finals. Made me laugh even harder thinking they can beat the LAKERS!

    • George S says:

      miami really they if they are even gonna make it to june or any month in the spring they better start playing alot better

  4. tamuneneng says:


  5. Lakers says:

    HAHAHA you guys wish that Miami will win the championship over the Lakers. Thats funny talk. The Miami Heat wont even make it to the Finals.


  6. PRiiNC3TY says:

    Melo Got The Best Jab Step iN The NBA

  7. chi town says:

    I blame coach Tibbs
    Why did he put Lucas III in the game in that last possesion?
    Anyone else on the team could have put the ball inbounds

  8. mohammed says:

    Im not saying that that wasnt amazing but its not that nice. He had one person gaurding him, and that was luol deng, and deng gave him some space and didnt go in his face. So it was nice but not too nice.

  9. neal says:

    i read what u said u pthere and well it just doesnt make sense. Yes they did not have Chauncey Billups but he is not as important to the Nuggets as Derrick Rose is. Derrick Rose runs the offense to perfection for the Chicago Bulls and is one of the best, if not the best scorers in the NBA. The best part about him is, that is he one of the greatest passers in the nba also. There is no way anyone on the Denver Nuggets would be able to guard him. He showed that he is un-stoppable when the Lakers threw everyone at him and still could not stop him. He even took Ron Artest that game plenty of times. Chauncey Billups has been doing ok for the Nuggets at best. His Field Goal Percentage is low, hes hitting a little amount of his shots, and hes not dishing the ball as well as he used to. It would change the whole game because that would leave Derrick Rose Burning up the starters and when the bench players are out. Cj Watson would be out in the game, the guy who dropped 33 against lawson and carter. It also would have meant james Johnson and Brewer would have hit minutes against the bench, which would destroy the nuggets. I say with Derrick Rose, the Bulls would have easily taken a victory over the Denver Nuggets.

  10. neal says:

    oh and Lakers barely beat the Bulls without Carlos Boozer, They arent gonna 3peat.

    • HEATNEEDHELP says:

      They LAKERS barley beat the bulls without boozer. Ok then the LAKERS will blow them away when they get Bynum back to keep noah in check. People like to forget about the LAKERS second 7 footer! And people said the same thing last year about the LAKERS not going back to back, and look what happened. So just sit back and enjoy the ride son! LAKERS 3 PEAT!!

  11. mundy says:

    Most game winning baskets – ps look how lebron has lots of practice at game winners while shooting 34%

    LeBron James 17 50 .340

    Vince Carter 16 51 .314

    Ray Allen 15 39 .385

    Kobe Bryant 14 56 .250

    Carmelo Anthony 14 28 .500

  12. John says:


    Who cares if we “barely” won that game. ITS REGULAR SEASON. Lakers honestly don’t care because they are saving their legs for the playoffs. Jump of the bandwagon or if your going to join the bandwagon then don’t say such silly things.
    OT: nice jab step by Melo, but not a amazing shot and just made defense

  13. ddddd says:

    I swear every time there is an article about another teams guy on here the discussion turns to Heat this Lebron that, Lakers this blah blah…. Focus on the subject and save the trashtalk for 2011… there are 28 other teams in this league who do things that deserve recognition independent of Lebron and the heat and the Lakers.

    This is an early season game… However game winners help make the player special. I know every bball player immitates the 10-9 spinmove-2-shoot on 1 as a child. MJ did that practically his whole career. Horry slept got into shape in time for the playoffs and made himself known for the last second 3 because he did little else. Point being is that greatness of any type starts with the child mimicking the last second shot and evolves from there. Only the truly special players can even experience it. The higher in significance of the game the more special it is.

    Great shot by Melo. He is a special player but like Vince Carter was at this stage of his career…. the only thing that this shot means is a game on the W side, an ego boost, and little else.

  14. NJBulls Fan says:

    Ok. Carmelo, is one of the most clutch players in the game, so this is expected. Most of his game winners come off of jump shots (most game winners in general are jump shots), so why deng fell for the jab step is beyond me. You should play up in his face and trust your teammates to shift if he does drive (which would have been unlikely with the amount of time left on the clock).

    On another note, all the Big Trhee/Heat-Kobe/Laker-who is going to win the cha,pionship needs to be calmed down. We aren’t even at the quarter mark of the season. It is waaaaaaayyyyyyy too early for all that. So sit back and enjoy the games.

    • rhys says:

      thankyou…. its bout time that someone has realsed there been 15 games played….. and youse are making judgments… what happens if chicago pick up melo….. they win… or if kobe and gasol break there leg… anything can happen……its only early…. and miami are a new team.. anyone who has actually played basketball will realise it takes a bit more than 4 weeks for a team ith three superstars to gel and play like a team…. o yer and they gotta ditch the coach…..pat riley will be back in soon enough…

      D>Rose M>V>P

  15. thn says:

    No regular season shot can worth more than 3,5 in the Horry scale.Period.

    • kevin says:

      I’ve seen too many games to give it anymore than a 2. It’s a spectacular play that would top most any pro’s career best list for sure, but Horry, Kobe, Fish, Jordan, Lebron, etc. make Melo’s shot look ordinary.

      That said, as a Laker fan, best ever was T-Mac’s 13 in last 33sec against the Spurs in ’04. Not playoffs or a buzzer-beater (hit the GW 3 with 1.7 left) but it was against some of the best d in the league and was a once in a lifetime feat.

  16. TheFlash says:

    it was a good shot but he traveled!!!

  17. Kobe all the way says:

    yea dat is true because really a buzzer beater in a normal game is not that crazy as in the playoffs

  18. lilt kollie says:

    Lakers is going tp repeat their title.

  19. danny says:


    Miami will kill the Lakers

  20. INsano says:

    2 Horrys. He had what, 3.5 seconds? That’s an ETERNITY to setup a game-winner on the game-winner scale. I agree that his skills gave him the space/respect that made the shot look easy, but overall, for being a scorer in the NBA with 3.5 seconds, it’s just not special. Didn’t have a hand in his face, wasn’t falling away, had loads of time, and is only a shot from the elbow.

  21. Jake says:

    The game winner is a ONE! He switched his pivot foot before the jab step which is a travel!

  22. Rondo says:

    It shouldn’t even be a game winning shot! No horrys because he traveled.

  23. bulls are going all the way, they lost to the nuggets which they should’ve won, and derrick rose and boozer werent even playing thats sad. the bulls are the best team, LAKERS VS BULLS FINALS!

  24. Scope says:

    Only gave him 2 Horrys, because if you watch his feet, it sure looked like he traveled. I should have given him 1, because it was the Rose-less Bulls. That’s like hitting a GW against the Bulls when Jordan was off playing for the Birmingham Barons. Just doesn’t add up quite the same.

    • Jake says:

      He did traveled he switches his pivot foot. He also has some happy feet before he takes the shot, but I don’t think that was a travel.