Last night in a … question

by Micah Hart

Are the Pacers legit? Their record sits at only 8-7, but after last night’s shocking surprising 95-92 win over the Lakers in LA, I’m beginning to talk myself into it. Indy had a pretty good week, sandwiching a close loss in Oklahoma City between pummeling the Heat in Miami and last night’s win.

Almost every year there is a team that comes out of nowhere to make a run towards the top of their conference, and I’m starting to talk myself into the Pacers being said team. Top flight scorer? Check, Danny Granger. Top flight big man? Roy Hibbert had 24-12-6 last night against arguably the best pivotman in the league in Pau Gasol. Check. I already thought they stole Darren Collison from the Hornets to be their distributor. The rest of the roster is filled with guys who already know their roles and don’t try to do too much, which is more than many NBA franchises can say.

I’m not predicting an Eastern Finals appearance or anything, but if this team can stay healthy (a big problem in the past), I’m not sure homecourt advantage in a first-round playoff series is out of the question.

Am I crazy?

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  1. Jake says:

    Nahh you’re not crazy Pacers have a good shot at 4th in the East, they should be no lower than sixth and probably 5th.

  2. JendraL says:

    lost to the pacers?
    lost to the grizzlies?
    lost to the rockets?
    might as well lose every single match. didnt do a good job these few weeks. even though im a laker fan, i doubt that they will repeat this year. bryant need to know when not to shoot and let gasol play. gasol, too. must be tougher. tonight 2-8? wth? lift more weight and be mean. stop being nice as no opponent in the court is being nice to you, gasol. how about derek fisher the fish? dried fish? seems like he’s dried up. he got an open look with a decent space but he didn take it. instead, fake it and get a shot clock violation at the time. what the hell? then fouling battier for 3 free throws. rookie mistake. he out of all should know better. dissapointed.