Derek Fisher, how do you rate on the Robert Horry scale?

by Micah Hart

One of my favorite kinds of buzzer-beaters: the unexpected-decoy GWBB.

Don’t get me wrong. Derek Fisher is no stranger to big shots in clutch situations (San Antonio*, cough cough**).

* Don’t forget who was on that Spurs roster. Big Shot Bob of course.

**Watching that video again, have I completely forgotten Hedo Turkoglu’s tenure on the Spurs? I could have sworn he went straight from the Kings to the Magic. That portion of his career has been totally lost to the recesses of my brain.

Still, when a team has Pau Gasol, Ron Artest, and some other guard known for last-second heroics, you assume the defense is going to focus on them. It takes a strong coach to consider that defensive initiative and take what is given. Obviously Phil Jackson fits comfortably in that category.

I wonder if Jackson is to the point where says to himself, “Self, this is a regular-season game against the Clippers. Why not gamble a little?”***

*** This theory will really gain steam when Derrick Caracter hits a game-winner.

Matt Barnes tosses it into Fisher almost immediately after ball-faking the lob to Gasol — if Kobe was the next option, Fisher couldn’t have been far behind — and Fisher heads towards the rim without hesitation. You figure in most situations, the Clippers are just happy not to have the ball in Bryant’s hands, and they’ll take their chances with Fisher. Well, chance taken, and ballgame over. Lakers beat Clippers, and the world makes sense for at least another night.

But what did Robert Horry think?

Once again, the Horry scale examines a shot  in the categories of difficulty, game situation (was the team tied or behind at the time), importance (playoff game or garden-variety Clippers-Nets game), and celebration, and give it an overall grade on a scale of 1-5 Robert Horrys.

Let’s investigate:

Difficulty: Moderate. The closer you get to the basket the higher percentage shot you can get, and Fisher creates a nice amount of separation from Eric Bledsoe here for his running layup. Still, he has to get the shot over the outstretched arm of the leaping, 6-foot-11 DeAndre Jordan, which with this kind of time left shows pretty impressive touch by Fisher.

Game Situation: L.A. down a point after Jordan’s dunk with 3.1 seconds left. Do-or-die time for the Lakers.

Importance: Honestly, I don’t know. The Lakers-Clippers rivalry is so one-sided, I feel like this loss means more to the Clippers than the win does to the Lakers. Sorry Blake Griffin, this is what you have inherited. See what you can do to turn things around.

Celebration: This is supposed to be a Clippers home game, but listen to the crowd react. The only other road games where the Lakers get this much support are in Atlanta. Ouch babe.


3.5 Horrys. A very nice shot, but it’s a Lakers-Clippers game — it can’t come as that much of a surprise. The Lakers are like a bully holding a smaller kid at arm’s length, then letting go quickly and watching the kid fall over in the mud. Pretty nice work though, Derek.

What do you think?

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  1. name says:

    first of all, Phil jackson it’s a genious!
    Second i dont know why the clippers would be happy for seeing the ball in derek’s hands instead of kobe’s, i mean kobe is amazing as a clutch player, but dereck it doesn’t come too far behind. When it comes to last minutes shots kobe and derek allready prove that the ball as to come to their hands, they’ll make it happen for the lakers.
    And on my first topic, Phil is amazing, think about the chicago or lakers last second shots, they almost every time can get a winning shot, and that’s because Phil it’s a master of basketball

  2. JayKowle says:

    I loved the shot. And DeAndre Jordan almost knocked Fish’s shot into the stand. ALMOST. Derek Fisher’s release was perfect, a nice kiss off the glass. SMACK.!

  3. Don says:

    The fact that the Lakers needed a last second shot from anyone to beat the Clippers, defending champs vs the last in the league, is bad enough. Now you add to that by saying that Fisher had a game winning shot? No, Fisher hit a shot. Any shot that was made or missed during that game by either team affected the outcome just as must as Derricks shot, but then you are here preaching to the unwashed masses of spectators, not to the basketball savvy.

  4. Fader says:

    He hit a shot, the game winning shot that is. Stop being a Laker hater!

  5. Horace says:

    Yeah D Fish! The man with the same birthday as me! And hes left-handed too!

  6. Inglewood Jay says:

    We cannot, i repeat, cannot compare this shot to Robert Horry. Robert Horry litterally has won and saved playoff series at the buzzer. This was an unimportant regular season game Spectacular no doubt. But, Robert has saved the Lakers, the : 1.5. And to the idiot that said this wasnt a game winner.. all it takes is one game to come back and win a series, just ask Roberto.

  7. lakernater says:

    This comment is for DON. Why you hatin so bad? a clipper fan? maybe a griffen fan? dont worry me to! but that doesnt call for that comment and saying any shot made during that game affected it? (well it did, but none were equal or as important as the one fisher hit) i mean take any shot away during that game and you dont get a different outcome. you just get a laker team more determined to hit the next shot down the court! GO LAKERS and what a shot fisher! just another day for him thow.

  8. 123 says:

    You should give Phill Jackson some more credit on this, I mean, you are talking about a guy how told Michael Jordan to pass the ball to Steve Kerr on a Game 6 Finals, to win the championship, never be surprise when some other than Kobe thakes the final shot, that´s just Phill being as great as he is

  9. Mattly says:

    Honestly, Don Mildly Has A Point. Truth Of The Matter Is That Teams Are Playing More Tough Knowing That Number 24 Is On the Other Team. So, I Consider This To Be A Big One. The Clips Got Talent And They’ve shown That( i.e. BEATING THE NUMBER ONE SPURS!!!!!!!) What Mr. Fish Did Is Very Impressive. LAKER NATION!!!!!!!!!

  10. name says:

    a game winning shot or a shot at the buzzer it is a lot different from the other shots.
    For 2 reasons:
    first, the pressure of the time and if oyu miss your team looses
    and second and the most important, the other team knows that you have to shoot, so it’s a lot more easy to contest, because you can’t fake or lost any second.
    So think before writting.

    Oh ofc this is just a regular season game, we can’t comare this to horrys playoff shots 🙂

  11. antwon says:

    Im agreeing with Don on this one. As a laker fan it’s very frustrating to see them have to come up with a last second shot anyways. And then its followed up by a 7 point win in New Jersey. Its a fact, the lakers are lazy when they play the worst teams. They play sloppy and the triangle disappears. They need to realize that they’re are more bad teams than good in this league, if they did maybe they wouldnt on the verge of falling down the western conference standings.
    With that said, the Lakers have always been lazy when it come to those teams and still end up winning championships so i cant be too judgmental. I would just like to see them dominate more, which they should.