It didn’t count (but it should have, shouldn’t it?)

by Micah Hart

The NBA’s rules are too rigid. There should be room for interpretation — the kind of interpretation that gives Gilbert Arenas credit for making a shot of this difficulty. You know the expression announcers use all the time, “If he tried that 100 times he wouldn’t make it again?” Can we actually get Gilbert to give that a go? I have a feeling he’d actually come through on a few of them.

The best part of this video? Look how upset Gilbert is. I don’t even think it’s because he doesn’t know the rule that says a ball that hits off the shot clock is immediately dead — I think he just believes he should get an exception.

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  1. Auron says:

    Micah, he was not looking for an exception. From Gilbert’s vantage point, it looked like the ball bounced high off the rim and into the nylon. It’s laser clear from the camera’s angle that it was not the case-but again, Gilbert didn’t see that angle. Micah, why do you feel it is necessary to spread negativity about Arenas? Let him enjoy his fresh start. It’s people like you that enjoy keeping strife on public figures to the public. You chose to go that route and it’s just not cool. Don’t poison the Gilbert’s atmosphere by saying “I think he just believes he should get an exception” Ouch.

  2. pinoy henyo says:

    not counted!, it hit the shot clock. out of bounds!

  3. Gabriel says:

    It should be counted. if somebody can make a bank shot off a pillar, an exit sign, an lcd screen and off somebody’s head, it should count for something you know?



  5. jov says:

    author obviously likes to spread bad stuff about arenas LOL

  6. Rules reader says:

    dwight and hedo doesn’t know that if the ball touches the shot clock it is automatically out of bounds, they keep on making signs that is should count so desperately XD. btw, they burn the nets, they dont need that extra 3 pts >_<.