Tyreke Evans, how do you rate on the Horry scale? (Do we even need to ask?)

by Micah Hart

Honestly, do I even need to break out the scale for this one? If Tyreke Evans‘ game-winner doesn’t rate a five, then what on earth ever will?

Still, for thoroughness, let’s break it down.

Once again, the Horry scale examines a shot  in the categories of difficulty, game situation (was the team tied or behind at the time), importance (playoff game or garden-variety Clippers-Nets game), and celebration, and give it an overall grade on a scale of 1-5 Robert Horrys.

Let’s investigate:

Difficulty: Ummm, yeah. I guess it could have been harder. He could have closed his eyes. He could have had to recite The Charge of the Light Brigade before letting it fly. He could have been, oh, 55 feet from the basket rather than 50. But I’d say any shot from beyond midcourt should satisfy any toughness quotient. For the record, he also double-clutched. Criminy.

Game Situation: The Kings got the ball with no timeouts left after O.J. Mayo hit a jumper with 1.5 seconds left to give Memphis a 98-97 lead. By the way, am I the only one who thinks Mayo traveled like a railway hobo? Thank goodness they didn’t call it, or we’d never have gotten to enjoy this one.

Importance: Sacramento is in a mess of trouble right now. Poor play, questions about team management’s future, questions about the team’s viability in Sacramento … yeah, I’d say the Kings could use a night like this, regardless of its overall impact on the standings (or lack thereof).

Celebration: O.M.G. Watch Donte Greene‘s reaction on the Sacramento bench — he gets in a couple hops before the shot even went in! It’s like he has ESPN or something. Evans immediately hops onto the scorer’s table to take a much-deserved bow to the home crowd. What an ending.


5 Horrys. NBA, consider the bar officially raised for the rest of the season. You are going to have to really step up your game if you want to top this one. I’m talking Guilford College-level amazing if you want to beat it. An unbelievable ending, and a terrific night for the Kings in the midst of what has otherwise been a maddening and frustrating season.

What do you think?

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  1. awesomeman says:


  2. twentytwo says:

    What we watch the NBA for. 5/5. Incredible.

  3. jomar says:

    OJ Mayo took like 4 steps

  4. 60er01 says:

    1/5, cause big shot rob has hit em all in muuuuuuuuuch more important moments

    • Jake says:

      You’re stupid Horry never hit a shot as hard as that. The lowest you can rate it is 4 (althought I think its a five) because the game was between the Kings and Grizzlies.

    • Amarerox!!! says:

      uh dude wat r u on! u cant duplicate exact situation and we know it wasnt playoffs but seriously u think that shots a 1?! the only possible reason for that to be less than a 5 is that it wasnt a meaningful game (between 2 non-winning teams) but rly ur not a kings fan rite… uh huh sure

  5. amy says:

    Naww, 6/5

  6. dballes says:

    depends how many 5s you want out there. If that’s not, then this one was:

    1.5 seconds left, Detroit down 3, Denver ball.
    Rasheed Wallace steals the inbound pass a heaves it up from almost 3/4 court to send the game into overtime.

  7. WisdomofQ says:

    I give it 4 Horry’s becuase, while it was awesome, there is something to be said for coming up clutch in the playoffs. The same shot to win a playoff/finals game – 5 Horry’s no doubt.

  8. bubbachuck says:

    agree with this except Importance. I don’t think the amount of internal turmoil should be a factor. plus, if a garden-variety Grizzlies-Kings games gets 1 star for Importance, then what would a game 7 in the playoffs get for this shot??

  9. Anthony says:

    but you give ruby gay 4 stars???
    instead of measuring the difficulty try measuring the skill required, thats just a thrown up shot that requires no skill
    that was not clutch at all
    it was one of those shots thats great to look at but ultimately not clutch
    and you know he’s not clutch because a couple nights ago he missed a FREE THROW for the game

    • awesomeman says:

      it doesnt matter if Tyreke in particular is clutch, just this shot. half court shots are possible to make continuously, but with 1.8 or so seconds left they had to get up a shot. they gave the ball to tyreke, he concentrated on his timing, threw it up and made it in. I agree, its more of an amazing shot rather than clutch, but still amazing.

  10. Corey says:

    I count five steps by Mayo, what a miss call.

  11. Spirituball says:

    This may come as a shock to some of you, the author included, but Tyreke’s GWBB is NOT worth 5 Horry’s. It is a four, or four and a half at best. Here’s why…….

    Using the Horry factors of difficulty, situation, importance, and celebration they all garner perfect scores except for one: IMPORTANCE. In Micah’s own words for judging importance – playoff game v garden variety nets/clippers – this game would rank even lower than nets/clippers. its the KINGS….the WORST team in the league, not only is it NOT a playoff game but they’re not even playing for playoff position. This one game just may leave the grizzlies a half game out of 8th after 82 games…but I doubt it. 8th is going to be a 3-way battle between portland, houston, and phoenix. So again, in terms of how it effects their season, this game is of NO importance. Now we can play up the uncertainty of the kings future and say this shot had some comforting attributes for the fans but let’s be honest it’s not going to change any decision the front office is going to make or are in the process of making about it’s management and coaching. These decisions do not hinge on a single miracle shot, but rather long term productivity. That shot did not change a thing in that regard. so again, NO IMPORTANCE. And imagine if it had been a clippers/nets game and griffin made the shot, it would be more important cause it would continue to make the case for BG as ROY. So, without the importance of the game winner actually meaning something to anyone (except maybe reke and his ego), it cant be a 5. I say it could be 4 1/2 cause it does have some meaning to the fans but it’s really only superficial satisfaction that lasts only as long as the moment itself, for the next day they are still KINGS fans. Fans of a crappy team. A team that by all means should be better than what they are (reigning ROY, promising new big man).

    The other problem with giving this shot a five is you’re saying that no other shot can top that, it can only be as good. what about phx being a half game out of 8th on the last game of the reg season and nash chucks up a mid court heave for the win? does that game not rank higher in terms of importance than the kings doing the same thing only 30 games into the season? seriously micah, I hope you read these comments cause you cant just blindly give it a horry rank of five, cause it was an awesome shot, but there are so many other factors that can raise the importance. And dont give me that crap about it being important to them given their situation, there has to be some standardized form of importance that can be graded just like how you grade difficulty. And that’s by asking what does that shot mean for their season. in this case….ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

    Oh, and BTW, Mayo did NOT travel, watch it again guys, there was one final dribble as he split the defenders and then took two steps, albeit two very large steps, but only two steps nonetheless.

  12. Rick says:

    O.J. Mayo took 2 dribbles, and 2 steps after the last dribble. Not a travel.

    It was a lot more legal than 90% of the fast break lay-ups / dunks.

  13. Jeremy says:

    Not to be nitpicky, but it actually was 55 feet instead of 50.

  14. tommyb says:

    I cannot even begin to tell you how annoyed this article has made me. I live in Sacramento, and i know just how bad something like this was needed for the kings. Great shot…one of the best of the year, Similar to Devin Harris’s last year. But where does a tough game winning shot get compared to Robert Horry. Robert horry hit game clinching shots every series of the playoffs during the LA Threepeat. If your talking about the famous game 4 shot vs the kings western conf finals…than tyrekes shot is not even worth 1 horry. There is no way to compare a team with 6 wins halfway through the season stealing a game with as buzzer beater, to a legendary all tiem clutch playoff shooter.

  15. royalfan says:

    ALL NET!!!

  16. Mark says:


  17. Benny says:

    Notice how OJ Mayos shot went in with 2.0 not 1.5 just like pierces shot was called for .4 when replays clearly showed it was .7.

  18. paul says:

    the fact that mayo hit a potential game winner and closed the sac-town fan hopes made it all that much greater as tyreke evans steals it back with a half court buzzer beater,and the explosion of the crowd ,left a statement this is our home!

  19. yamabara says:

    Um, it was a great shot, but you can’t rate a kings player on an horry scale! If you knew anything about the history of the team you’d know the last thing any kings player wants to be compared to is robert horry, the cheatin’ nancy.

  20. sin says:

    Amazing shot, but ultimately a prayer. OJ Mayo took two dribbles, a step with the left foot, a step with the right foot and another step with the left foot. That is a blatant travel, although it happens about 10 times per game in the NBA, double if Lebron James is playing.

  21. taytum says:

    4 horrys. i love horry and the kings, but definitely 4. the game wasn’t a playoff game or against a team that is a contender, so it was not as important as some of the ones that horry have put in. i’m still rooting for u, tho, kings! turn it around!

  22. tyreke lucky shot says:

    Dam what a shot dam i feel good for you king fans u guys barely win but when you win its just in such fun gamexs.And also the memphis have had two buzzer beaters both by Rudy and one from Oj Mayo if the kins would of had not being lucky. So finally rudy Tyreke has shown how it feals to lose with a buzzer beater.

  23. Cynic says:

    Is anyone else utterly pissed off the author rated Tyreke on the HORRY scale? Do you even realize how ironic…no…WRONG that is? You realize Horry crushed my Kings with that shot? F this article.

  24. Bryce Wesley says:

    ya know people are saying Robert Horry Hit it at important times and this shot is only a 3. This Win could be the difference Between Making the playoffs and not just sayin

  25. alex says:

    lets see:

    NBA: where amazing happens.

    mhm….. thats was amazing…. enough is said.

    i am not sure if that was a travel. there is a split second where i think he has the ball in his left hand then goes to his right does the doble step and shot goes. not sure.

    still crazy shot. i would give it a 4 for something thats been said enough: regular season not that important. besides the kings are not going to the playoffs. they are already out lol. if they were in the fight for the 8th position, you could reconsider, but they are last.

    still: where amazing happens.

  26. Andrew S says:

    Not a travel by Mayo, watch it more than once and it’s an easy call (or no-call). Also, if you give it a 5, then you equate it with the greatest game winners of all time. So it’s a 3.

  27. Jake says:

    am i the only one who knows that horry had two gwbbs? one came against indy in the 03 regular season on a similar play to divac’s by jermaine o’neal.

    either way, this is definitely a 5. the celebration was amazing, also the double clutch.

  28. Kestas says:

    I think Kings had it won due to travel by Mayo.. At least they’d have it won if that was a FIBA (say, Euroleague) game, because the team would certainly file a complaint and the the Mayo’s shot would be rejected. Doubt if these thing can happen in NBA. Here refs never make mistakes and if they do, they will give you a technical for noticing. This shot, however, was great. I think the chances for Kings to win on such a shot were no more than 1-2%, so this was very lucky.

  29. VIc says:

    Being a die hard Kings fan for many years now, I believe it’s disrespectful for us to receive an award named after the one man that stood in between Sacramento and an NBA championship.

  30. tj says:

    too bad sacramento still sucks

  31. ytsur says:

    in my opinion it is 4….because the no 5 has been done…,just ask mr jerry west..and that game was in the finals…its just a season and both of this teams could not reach.500..

  32. ytsur says:

    and don forget the the devin harris shot was way better because you got andre igoudala in his face…it only deserves a 4

  33. Lickety Split says:

    Those are prayer shots. Not trying to take away any of his glory for making it! I’m more impressed by those last second shots that are not considered lucky, or on a prayer. Now Derek Fisher’s shot with 0.4 seconds! Now that was impressive!

  34. wade rocks says:

    oj mayo took two driiblles two steps jumped on to the other foot and then shot it

  35. Nancy says:

    Nevermind the irony of any Kings player being ranked on the “Horry Scale”……

    But I was there. Quibble if you must about 4 or 5 Horrys. Or if there should be any at all. I really don’t care.

    I just know that as a long time Kings fan who has watched game winning buzzer beaters (including the infamous Horry shot) go AGAINST us so many times….. This was simply a wonder to behold.

    I turned to my husband as we waited for the officials to review the shot and said “If Horry’s shot was good…THIS one was good!”. It was awesome to see Gavin raise his hands in victory before the official announcement that “the ruling on the court stands”.

    We know how the rest of the league sees us. We know that so many of you like to joke about us. “Sokay. Whatever makes you feel better. But we are true and loyal fans to our team. We’ve won. We’ve lost. We’ll win again. We’ll lose again. But we keep showing up to support our team. We bleed purple and black. And when we win after so many hard losses…. we celebrate.

    Dismiss it as a prayer shot. That’s fine. You feel better and it doesn’t change the outcome. And the fact is, it WAS. Tyreke said that all he thought of as he shot it was “please go in”. Does a prayer shot get fewer points on the board? No. Does a prayer shot look less spectacular? No. And as I recall…. in the history of sports…. those “prayer shots”, or Hail Mary’s… seem to go down in sports history. So… dismiss it as such if you feel you must. It’s ok with us.

    But I was there. Being “there” when “amazing happens” is an awesome thing. I was there when Tyreke went 20-5-5 too. Also awesome. I was also at Candlestick for Game Three in ’89, but that was a different kind of awesome sports history.

    Which brings me to my other point, sports fans…. I’ve been a lifelong SF Giants fan. We didn’t win the series in ’89. We have been tortured by heartbreaking losses (at the end or all season). I plan on taking a trip downtown this week when the World Champion Giants bring their World Series trophy to town for a visit.

    The Kings will win again. The Kings will be in the playoffs again. And someday… The Kings will be NBA Champs.

  36. Hindu-Dini says:

    Am I the only one who thinks Mayo’s shot was frickin awesome?!?!? Lets face it… the game winner was a half court lob in the “general direction” of the basket, but OJ’s shot was amazing!

    And he didnt travel. He dribbled, then cradled it in one hand, then held it with two hands as he took two steps into his off balance j…… just awesome…..

  37. sg says:

    if you are going to judge a shot by the horry grading system …. then you cant really go past Derek Fisher 0.4 against the spurs (robert horry playing for the spurs in that game) in the 2004 playoffs.

    Duncan makes a crazy fade away of the wrong leg and spurs think they have won the game. Then fisher turn catch and shoot all in 1 motion to win the game.

    Now that was a playoff game on the road and the team is down by 1 and celebrated by running straight to the locker room.
    Also the look on Bruce Bowens face when that shot went it …… priceless

    But take nothing away from this shot …. who cares about the situation or the game … it was a crazy shot