Counting down to a suspension

by Micah Hart

If you are an NBA fan (as I’ll assume you are if you are reading this post), you are presumably somewhat aware of the NBA’s technical foul policy; i.e., after a player receives his 16th technical violation of the season he is subject to a one-game suspension, and then again for every two after that.

Generally speaking it is rare for anyone to earn a suspension, but with the NBA cracking down on players complaining to the officials this year it seems like we may see a few guys brush up against earning a forced vacation.

The leader in the clubhouse as we turn the calendar over to 2011 is Orlando’s Dwight Howard, who despite his sunny disposition has been racking up technicals like so many double-doubles. To keep track of his technical proficiency, the folks at Magic Basketball Online have started the Dwight Tech Watch:

Date Opponent Result Pts/Reb Tech Count
29-Oct Miami Heat L 19-7 1
3-Nov Minnesota Timberwolves W 18-16 2 Rescinded
8-Nov Atlanta Hawks W 27-11 2
10-Nov Utah Jazz L 14-9 3
12-Nov Toronto Raptors L 25-8 4
20-Nov Indiana Pacers (Away) W 25-12 5 Rescinded
22-Nov San Antonio Spurs (Away) L 26-18 5
27-Nov Washington Wizards (Away) W 32-11 6
14-Dec Denver Nuggets (Away) L 21-14 7
20-Dec Atlanta Hawks (Away) L 19-20 8
23-Dec San Antonio Spurs W 29-14 9
25-Dec Boston Celtics W 6-11 10
27-Dec New Jersey Nets (Away) W 19-13 11
30-Dec New York Knicks W 24-18 12 Rescinded

Dwight currently sits at 11 techs through 33 games. At his current pace (my basic math skills tell me he’s at one T every three games), Howard will earn a suspension somewhere around the end of this month — barely past the halfway point of the season.

It will be interesting to see if Howard is able to contain himself the rest of the season to avoid reaching the (no pun intended) magic number.

If he’s looking to deal with anger issues, I’ve got a suggestion that just might work.

H/T BQRMagic

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  1. kate says:

    come on, don’t you find it just a little odd that such an easy going guy gets all the t calls, year after year? I have seen some pretty rough talking to refs by other players and nothing happens. It is such a shame that someone or some organization does not want the magic to do well. really pitiful. Guess it is just too impossible to let this team have any glory, from the NBA, the refs, the commentators. all bullies. yep all bullies. just like picking on the nice kid in school. You all let Lebron get away with everything for years and now slightly, it comes out. Can’t imagine what Dwight would lhave had said about him if he quit playing in the conference finals like some one else did.

  2. kate says:

    you know, even the title of this article is written with the intent that he WILL make 16 techs soon. Shouldn’t it question why this happens so much to this ONE person?

    • Alex says:

      The magic don’t do well, cos they don’t do well, that’s all. And howard may seem very easy-going, but he’s begging for those techs. easy as that. He’s not the best basketballplayer, so he tries to make that up with muscles, and sometimes his pushing and shoving is too much, especially if he can’t take some himself…
      I think he’s a wonderful guy, not as good as everybody wants him to be though!

  3. aDA says:

    Dammmnnnn datz O.D.(lol), But Dewight Howard needs to step his game upp. I want him to start makin more point for his as the leader N stop gettin so much technical fouls cuz all dat iz nt neccassary. I’m a Magic fan and i hope that they make playoffs and hopefully the finals So Let’s Go Dewight And The Rest Of The Team!(LML)

  4. magic says:

    You’re right kate. Clearly the league is conspiring to hold back the Magic. The NBA is a big playground, and the big kids are picking on poor Dwight. I can just see the anticipation on the ref’s faces before every Magic game- they just can’t wait to slap poor Dwight with a t, and keep the Magic from succeeding. Or, maybe he just whines a ton.

  5. dh12introuble says:

    So what if he gets a one game suspension, then it takes 16 more techs to earn him anotehr one so he would probably get only like 2 game suspensions per the season or am i wrong?

  6. Raff says:

    Honestly I think the new tech enforcement is some bull**** if you’ve played basketball you’re gonna get intense and when you’re intense you don’t have time to reign yourself in when a Ref makes a call you don’t agree with. The new rules pretty much force players to try and reign themselves in, guys who you’ll see get hit with a lotta techs? anybody who hates losing. Dwight Howard gets frustrated easily thus his large tech count, Kobe has been getting quite a few techs too I’d expect Kendrick Perkins on his return to be racking them up too. David Stern should be grateful Sheed retired already, he’d probably long pass the 16 by now.

  7. kobefan24 says:

    lol this kid is funny