Last night in a … glimpse

by Micah Hart

The Clippers got off to a terrible start this season, losing 13 of their first 14 games. Bad as they were, even then I remember watching them and thinking, this team is going to end up making some noise at some point. Maybe that’s me being blinded by the light that is Blake Griffin, but I thought it nonetheless.

After Wednesday night’s 111-105 victory over the Heat, snapping Miami’s nine-game win streak in the process, the noise is beginning to increase in volume. LAC has now won eight of 11, and though they are probably still too far back in the Western Conference to qualify for the postseason, (our own John Schuhmann noted they’d need to go 28-17 the rest of the way just to finish the season at .500), they just may have the talent to make it interesting.

Led by High Griffinition, it’s possible the Clippers could make a Thunder-like leap in the standings in the not-too-distant future.

Which probably means the Mayans are correct about 2012.

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