Chris Bosh sprains ankle, worsens health by shoving foot in mouth

by Micah Hart

Chris Bosh had a rough start to the season. With Miami struggling out of the gate, a lot of the agitas was thrown his way, with people claiming he wasn’t as good as the other members of the SuperFriends, that he was soft, and that he couldn’t handle the increased pressure of performing in the spotlight.

Most of that was forgotten as the Heat shrugged off their mediocre 9-8 start by winning 21 of the next 22 games, and Bosh, by averaging 18.6 ppg and 8.2 rebounds, answered those criticisms.

Well, two of the three anyway.

Bosh is taking heat today for his postgame comments after Saturday night’s 99-96 loss to the Bulls in Chicago, a game in which Bosh appeared to hurt his ankle after Chicago’s Omer Asik accidentally rolled onto his leg chasing after a loose ball.

According to ESPN’s Brian Windhorst, Bosh didn’t take too kindly to Asik’s tenacity:

“C’mon, that is how guys get hurt, that is how serious injuries happen. You’ve got to watch people’s legs. I know guys want to hustle and everything but we all want to play and provide for our families and have a job. …We all want to be healthy and that is very important. If it is by somebody’s leg, don’t dive for the ball, it’s too close.”

Needless to say, this has caused quite a bit of snickering on the Interwebs, with our own John Schuhmann leading the charge on Twitter:

@johnschuhmann “If it’s flu season, don’t defend me too tightly. That’s how germs are spread.” #chrisboshquotes

@johnschuhmann “If you cut back door, I might hurt my neck. That is how guys get hurt.” #chrisboshquotes

@johnschuhmann “If you might accidentally poke me in the eye, don’t try to block my shot. That’s how injuries happen.” #chrisboshquotes

Pretty funny stuff. By the way, here is the play in question — you be the judge if Asik is playing dirty or not:

I dunno — I understand Bosh wanting players to take care not to injure each other, but seems to me that diving after loose balls is what often separates winning from losing, or at least that’s what I’ve been led to believe by every single postgame press conference ever ever.

I don’t really think Bosh means to imply that players shouldn’t hustle for loose balls, and I am sure he’ll spin a different story when he is inevitably asked to comment on his comments in the next day or so. But it made for a few good chuckles on a basketball-lite Sunday, so as far as I’m concerned, it’s all good.

What do you think? Was Asik’s play fair or foul?

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  1. Jordan says:

    … And these excuses are why Bosh still doesn’t have a ring.

    • Montel says:

      Are you serious ? Do you think he could have won a ring with the Raptors ?

      • ARH says:

        Look at the Cavs without Lebron, they’re at the bottom of the league. When they had Lebron they were at the top. It means Lebron was pretty much doing all of that 60 wins on his own. Its because of excuses like this why Bosh couldnt do Toronto what Lebron did with Clevland. Bosh is too soft, thats why he sucks now.

        LETS GO CELTICS!!!

        The Truth owns you LeBum.

      • Jake says:

        @ARH From a frivolous point of view your logic may have velidity to it, however if you don’t just cursorily look it over you’d see that the cavs were setup for a ballhandler who can slash and force help. As most of their players are all spot up shooters, so lebrons type of style fit perfectly with the team. Take that type of player out and now they don’t have a single player like lebron and what happens to all those spot up shooters? well they’re basically useless.

      • NiX says:

        thank god he did not pick knicks.

    • wat says:

      bosh played in toronto which is why he doesnt have a ring

      • Charbo says:

        im a big fan of paul pierce but he lost his nickname due to all his acting on the court and thats the truth

      • Elvon says:

        Toronto is not the problem. Good city great market and money, they just keep getting selfish baby-back B$^%& “stars” like vince carter, tracy mcgrady, and of course chris bosh. All these guys can talk about is how they need a ring and they need to go somewhere else to do it. I call bull on that because esspecially with bosh they tried so many combos of players around him plus coaches and nothing, so ergo not the city or team just an over-rated player that thinks he is as important as a Lebron or Kobe Bryant.

    • Noob says:

      Well, i agree with bosh.. Omer basically tried to go right through his leg to get the ball….

      • MJBethancourt says:

        then you are blind
        Bosh is standing around in the way while everyone is trying to get a loose ball, and he clumsily stepped in front of a guy who was ALREADY in a dive. Bosh is the problem on that play: if you’re already in motion and somebody steps in your way, it is their fault. Bosh is being a baby brat.

      • brad says:

        look at the last seconds of the play before bosh gets hit. omar doesnt look to see if bosh is there and bosh takes a step forwrd after omar is already in a diving position. so if you wanna place blame blame bosh for stepping toward the ball as well.

      • are you stupid? says:

        you indeed are a noob. the video is clear, asik’s play is entirely fair, it was a collision accident due to tenacious hustle play. it wasn’t even a bump, it was just a nudge. sometimes this so-called stars acts like they are some untouchable VIP or something.

        if bosh dont want that, he should play chess instead

      • NoobIsDumb says:

        Wow Noob, do you watch any basketball at all? Or any sports for that matter? This is not an odd event. Albeit with the WHINING from Bosh.

      • areyoublind? says:

        Clearly, Omer Asik was already in the motion of diving for the ball, and Bosh’s leg just ran right into Omer Asik. As 30seconds on that video, Omer Asik is already in the diving motion, is Bosh’s leg there yet? don’t think so

      • Charbo says:

        c’mon I dont think omer did it on purpose but he wasn’t going to get that loose ball anyway if bosh wasn’t there so there was no reason to dive but i guess he was trying to impress his coaches and show some hustle

      • drose4mvp says:

        you are an idiot. if bosh would have dove for that ball like you’re supposed to, he wouldnt have gotten hurt. this is a basketball game, sheeks just hustling for a loose ball, something bosh appears to be too good to do. this is the nba, not euro league.

      • Funny Video says:

        haha Love all the comments on this one! Im not saying anyones write or wrong, though i am gonna side with Noob and Bosh on this one =) I think Bosh is all for hustle plays but theres a difference between hustle and just plain stupidity…

        Bosh was close enough to the ball to get it, he moved towards it and got hit/injured.
        Asik Didnt have a chance of geting the ball but dived anyways. with out looking around… i obviously dont think he meant to hurt bosh but it still was a silly play. Hes lucky he didnt cop an elbow to the head or something..

        I mean if u think about what he did, in any part of the game or any sport… A person sees the ball, doesnt have a chance of getting it but still goes head first for it with out looking around?? Thats definately stupidity. It would be the same scenario as Bosh being in position for a rebound and jumping for it, with Asik only looking at the ball (when its out of reach) and just leaping for it and taking out Boshs legs… Would that be called hustle?

        Just my opinion neways…

      • bulls says:

        no he did not…look at the play, he was on the floor when bosh put his leg in the way to cut him off. he is a bum (just face it)

    • FroGi says:

      Bosh is ether to lazy or he feels to big of a superstar to hustle for the ball like Omer did he just slowly bands down like some oldie.
      And if he would dive for the ball like Omer then no injury would occur.
      Any ways great game Bulls.

      • Cee says:

        Well Bosh may hava point there… if you review the video above, @00:30 Bosh already touched the ball and @ 00:32, Asik continuously went for the ball (which is not already within his reach).. I may not be a Bosh fan but I think he implies that one should THINK before jumping into any loose ball.. and to THINK if anyone might get hurt… which not just preventing a loose ball hustle but being careful..
        @ FroGi..
        if Bosh is lazy.. he wouldn’t be in that situation where he gets bumped by Asik in the first place …you might have to THINK on that one before commenting…
        @are you stupid?
        yeah fair play.. but would it be fair that they both jumped on the ball and only one gets hurt?.. and to review the video.. Asik should not be diving in the first place.. the ball is way beyond his reach.. (not thinking there if his hussle is worth it or it just be a useless one which someone might get hurt).. if that happned the other way around where a nobody bumps Rose.. would you say the same?

      • are you stupid? says:

        @Cee – yes i can say the same, as im not a DRose fan or speaking in defence of anyone. This is Basketball and things like these, even worse happens. These things happens without intent but due to plain tenacity and instincts. Have you ever watch Dennis Rodman play before? Or Ben Wallace at least? these guys are best known defensive players and are willing to die for the ball. They dive and jump for the ball even though the chance of getting it is very low, but still you would love them for their passion and doing everything to win. As per Omer’s, I could say that it’s his instinct that drove him for that action. To follow and try to get that loose ball. If you always worry about people around you or afraid that you might get hurt or somebody by accident, then how would you hustle for the ball? By clearing everyone before diving? I dont think that would happen. If Bosh played with the old NBA days (Bill Laimbeer, Dennis Rodman, NYK), then he might whine every time… As I’ve said, he should play chess or checkers instead, that way he will surely won’t get hurt. ^_^

    • BLM73 says:

      LOL – the Toronto Raptors are why Bosh doesn’t have a Ring.

    • yossi says:

      lol u sware as if u where in the nba u would have one

  2. stuey says:

    ok this is stupid bosh. if you look at the play Bosh moves his leg in front of omer after omer had already dived for the ball. hustling is part of the game

  3. Frank says:

    Bosh should just be glad he’s not playing the Pistons of the 80’s or Knicks of the 90’s. He might have filed a law suit.

  4. Paysense says:

    . . . And excuses is why the Heat won’t have any rings this decade.

  5. John Mangee says:

    I guess this is what happens when you play alongside LeBron. When you learn that it’s OK to be a softie, you start whining about your opponents making hustle plays to win ball games! This Miami Heat team is nothing but a joke. I don’t care what their record is. D-Wade isn’t a softie in my book, ’cause at least he has a ring. But as for Lebron & Bosh? D-I-V-A-S!

    • MJBethancourt says:

      Bingo: put Bosh and LeBron together, and you’ve got “Team Princess”… it’s almost like Bosh is channelling King Crab Dribble on this one.

    • Al says:

      its easy to call him a softie but if youve ever played sports before and been injured because someone else was going abit too far you would know what he is going on about. Even though this incident didnt look like it was that bad, I think players should be atleast abit mindfull of where theyre throwing their bodies and arms around, because Bosh is right, it can seriously injure people. I must be one of the few people who actually agree with him. Then again maybe Im one of the few who has actually experienced what hes talking about.

      • MJBethancourt says:

        Yeah, whatever Al, you’re the only person in the world that understands that sports can lead to accidental injuries… you and Bosh.

      • don says:

        An injury is an injury… I didn’t see anything intentional out of Asik… I think Chris may be a little frustrated with the way his team is losing and his comments about this incident reflect that… Unfortunately, this is a contact sport and people do get hurt… Take care! Please! But this statement sounds more like frustration then a shot at Asik for intentionally trying to hurt his leg…
        On to another point. Bosh is not to soft! He isn’t playing with the same intensity that he did when he was in Toronto… He still hasn’t found his place as a leader on this team… The dynamics are different… Once he actually does realize his orgnizational influence on this team, every level of his game will improve… He is very basketball SMART!!! These three men are young guys that are betting everything on their future… And I don’t see failure as an option for them… Does anyone?

      • NC says:

        Then what about Bogut? The man got injured badly, but once returned he still isn’t afraid to throw it down… Blake Griffin for instance, been injured for a year, but still that did not change his style of play. I guess they are just some whom are man enough to play the game…

        Bosh could’ve suit up with WNBA, he’ll be well protected there

    • JNT says:

      How is Lebron soft that make no sense at all. You are going to have to explain that one to me.

  6. brich says:

    bosh doesnt have a ring because he played in toronto lol

  7. Nicolas says:

    It’s me or Asik was diving even BEFORE Bosh did put his leg down … You shouldn’t put your leg under someone that is diving for a hustle play you should dive yourself instead, THAT is how people get hurt

  8. Mavfan14 says:

    Injuries are part of the game Mr.Bosh, if u cant handle that i wonder why u play PF down in the post.

  9. thomas says:

    Bosh was just frustrated when he made that comment,i dont take anything away from him.

  10. keloteb says:

    “… And these excuses are why Bosh still doesn’t have a ring”


    bosh and james complain about everything, they should learn some things from his teammate wade, the true star of the heat. He doesnt choke when it matters the most and is far more skilled than those two

    • no says:

      I don’t know about choking, but LeBron is far more skilled than wade, he’s freaking 6 8 and yet handles the ball better than wade, plus lebron is a better shooter than wade

  11. Joe says:

    I understand that it is frustrating when an injury occurs. However, if Bosh just dove for the ball like what Omer did, then his ankles would have never been there for Asik to roll on.

    Getting injured because of a dirty play is definitely frustrating. But, this was not one of them.

  12. jhonatan Alcala says:

    Chris Bosh a bum him and the other 2 loser they will never be better than kobe

  13. smittal13 says:

    so lemme get this straight. omer asik is trying to get the ball, he accidentally crashes into bosh, and bosh complains? bosh needs to put his “big boy pants” on and stop complaining

  14. MJBethancourt says:

    Hey Bosh, here’s how the play looks to me:
    “Soft guys should really be careful stooping-over to make a weak, gator-armed reach at a loose ball that everyone else is diving for… that’s how guys get injured”.

    Seriously, Chris; it looks an awful lot like you’re just dawdling and loafing around in a daydream while everyone else is diving for a loose ball. If that’s how you’re going to play, then it’s your responsibility to get out of the way and let the big kids play ball… in fact, just get off the court, you’re gonna get hurt playing like that.

    There’s nothing even 0.001%-remotely “dirty” about Asik making a move to get a loose ball. Bosh has just made himself look very silly. I’m very curious who these people are, who think Asik did something “dirty”. If you’re one of these people, you probably have no business at all watching competitive sports.

    • Bulls23 says:


    • Fastbreak says:

      It was a frustration comment, but it was right. This “hustle” play both guys on the bulls team that took dives didn’t even get a hand on the ball. Hustle? Taking a stupid dive while you have the lead in a regular season game is no hustling. It was a bad decision and could of resulted in some very bad consequences, and for what? I understand when guys dive like crazy in playoff games, but I’m sorry this was a regular seasons game and they had a 5 point lead at home against the Heat w/o James.

      According to most comments here I guess Bosh should of jumped head first for this ball, instead of just taking a step to easily grab it while people are diving like crazy for it? There are situations and times when diving for a ball is a good and justified decision, even during the regular season. This wasn’t one of them. Stop hating on Heat/Bosh just to hate.

      • Gizthewiz says:

        Fastbreak, you are a clown. You try to win games no matter what. Five point leads are NOTHING in the NBA. Watch
        games where teams lose while being up ten with less than a minute to play and tell me you do not hustle at ALL TIMES.

      • MJBethancourt says:

        Dude, you’re supposed to play hard all the time, every night… that’s why they get paid the big bucks, son.

        Bosh’s complaint, which you are supporting, is that other people shouldn’t play hard around him, if he doesn’t feel like playing hard, ’cause he might get hurt. Well, if Bosh’s head isn’t in the game at all times, and he feels like “coasting” in a close game with a likely playoff rival, that is his problem and no one else’s, nobody else should have to “go easy on him” because he doesn’t feel like hustling.

        …and you don’t know what you are talking about: I’ve seen 5 point leads disappear in the final 3 seconds of a game, that is not a commanding lead by any stretch of the imagination.

        Go watch some youth soccer league where they don’t keep score and kids get pulled out of the game if they net a goal, because competitive sport is obviously not suited to your tastes.

      • MJBethancourt says:

        Seriously, Fastbreak? You think a player has to “justify” diving for a loose ball?
        You’ve been watching too much “Princess Ball” if you think like that; this is how the Heat are ruining basketball, with diva nonsense.

      • bents27 says:

        look at the video…bish never grab the ball him self. he missed it the got hit in the leg. when do u never dive in basketball. kide learn the in grade school.

    • MauMau says:

      Asik is not dirty – just clumsy … Bosh was owning the 3rd quarter of this game for the Heat until be got steamrolled by the big, clumsy oaf – sorry siding with Bosh

  15. Pablo says:

    Asik actually apologized by way of high-fiving bosh… and bosh accepted it. i dont understand why bosh would whine :/

  16. FroGi says:

    OH and one more thin. Nice behavior of Omer asking if Bosh is alright.

  17. Jon says:

    LOL honestly. With this type of logic, why even play the game? Too much risk for injury. PART OF THE GAME

  18. bk204 says:

    ok here is how it goes – Omer is what we call a CLUTZ and Bosh should either recognize that and be more athletic or let the ball go and Jum p OVER him, or take a foul for landing on him.

    I have seen many injuries happen where people dive and they had no body control, much like Omer lacked. He plays like a freight train.

    No finesse in that move, already stumbling and making a last move for the ball where I AM SURE HE SAW BOSH WITH HIS PERIPHERAL VISON and clutzing it up.
    Having said that, Bosh shpuld understand media a bit better and guard his comments – I’m sure alot of players and fans who used to play would have sympathized ith that.

    Every player in his locker room should have just gone old school and pounded OMER back the rest of teh game to teach the clutz a lesson about watching yourself.

    Get it real people / go through that injury yourselves once or twice in a life, or EVEN A SEASON and see how hard you want to hate on Bosh.

    The boy shoulda kept that comment int eh locker room and Wade and Bron shoulda sent a message to Omer the Clutz.
    Critize Bosh for his comment but I guarantee all of you would feel the same EVEN IF IT WAS JUST A PICK UP GAME were it to happen to you.

    • MJBethancourt says:

      everything you just typed is completely wrong, especially your last bit about pickup games, which you have obviously never played. Omer is not some out of control klutz on that play, you do not know what you are talking about. Nobody did anything wrong on that play, and Bosh could have avoided the injury if he were more aware, instead of making a late and half-ar$ed attempt at the ball. It’s a loose ball, there’s always a scramble and crowd around a loose ball, that’s basketball, that’s how it’s supposed to be. Bosh probably really understands this, but popped off anyway because he is a spoiled Diva who thinks there should be different rules for his opponents… apparently the other team is supposed to accept a handicap and yield all loose balls if Bosh happens to be loafing in the vicinity.

      • MJBethancourt says:

        … and your suggestion that Asik should be physically disciplined by Bosh’s teammates is positively outrageous. You seriously think a team should get petulant and malicious over a clean hustle play? With that kind of attitude, you would get yourself beat up pretty fast in a pickup game: answering competitive hustle play with dirty play is disgusting, and anybody who engages in it, deserves all the worst consequences.

  19. T-mo says:

    I’m pretty sure Bosh is just not looking for another incident where he is put off the court because of little things. I admit, he is a little weak from the chest down, but ya he injures his ankles and knees every year and is just looking to keep people away from his frailty so he can play all season. Funny quotes by Schuhmman

  20. Daver says:

    What a spoiled princess, it’s a good thing he doesn’t play for Jerry Sloan. Maybe he should get fitted for hockey equipment, of course that would make it harder for him to skip up and down the floor!

  21. CelticsFan says:

    seems fine to me. just bosh being mad over nothing.. hes just trying to get the ball i dont even see how he would know bosh was there in the middle of everything.. its not like he wants to injure anyone.

  22. Rob says:

    Hey Bosh, this is the NBA, where amazing happens. “Amazing can happen any night”- D Rose on NBA TV commercial lol

  23. idris says:

    To Noob:

    Bosh stepped after Omer dived for the Ball.Please be objective.And watch the video carefully again if you hesitate.
    Indeed they are looking after their families.But this must not be whining excuse.’Cause of a certain reason he is unhappy ı think.And Made this statement.

  24. jinsongo says:

    Bosh is overrated. He is nothing compared to the super stars in the power forward position: Duncan, Garnet, Nowitzki, Gasol. He isn’t nearly as good as what Chris Webber used to be.

  25. Go Magic says:

    lol the heat dont need bosh anyway, he sucks

    • LakerGirl4Ever says:

      They really do need him. The last few games have shown that this Heat team needs all their “Big 3” to play to be successful.

  26. Maverick says:

    Maybe if Bosh had dived for the ball himself, he wouldn’t have gotten hurt.

  27. i saw the above video about 20 times Asik did not do anything “dirty” he was just hustling for the ball as others were its not his fault Bosh is a big geaky kid that got in his way and infact i saw Bosh putting his leg under Asik as he was already on the floor diving for the ball.

    • Fastbreak says:

      Pleae stop calling this a hustle play. You need to at least get a hand on a freaking ball before you call it hustling. And as far as being a “princess” what sport do you play? Injuries are not fun, and this sport, as most others, is very demanding on the body.

      Do not call any professional athlete weak or fraile. These guys are tough, but a hit in the wrong spot will send anyone home. This isn’t just pointless bickering or complaining, a lot of stupid injuires happen. Given the guy obviously didn’t do it on purpose, its still frustrating when you think about the possiblities. What if he did mess up his leg and end his career, or put him out for the season? You ever think about situations from other peoples point of view or just your own?

      This type of stuff happens, lets say the game was tied with 20 seconds on the clock, you know I would understand and say “its part of the game.” This was a stupid play by the bulls, and two bad decision by two guys to dive and not even get close to the ball.

      • Giddy UP says:

        If Bosh was man enough to put his body on the line he would have gotten the ball or a foul. Weak big guys are a blight on the game. The coach should help him extend his shooting range so he can camp in the corner banking 3s. We wouldn’t want his to break a nail because french pedicures cost money and he needs to provide for his family.

      • MJBethancourt says:

        Since when do you get to define the word “hustle”, Fastbreak? Seems to me that just about everyone else disagrees with your definition.

      • Peter says:

        Are you kidding me?

        Have you ever watched a Boston game? These guys dive on the court for everything and anything – everyone from Rondo to Shaq. These guys come in their first game back from an injury and still have no hessitation diving for a ball.

        Injury is a risk in any sport – it can happen from people diving, it can happen from coming down awardly from a dunk (i.e. KG)…hell it can happen by getting hit in the nose by the ball.

        You look at guys like Dwayne Wade, KG, Kobe and these guys have taken serious injuries throughout their careers, but do you EVER hear the complain on a play like this? It’s a competitive sport – guys like Bosh are getting paid 50 MILLON to come to this team and do whatever it takes to win games – that includes hustling, battling, getting physical and doing anything you need to do to give yourself a chance to win a game.

        Hell, how many times has Shaq been hacked over his 18 or so year career? He’s a big guy and he knows he’s going to take the hits, but it takes it and plays on. That’s why Shaq is one of the most dominant centres of all time – do you think he wuld be who he has been if he decided (after taking a few hits) not to post up anymore?

        I’ve been injured playing basketball – hell I’m sure half the people commenting here have been injured playing sport. When you get injured (or near injured) because of a dirty play (someone intentionally fouls with no intention of going for the ball) then yes it makes you angry. Getting pushed aggressively mid-air, getting elbowed to the head, getting grabbed by your jersey and thrown to the floor..these are all dirty plays that would anger anyone.

        But…when you get hurt by someone who was clearly not intending to hurt you, and was clearly trying to get to the ball and you just happened to get caught in the crossfire…it sux, but you live with it becuse you know it wasn’t intentional.

        That play was not even remotely dirty – that’s the same play that you’ll see in any intense game multiple times, this was simply a case where someone inadvertedly got hurt as a result of it.

        And also, saying it wasn’t hustle because he didnt touch the ball is rediculous. You don’t need to touch the ball to be hustling – hustle plays are any play where you put in a high degree of effort and potentially put your own body on the line for your team – it could be diving for a ball, getting in position to take a charge, jumping in traffic to grab for a rebound. Whether you get the ball or not is irrelevant, it’s the fact that you’re making the effort that counts.

        Hell, this is really not that different to the famous situation vs Orlando in the playoffs when Rondo dived below Jason Williams to grab that loose ball, then got the fast break layup. Same thing – J Williams was trying to reach down and run for the ball while Rondo just straight dived for it. That play was one for the showreels and used exhaustively as an example of great hussle – are you trying to tell me that if he DIDNT get the ball and Williams tripped on him that would be changed it from a great hussle play to a dirty play, even though he did nothing different?

        Like I’ve always said, Lebron and Bosh are too damn soft, and this is Miami’s biggest issue – Wade is a warrior who will do whatever it takes to win, but the other two…in the playoffs, this is often the difference between ‘win’ and ‘go home’.

        Anyone noticed that the only guys complaining about it are Miami fanboys?

      • Greg says:

        wow, you must be one of the biggest idiots in basketball i’ve ever seen *over the internet*. seriously, how is this not a hustle play. hustle: to proceed or work rapidly or energetically. these guys worked rapidly: getting on the floor in split seconds time. and energetically: these guys play their hardest. seriously, what are you gonna do, stand there and wait for the ball to come to you??? HECK NO! you rush for that ball like a madman and get dirty. jesus, i hate all you heat fans trying to defend some easy play…

  28. Jack says:

    Bosh, I hear the WNBA needs a center, you might want to look into it.

  29. Big O says:

    I totally agree with Bosh.. though I don’t like his weak ass and soft plays at times … he was the first one to go for the ball. Omer only went for his leg with the pretense notion that he was going for the ball. watch the play again and make sure you watch the slow motion part of it

    • MJBethancourt says:

      You have it completely backwards. The other guys were scrambling for the ball, and the ball happened to bounce over to Bosh, who was not hustling or aware, and he made a late and abortive reach for it.

      We can easily tell who the Heat homers are, you all keep positing an alternate reality about the play, or try to make a case that other teams shouldn’t hustle because yours doesn’t.

  30. Bosh please be a man and grow up its the NBA!!!! If u can’t hack it sit your @ss down on the bench…………..
    Im sure if the Heat would have won last night he would have not complained………..what a looser!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Are u happy Bosh u cursed us and now Boozer is out for a couple of games………….. i hope u are happy u Looser u can’t hack it in the NBA, i agree with JACK above please go sign for a WNBA team u cry baby!!!!!!!!!!

  31. maddog says:

    If Bosh had been on the floor hustling like Asik was he wouldn’t have gotten hurt.

  32. I look at it as Bosh was in the way of a hustling player at the wrong time……I can understand where he’s coming from, he doesn’t want his ankle messed up but he doesn’t need to put the blame on Omer for just trying to do what NBA Players are so largely paid to do………So suck it up Bosh and play!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. bigtony68 says:

    Bosh is weak….just like the heat.

  34. rory says:

    bosh is probably the best handler of the press in the nba and has a great basketball ability but accidents happen if he’d have intentionally done it he would have a right to complain but he didn’t.

  35. sss says:

    Asik made a good hustle play and bosh stepped right into it, nobodies fault, and they even shook hands real quick. Nothing dirty here, although maybe Bosh’s comments were a bit silly, I can understand what he means, but he really needs to watch the tape, Asik didn’t do it on purpose. This is really tame compared to Kobe’s elbows, Bowen’s flying kick, or Ginobilli’s roundkick.

    • MJBethancourt says:

      Amen and Hallelujah

    • Greg says:

      dont forget raja’s clothelines, especially on kobe. xD

    • OK-Man says:

      …or Robert Horry’s hockey check on Steve Nash. Seems to me that guys like Nash,Kobe, D-Rose, (and many more) play with a lot more hustle and take it to the basket even though they know they’ll get hammered. And they don’t whine to the media after the game. Perhaps Bosh should be playing H-O-R-S-E instead of pretending to play PF.

  36. Desi says:

    Diving for the ball/hustling is part of the game period. It’s unfortunate that Bosh got hurt but that’s the nature of the game. These NBA players are all BIG boys, not lightweights so it’s unfair to ask or demand that these guys tippy-toe around each other.

    It’s done, water under the bridge, said in the heat of the moment (no pun intended) and it’s not worth a second thought after this in my humble opinion.

  37. Sharquay says:

    I love the comment, “I know guys want to hustle and everything but we all want to play and provide for our families and have a job”.
    Come on Chris, you just signed a 100+ million dollar deal. Even if you don’t play another game in your life, I am pretty sure you can provide for your family.
    + if he had of grabbed the ball instead of letting it go through his fingers it would have probably been called a foul, and Miami would of ended up with the ball, and I bet he wouldn’t be complaining then.

  38. alex says:

    well, at least this solves the mystery of why bosh is such a terrible rebounder/shot blocker/defender….he doesnt like to make bump anyone else near the ball…what a clown….how is he considere a superstar, he doesnt score enough to be a scoring forward (like barkley/malone etc) and rodman/oakley etc would eat him alive….they are paying max money to a journeyman…big three???? expect wade and jame to be top 5 in mvp voting….bosh???….not even top 50

  39. Cezaric says:

    He’s as soft as Scott’s tissue!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. Punkin says:

    Bosh is soft and a whiner!

    • myky says:

      why dont any of of u guys make it to the nba and then u could talk trash. and u call chris bosh a softy when he dunks over guys taller than him. HEAT RULE! CELTICS SUCK!

      • HabsRaps says:

        Sick of other posters saying “make it to the NBA and then talk trash” or “how good would you do against Bosh?”. Comments like that just make yourselves look foolish. The fans are the reason the “big boys” get paid what they do. We buy our own tickets, merchandise and pay for the channels to watch. We pay our money, we buy our opinions, therefore we’re allowed to talk. What’s the first ammendment again? Gimme a break.

      • The Truth says:

        Chris Bosh is a very fortunate man. Fortunate that D Wade and LeBron let him on their court. Bosh is wing forward and is mediocre in the post. 3 wings are 1 too many. Miami should trade HIM to Denver for Melo. I’d rather risk a Rent-A-Melo deal than hear his negativity when he could be losing nightly with some other team. Hey Chris, try some gratitude. There are quite a few true post players that would love to be in your position.

    • Ace41 says:

      Bosh could have hurt Omars ribs by moving his leg in his path, poor Omar is trying to make a living and bosh is out there trying to break his ribs. Shame on you Bosh

  41. Justin says:

    Clearly his eyes were on the ball and it was unintentional.

    It’s a heat of the moment play and is part and parcel of the game.

    Nothing against Bosh either. He’s just lashing out from frustration I think. I’d be surprised if he truly believed his own words to that extent.

  42. haters says:

    HAHAHAHA, all these haters scared of what the heat accomplished and will accomplish this season, just accept it, it will make the pain go away

    • MJBethancourt says:

      What are you talking about? Are you off your meds?

      • tata says:

        I love what the HEAT have done so far this season. In fact, I hope the LAKERS higher the 3-Me-Egos as a dance squad for this year’s championship parade. At least they can participate in one that way.

  43. Ryan says:

    lmao provide for our families and have a job, dude you make 50 million a year you could retire now and still be rich, you just want to have a reason to complain like lebron always does, first lebron said haywood tried to kill him, i think its rubbing off on you.

  44. theballerdude1 says:




  45. Mike says:

    Asik’s eyes were on the ball the entire time, it’s impossible to have a problem with that.

    • MJBethancourt says:


    • Funny Video says:

      Well actually thats where the problem occured… I dont think Asik meant to hurt Bosh, hes just a clutz. Imagine if everyone just looked at the ball and not other players… people would be running into each other constantly and hence the silly injuries

  46. Jose says:

    What a baby. Chris was standing in the way of real men at work. Sorry Chris you got in the way of heart and hustle.

  47. JASON COOPER says:


    • lol says:

      who? noah?lol.. bulls just got lucky dis lebron, no haslem and still bulls win by just 3. if ever mia-bulls im really bulls fans be ready coz mia will sweep u and be glad if d d.rose(the overrated one) and the bulls will get one lol.

    • who? noah?lol.. bulls just got lucky dis lebron, no haslem and still bulls win by just 3. if ever mia-bulls meet in playoffs .. bulls fans be ready coz mia will sweep u and be glad if d d.rose(the overrated one) and the bulls will get one .lol.if everyone in roster in mia wil be healthy miami will rape every team dey wil meet in playoffs be

      • Peter says:

        Heat fans really need to stop making excuses.

        Miami have had only two players miss a significant number of games due to injury – Haslem and Miller (29 games and 33 games respectively)..

        Other then that:
        – Lebron (2 games)
        – Wade (2 games)
        – Bosh (1 game)
        – Chalmers (6 games)
        – Joel Anthony (3 games)
        – Carlos Arroyo (1 game)

        And I don’t even know if the ones for Anthony, Arroyo and Chalmers were even injury related to begin with.

        Boston have had three critical players (Shaq, Rondo, Garnett) who have all missed 9 or more games due to injury. They also have another starter (Perkins) who has missed the entire season, and another two key players (J-Oneak, West) who have missed more then half the season.

        On top of all this, Miami have only really had two key guys out at a time – when Lebron has been out, Wade and Bosh have been there, etc. Boston have constantly had 4 – 5 key guys out of the lineup at the same time and still found ways to win…Boston are still at first place in the east and have been for almost the entire season.

        It’s not because teams feel sorry for them and play soft against them, it’s not because they get given some magical potion to make their healthy guys superhuman. It’s because their guys come out and play hard, work their butts off and put in every ounce of energy they have every single night. They play as a team, and they know when guys are out everyone else has to play that anything less then 200% effort won’t cut it.

        Miami simply don’t have either the ‘team’ mentality or the ‘warrior’ mentality to go on dominating when their key guys miss games. The game plan relies too much on two or three ‘big dogs’, while everyone else is essentially just a pawn. While three all-stars and a bunch of pawns can get things done, two all-stars and a bunch of pawns is a struggle…especialy when those pawns don’t play as a team.

        Either way, Miami people need to stop whining and using injuries as an excuse (especially Bosh).

  48. JAYZ84 says:

    Asik didn’t get a hand on it cause Bosh slapped it out of bounds. He never had control of the ball making it a “loose ball”. Asik is suppose to not dive for it cause Bosh “might” get it. Whoever agrees with that fairy obviously never played a single real game of ball, pickup or organized. Those people need to shut their mouth. Aslo, how can people say you should only hustle in the playoffs, real winners there, STUPID!

  49. Tim says:

    I watched the game, the play was clean. The thing about supporting a family is a joke. I would love to try and live on $10 million or more a year. If you can’t live on that then you must be stupid on judging your finances.

  50. ercan says:

    go Omer goooo

  51. boshie says:

    To noob

    You are a noob.

  52. Hulk says:

    Bosh should play chess!!!

  53. drose4mvp says:

    stop complaining Bosh Its basketball and you are a professional at that. People get hurt and injured all the time welcome to sports you big cry baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. Michael says:

    how is that considered a hustle play?? Asik was no where close to the ball to dive for it. I agree Bosh is kinda soft but that play was unnecessary by Asik. look at the replay, Asik is nowhere close to the ball when he dives.

  55. Djelga says:

    Yes!! It’s our time!! Let’s bash bosh! Doesnt have a ring!! Soft!! Playing in the NBA with one of the best teams in the league earning millions of dollar….wait a minute..

  56. T.O. Raps says:

    Bosh is soft. I think he’s overrated (BTW I’m from Toronto). Omer just out hustled him. its disappointing for us Toronto fans, or what remains of us. The right move would’ve been to trade him while his stock was high. Instead we got nothing back like our last 2 franchise players. Anyways, I honestly think the heat would be performing the same without him. Realistically James and Wade is more then enough to get deep into the playoffs, if they can’t get that done then they got serious problems.

  57. Dom V says:

    this is why i wanted bosh traded, heck i would accept varejao and williams from the cavs for him…. the heat have no decent legit big man. shaq probally the biggest force the nba has ever seen. people used to foul him hard and ref would let it slide cause of his size. does shaq cry just cause some one bumped into him? if miami wants to compete they need a big man who will go down in the paint throw some elbows use some muscle…. look at dwight last play offs him and the Celts getting real physical and thats what won it in the end….. detroit won how many championships from being a hard faced team getting down and dirty and working hard. thats what a big man needs to do if miami wanna play the villians they need a big man whos not scared to get dirty and push around the paint.

    Rileys ego is the reason they wont win this year. i believe if shaq went to miami again they would win this year. Miami’s biggest weakness is a post presence and a big man. shaq solves that.. Shaq wanted less than mike miller and wouldve done more the team than miller.

    Riley should try his magic trade ability with the nuggest and try and get melo and bird man haha

  58. arj says:

    maybe omer asik should complain about bosh trying to injure him. Omer was going for the loose ball, then bosh was too but bosh got in his way and hurt his leg and omer’s arm. no one does things on purpose and if they do its quite obvious. if bosh is afraid of something happening to him maybe he should not chase a loose ball and go play chess. Basketball is a physical game.

  59. lee says:

    and that’s why we call him soft!

  60. DeShaun says:

    Omie don’t play that!

  61. LeShawn says:

    I see what you guys are saying, but put yourself in that position. Say I tried to block your layup but MISSED completely and fouled you and somehow you dislocated your knee. Who’s laughing now? You can’t say nothin till you’ve been on the other end of the situation.

    • MJBethancourt says:

      Dude, don’t you dare try comparing a flagrant foul to a clean hustle for a loose ball. Apples and oranges, LeShawn.

  62. Manu says:

    I understand Bosh’s complaint – Asik’s play was certainly not intentional, but a bit reckless as far as hustle plays go.

  63. taytum says:

    why’s everyone so worked up over his comments? he was in a bad mood cuz someone caused him to roll his ankle and was probably in pain. with that much adrenaline running, when someone hits you, purposefully or not, you’re going to get mad and want to blame someone.

  64. arj says:

    ur kind of right but he’s got a fair few comments there. people/media poke fun at every team its just heat fans who take it wrong. and ur not going to win more games with lebron and bosh injured. miami heat isnt a team its 3 players and co. they have more workload than they did with theyre previous teams. wade lebron and bosh have to combine for 70-90 points a night and take 34-40 minutes a game no matter what. you will get tired in playoffs and maybe injured (but no one wants that since we know we can beat u guys fair and square). its a good 3 + co but its vulnerable and ur scared thats what

  65. nbeatz says:

    Ok Chris, I have been a huge fan of yours since coming into the NBA. I have to give props where it is needed,a and you playing the way you are is great. Most people haven’t seen you at the top of your game night in and night out. Chris Bosh averaged 24.0 PPG, 10.8 RPG, 39% from Three, 1 BPG, and 2.5 APG all in 36.1 minutes per game last year with the Rap’s.
    Here he is only averaging 18.6 PPG, 8.3 RPG, under a Block a game, but is shooting better from the free throw line, up over 2%. Now can anyone tell me Dirk, Duncan, Garnett, Gasol, Odem, Smith, Love, Griffin, or any other great or good PF in the league are going to average the same amount of PPG, RPG, BPG or any other statistical numbers while playing with 2 of the top 3 players in the world……….. No I did’nt think so.

    Dirk’s numbers would go down, manley because he would no longer be the #1 or # 2 option on the floor at ALL times.

    Duncan, well I dont have to say anything about him as his numbers already prove that playing with others that can score 20 or more at any given time have shot him down. ( Age is a factor, but early on he was still #1 on a the team that did not have BOTH ginoblie and Parker playing at SUCH A HIGH LEVEL, not to metion they have Jefferson scoring about 15 PPG now to).

    Garnette, well did you ever see him play with anyone ANYWHERE CLOSE to Lebrone or D.Wade………Nope did’nt think so.

    Odem, well he had a chance to run a team in Miami but could only muster up 17 PPG, 9.7 RPG and under a block a game. He had a chance to run a team befor that in LA……Clippers that is. Of coure we know how that turned out.. Career numbers there of 15.3 PPG 7.1 RPG and again under a block per game

    Gasol…. Well He has been in Chris’s situation as he was the main option a struggling team and was traded to a good team. Now with Kobe he would natrually become a second option. But lets add D.Wade or Lebron on that team and see his number not go down aswell. Not to mention that as a second option, he is still ONLY averaging 18.5 PPG, that would go down to about 14 or 15 PPG, 10.9 RPG, I would not think that that would go down, but no one thought it would for Chris to…right. But when your used to being number 1 or 2 option throught your career you have to get used to doing other things and some would agree that when your not intergrated in a game that it can interupt other ways you play the game…….AND REMEMBER THAT THE WORLD WAS SAYING GASOL WAS TO SKINNY AND TO SOFT THE FIRST TIME HE PLAYED GARNETT IN THE FINALS….. NOW HE’S ONE OF THE BEST BECAUSE THERE WINNING?????

    Smith, Love, Griffin….. They are all still young and we know that they have great tallent all in there own way, but once again, none of them are playing with a TRUE superstar, lets add 2 SUPERSTARS and see what happens to them.

    Now I know people are going to say Chris was a great player in TO because he had no one eles on the team to score, well Andrea Barnani averaged 17.2 PPG, Jose Calderone averaged 10.3PPG, Jaredd Jack averaged 10.8 PPG, Hedo averaged 11.3 PPG. That is 5 players avering double digit PPG including Chris that year.

    Garnett played much of his time on a underacheiving team with really no other star on it iether…… Did we call him an overrated player, oh and did his numbers not fall ALOT when he was traded even know the year before the trade he was once again averaging 20 and 10?.

    Gasol was on a team with Mike Miller second in scoring, again a career started like Chris’s.
    Duncan, well he always had a VERY STRONG team, but if Ginoblie, Parker, the Admiral for the first year of his carrer wasn’t there, he would be just like Chris, A great player but with noene really good to help.

    What I am trying to say is Chris is just as good as he was last year but now is sharing his wealth with two of the top three players in the WORLD…………. BUT LETS GET REAL AND UNDERSTAND THAT HUSTLE IS HEART, AND HEART IS THE GAME AND IF WE DIDN’T HAVE HEART YOU WOULN’D BE PAID 116 MILLION FOR A GAME WITH NO HUSTLE BECAUSE YOU ARE AFRAID TO GET HURT. GIVE ME JUST 1 MILLION AND I’LL LET YOU SPRAIN MY ANKLE.

  66. bulls02b says:

    Question is …was Bosh going after the ball too.. or did he give up on the play so as not to injure Asik. And if he did get the ball … kick it to Wade….. 3 points. … bulls would have lost….. and he would be look back as the hero who hustled and got help the win in a close game !

  67. jhdsjfhsjfhja says:

    chris bosh was wrong to not hustle. but you have to realize that when its game time you dont really remember what happens it happens so fast. He probably saw it on sportscenter and if lebron and wades big egos havent contaminated him, he will probably humbly say that he was wrong to be mad at the hustle play.

  68. Benajamin38 says:

    How many plays like that in an NBA go on in every game and how many legs have been taken out when someone goes for a loose ball? How many players ask their opponents not to dive, fight or move to the ball because it happens to be in there vicinity?

    All the ‘greats’ played hard, dove, scrapped and fought on every possession, it’s what separates the greats from everybody else.

    I am pretty sure a multi-million dollar contract will help support his family while he walks off his lightly sprained ankle.

    I mean Kobe plays regularly with bum knees and broken fingers on his shooting hand and he doesn’t ask guys to just take a step back cos he has boo boo on his pinky!

    What a plank.

  69. Tumbler says:

    Oh my !!! What has happened to this league?? You see guys like Bosh crying for a thing like this… You see 7 foot Centers flopping when the opposing Center is back-to-the-basket in the low-post… Players cant get emotional on the court anymore or they’ll get charged with ridiculous T’s…

    I bet the NBA players from 70ies, 80ies and early 90ies shake their heads when they read stuff like this!!! Too bad that the league is full with prima donnas and pansies nowadays…

  70. CESAR G MARTINEZ says:


  71. Mauricio says:

    In my opinion, hustle plays are part of the game. But, in this case, Omer was very imprudent.
    I don’t mean he tried to hurt Bosh, but he didn’t dive into the ball (like Rondo did last year against Orlando, for example). He almost threw himself on the floor just to avoid Bosh from reaching the ball.
    That was imprudent!

  72. Coach B says:

    You have to keep the hustle in the game but have some common sense about yaself. Omar Asik had no chance of getting at the ball and was irresponsible to dive the way he did. I don’t know the player well but he is either really clumsy or was out to injure someone. You don’t turn like he did when you are diving if you’re going for the ball. I can understand why Bosh was upset but he needs to choose a better time to come out and say what he wanted to say cus now he sounds like a poor loser.

    • evol1961 says:

      man u r so wrong @ “Omar Asik had no chance of getting at the ball and was irresponsible to dive the way he did”, man look at 0:29-0:30 on the video. Asik’s hands are inches or maybe centimeters away from the ball but suddenly Bosh bumped in the way without diving, and then its bosh who complain? what a crybaby..

      And i am a D.Wade fan by the way

  73. nate5 says:

    you guys sayin heat are spoiled and only care bout rings n money n stuff an then end every sentence with this is why they dont have rings, at least he has a ring, he doesnt have a ring, ur all hypocrites, and in a non contact sport like ball, that was clumsy of the guy and on a bad day he cuda broke boshes leg, anle, patella

  74. Toughen up says:

    Honestly Bosh is so dumb for whining about this. Rondo dived for the ball vs the magics and u dont see anyone else complaining. Rondo could of hurt himself and sort of did going for the ball and he doesnt cry about it. Toughen up bosh or Heat won’t go anywhere facing the celtics or magics.

  75. Mark says:

    He’s not called RuPaul of PFs for nothing…

  76. waz says:

    One of the softest quotes I’ve ever heard from any athlete worldwide!!
    And you’ve got to love how NBA players always talk about supporting their families…injured or not Chris, I think you’re family will survive mate!


  77. RUSTINNNNN says:

    As much as every single Miami fan would like to delude themselves, Chris Bosh is not a superstar (really, it’s more like the Big 2 1/2). In Toronto he could always put up numbers, but someone has to score, right? He’s nothing more than a glorified All-Star as he’s been soft his whole career (I’ve always seen him as the second coming of Vince Carter). His recent comments come as no surprise.

    And aside from some horrific Photoshopping, why the heck is Bosh chowing down on some white meat?

  78. Peter says:

    If you want to provide for your family play hard…

  79. ronqi says:

    they should have called a foul on bosh for hitting omer with his foot

  80. selcuk says:

    chris bosh must be joking!! how dare he can think the loose ball belongs to him by putting his leg on the path of someone in the last moment instead of getting his azz lower to the ground to grab the ball.

  81. MARCUS says:


  82. Ken says:

    It wasn’t a dirty play, just a clumsy one.

  83. mark says:

    bosh looks soft because of two guys around him!
    he just need to step up a little bit.
    he might score 40+ someday.
    hope that someday would come.. :]]

  84. Jkey says:

    Omer wasn’t looking at Bosh, he was looking right at the ball and when Bosh came into his peripheral vision, he moved his head to avoid collision. Bosh should be happy he didn’t knock heads with him either. I think Bosh should deal with it…it’s a part of sports anywhere. You make that commitment to playing and you will get injuries from hustle plays and wanting to get the ball.

  85. markyboy says:

    bosh looks soft because of those two guys.
    he just need to score more than those two to show off.

    • tata says:

      That’s what he gets for leaving the team where he was the number one option to join two other number one options that are better than him. Now the only spotlight he gets is by whining the loudest.

  86. T-mo says:

    This reminds me of driving a car… if u dont look in ur blind side when u are turning in any direction, u are bound to run into someone and it will be ur fault. These players are paid $100 million + to be entertainers in a sport. If he goes down, then that investment is a waste of everyones money. Really all I am reading in here is a bunch of Heat and/or Bosh hate comments. You are pretty much all amateurs in rating his game, as a 3rd option he is still almost averaging a double double (18 and 8), and lately putting up some decent numbers (as are the other two of the trio). He plays more of a finesse game (as one notices he jacks more jump shots than lay-ups or dunks), but still imagine the beating his joints are taking after his surgeries and the weight he has gained. The last thing he wants is to blow another knee or sprain an ankle. Obviously he is considered an inaugural part of his teams success, even if many people are just going to hate on a winning team. He has his flaws like anyone else, but ya, he is still good.

    • Soaljah says:

      you gott be from miami
      we will see if you get through boston with this soft player
      then and only then can you really play the real lakeshow
      going for three peat and no one cant stop it.

      • T-mo says:

        Lakers have fallen off. Even the raptors beat them once this season. Now Clippers.

        I am actually from Ontario, Canada and cheer on the only Canadian team(GO RAPTORS —> exciting even if they do not win.. they are really young and have much to learn). I am by most means a Bosh hater, but at the same time I am a realist and try to be unbias when it comes to the technical aspect of the game.

        I agree that Boston are the team to beat, as well as the Spurs (So no lake show or Miami…).. they work as a team and not as individuals, it is what Isiah Thomas would call “The Secret”… they have 100% trust in every person on their respective teams to step up and make the right plays, play within themselves and be unselfish and stop caring about individual stats. The only stats that matter are the W’s and the L’s. The rest is just stuff to keep GM’s busy and try and formulate ways to generate Wins and Losses.

        Miami does not have anyone in the post to hang with Boston or Orlando, so I feel the Big Three from Miami get a big crunch in that department, but otherwise, still a great team, and Bosh is by GM stats a good/great player. FG% PPG and RPG all speak for them self.

      • watch out! says:

        you heat haters just watch till playoffs wid the big 3 ol healthy wid haslem d miller.. im really sorry miami will destroy every team dey will face abd dont forget wade will definitely takeover.. mia-spurs in finals i think i dont see lakers will make it honestly.

  87. Oh Mar Gosh! says:

    Omar has limited minutes so when he’s taken out of the bench with that sticky glue he must play like a wild animal to prove his potential. I dont know who’s right or wrong here but if we put ourselves in Bosh’s place on that play I could’ve felt a lil’ angry too but if I’m Omar I never did any wrong bec. its my limited minutes that puts me in this position to hustle for balls like that just to show i’m in the NBA.

  88. boshabosh says:

    bosh should play chess not basketball..

  89. LH says:

    YES ASIK, sweep the leg!

  90. Simon says:

    Are you guys kidding? did you even saw the play? the ball was clearly out of reach for Omer!!! why did he dive then?

  91. LOL says:

    His leg went into him diving, he’s just as wrong… maybe people shouldn’t go for the ball when an opponent is in the area? What a joke. Let’s be honest, if he dove then he wouldn’t have hurt his ankle right? It would’ve been body to body and everything would have been fine. Just because people don’t play as soft as him doesn’t make it their fault. I guess that’s why people think basketball is such a soft sport because of people like Bosh. It was a good, clean play. He should stick to NBA 2k11 if he’s going to complain about things like that.

  92. selcuk says:

    Lets make a charity among all NBA for the family of Bosh!!! Otherwise how will they survive?!

  93. Feilo says:

    C’mon, it wasn’t intentional!!! stop complaining like a girl. go play tennis , no body contest.

  94. Greg R says:

    Asik is already diving when bosh puts his foot into the play

  95. BleedEye says:

    If anyone in this situation has to worry about providing for his family it would be Asik. He is not an established player in this league and I am sure he is doing all he can to ensure he remains in it. Hence his tenacity and desire to recover the loose ball. Bosh on the other hand should really check himself. It’s no secret that contracts are guaranteed in todays NBA and he and his family have nothing to worry about regarding money. It is actually quite ignorant and arrogant to frame his comments in this manner considering his position. If nothing else it provides further justification of Asik’s hustle ( as if he needs to be justified) I respect Bosh for his abilities on the court, but he could do with a reality check.

  96. Kenny Jet says:

    If Bosh hustles and dives he isn’t hurt. Needs to feed his family? Please–spend your money wisely,invest and you can feed your family without ever playing again.

    • Bring_the_HEAT says:

      Not if he has a 10 million dollar mansion to pay for? and cars and food? and his friends and family who he prb supports?

  97. Asiandelight says:

    Most people here who hate Bosh is stupid, what the hell was Bull’s no name diving for? He wasn’t even going to reach the ball, even if Bosh wasn’t there. And after he dives he turns his body to like lean on Bosh’s ankle. Stupid Bulls, they ain’t gonna win anything unless Jordan comes back to play for them. They suck. The heat is one of the best teams in the league, just cos they are smart enough to pull 3 superstars together and other teams aren’t, doesn’t make them cheaters. They are good, y hate them. Stupid people

  98. Kyle says:

    I wonder if Bosh was whining when Pierce did it to him 🙂

  99. igador says:

    Bosh should take more calcium supplement and bulk muscle a bit. Work on speed and strength otherwise Miami can never control the paint and rebounds……..

  100. KP says:

    bosh never took a bosh.

    if lebron injured,and wades on the bench, the team highly depends on bosh. he has every right to be mad. play fair, but play hard, and most importantly, protect urself and be safe. hustle plays are fine. but you have to consider injuries of urself and other players when taking risks like that. bosh did over do this my putting it out to the media, but he does have a point.

  101. DiEhArD D-Rose says:

    It wasn’t a dirty play… hustle play is part of the game… Bosh are u gay? next time get on the floor too, not like that… hahahaha…

  102. tony says:

    As someone who has torn his acl twice, I understand where he’s coming from. I’ve actually never been injured in an ‘important’ game or even an ‘important’ play. Not all plays are created equally and sometimes it’s just stupid and reckless to throw your body around, especially if you don’t have a shot at making a play without fouling. That being said, I think Asik didn’t really cross the line, but Bosh probably got scared of getting seriously injured by some bench warmer over a stupid play. Yes, he got scared, and rightly so. Leg injuries suck–it’s easy to say he’s soft when you’ve never had worse than a papercut or carpal tunnel.

    • tata says:

      Let Bosh or any other softie actually WORK at a job 8 hours a day. These so called world class athletes can barely perform for 30 minutes over a 2 1/2 span every couple of nights. And then they talk about a back-to-back? Like “playing” more than 30 minutes 2 days in a row would destroy them. If you make $10/hr and work full time 40hr/wk 52wk/yr for 10 years you wouldn’t EARN as much as Kobe “earns” for 1 game. SO EVERY FAN SHOULD CONSIDER THESE GUYS SOFT.

  103. Danny says:

    Quit the whining!!!! Don’t dive after the ball next to ur foot so u can pick up the loose ball? C’mon man… play the game and stop crying.

    • Bring_the_HEAT says:

      ok danny play the game? if we “played the game” like you describe it i could basically tackle u for the ball? i mean i know i could. is that fair though?

  104. bd says:

    I play bball myself and hustling is how I play the game but, not in the expense of crippling opponents. 100% Asik was just playing hustle bball and 100% he say Bosh that is why he threw his body against him without considering that he is throwing his body against somebody’s legs. Make it fair… Upper body vs upper body… legs vs legs… The same thing that MMA rules are… you can’t kick somebody who is down.

    Asik can dive for the ball with out using his body to bang against Bosh’s legs.

  105. jai says:

    i play all 3 front court positions, bosh is a sissy to say that… i understand the hurt that’s happening down there so earn your pay check and just play…. many players are showing asik’s hustle while you big pansies are living the life coz what?? your the number 3 pick in the draft??? show us what made you top 5 in the draft

    • Bring_the_HEAT says:

      Ur a pretty smart dude but what you forget to realize is that no matter what pick in the draft you are, you can stil get injured. right? lebron wade kobe they can all get injured and reckless bs plays like mr Asiks over here can get you there.

  106. JB says:

    I’ve never heard Bill Russell, Kareem, Larry Bird, Magic, MJ or Kobe complain about going after loose balls or hustle plays. Bosh is soft and that exsplains his comments.

  107. Soaljah says:

    I smell Over grown Baby
    They should switch nicknames with big baby davis
    Now this is a real baby

    • Bring_the_HEAT says:

      Yea listen bro you should switch your name to Soldier because you sound like a pretty winnie baby too. Your not in iraq fighting why even mention soldier in ur name cause ur not right

  108. Cameron says:

    Man not only is bosh crap, he speaks alot of it oo!

    • Bring_the_HEAT says:

      Cameron my man… know ur a hypocrite. The only one talking crap here is you my friend b/c you prb never played basketball or any sport in your life for that matter. Once you play and a big russian dude comes crashing into your leg then i wana see what your gona say.

  109. stylze says:

    everybody that comment on this saying bosh is a softy,are not real ball players and don’t know how it feels to be injure because of another person recklessness.i almost lost an eye because the idiot on the opposite team dived into me even though he saw i had my hands on the loose ball and now i have a scar over my left eye from the stitches i had to get.Omar should have looked before he dived when any sports its important to use good judgment

    • Big Dave says:

      I don’t know if u watched the video but it quite clearly shows Asik diving and Bosh stepping in his way after he dives. So if he did look, there was a clear path to dive for the ball, Bosh should have been looking to see if he could take the needless step in the way of Asik when he was never gonna get the ball. It’s Bosh’s ignorance that could’ve caused an injury, not Asiks hustle.

  110. Jay J says:

    right bosh wouldnt have won a ring with the Raps but if he was not SOOO SOFT they could have made the playoffs but he went on again making excuses that his team didn’t hustle down the stretch when it was him who was the leader of the team and didnt hustle him self Chris Bosh is the Next Vince Carter .. just cries and makes up excuses .. if he just shut up and played hard ball n got touigher i think he could be amazing

    • Bring_the_HEAT says:

      In a game where you need teamates to win games ofcourse great players who are surrounded by crappy players will complain. For example lets say ur a college basketball player, and u play a pick up game with 4 scrubs on your team. The opposite team has decent players, high school varsity starters who know how to play. Who will win? the team with 5 people who know what they are doing. Bosh, wade and LeBron didnt have teams.

  111. actual baller says:

    k bosh looks like a baby by pointing it out but i get what hes saying asik didnt really hav a chance at getting the ball through boshs legs and there was no point in risking getting hurt where thers no chance at the play. im not blaming him for hustling at all he should still dive for it, and besides bosh should be on the ground fighting for the board too.

  112. Big Dave says:

    This actually makes me very happy, I mean… if Bosh is gonna complain about something as light as this, he isn’t gonna last a single quarter of the playoffs when EVERY play is going to be as intense as this. So it seems like the ‘big 3’ will become 2 when things become more competitive, and i dont think any team can win a championship without a decent big man.
    I think i’ll be placing my bet now for the heat to be knocked out in the scond round of the playoffs.

    • Bring_the_HEAT says:

      hey big boy when someone tackles you from behind for almost no reason and almost injures ur leg then talk okay, and miami is almost the best team in the league and how many games have they played together? the more they play the better they get. People like you are gona lose a lot of money this year haha watch.

      • MJBethancourt says:

        Man, you’re just talking ridiculous fantasy nonsense. Nobody tackled Bosh from behind. Can it with the dramatics, it’s a clean play.

      • Bring_the_HEAT says:

        when a 7 foot dude dives for a ball and ur leg is the only thing there i consider that a tackle to the leg. i mean cmon dude theres no dramatics

  113. Ezra says:

    Bosh’s comment is appropriate and intelligent, qualities he often manifests that lead to him being pilloried in the press where people prefer grunts and bulging biceps. These comments about him putting his leg in the way are ridiculous. He was standing and reaching down for the ball, and Asik did some out of control breaststroke type lunge right into Bosh. There was no way that Bosh could have not been in the way given the type of football scramble Asik dropped into a crowded front court. He is not whining he is just pointing out that certain types of contact and hustle are appropriate in basketball, and unfortunately this time the ill-timed effort from Asik was not a typical play or something that people in the NBA should be or get used to. He is a professional and he executes and devotes himself 100% to his craft, and unfortunately I think people still expect more from him for some reason.

  114. BigZo33 says:

    I think Chris and Lebron should just shut the hell up and play basketball! I am a Miami fan but i am sick of this crap!

    • Bring_the_HEAT says:

      sick of what crap? how many times has lebron been injured in his career? yea shh. get your facts straight before you talk.

  115. Ezra says:

    btw how did the homophobic comment asking if Bosh is gay get past the moderator? That is inappropriate and offensive.

  116. HARDBODY says:


  117. George says:

    You all are a bunch of haters…if it wasnt for the big three the heat would be like they were for the past couple years. just stick with ur team and in the end we’ll c whos number one and who’s at the bottom of the pile of crap u guys are laying on the heat

  118. DMZ says:

    In the Philippines, we have a usual advice for people who complain about physical contact in basketball: go play chess! Asik wasn’t even supposed to be blamed here. He went for the ball!! CB was just standing there hoping the ball bounces into his hands or something. He should’ve been diving too. Notice the two Bulls on the floor? That’s why they won.

  119. Alen says:

    Well the guy is injured and in pain, cant he even complian??I mean he is not asking NBA to penalise that guy Asik or anything

  120. Candyman says:

    I must say chris is absolutely right, Omir jumped right into Chris’s leg, and I’ve seen it before, it’s a stupid thing to do, period. no matter who it is. he could have turned his body the other way, it just happens chris is the first to say something, it has happened before.

  121. balla says:

    I can see why Bosh would be angry. I recently sprained my ankle and god I feel like I’m letting my team down. Imagine playing for an NBA team where that is your actual occupation. He was angry and wasn’t thinking. Everybody makes clouded judgments sometimes.

  122. Young Wolf says:

    I know this will be referenced endlessly but think of Rondo in last years play-offs and tell me hustle plays aren’t the sign of a player and team with heart!

  123. Ventruck says:

    Of the superfriends, Bosh doesn’t open his mouth so much like a moron, leaving him as the only player I like in that “Big 3”; and this is nowhere near as dumb as whatever LeBron’s been putting out. I think Bosh’s word selection in his comment was to avoid singling out Asik publicly, but was still trying to get that point across. Just sounded like he was generalizing the view on hustle plays.

    No one should reject a hustling effort, but Asik was a bit boneheaded on that play. Bosh’s leg was in sight and it was unnecessary to dive into it at such an angle. This is still regular reason, but other comments are right in saying Asik is still fighting to keep a solid role on his team, and almost every team is putting exceptional effort to beat Miami.

  124. Mike says:

    Your thinking of Rex Ryan with this picture.

  125. Bring_the_HEAT says:

    schuhmann do you play basketball? have you ever? when you’re job is to play basketball and someone almost injures you you might be saying the same things. read this:
    bosh is right i mean i understand if this was the playoffs but Asik doesnt have to dive for the ball in the 3rd quarter when the bulls are up, doesnt make sense to me. Its prb cause he wants to get more play time but you gota respect the other players and try and at least avoid them or dive in a way to avoid them. Lets say the ball was on the ground infront of bosh, Asik wouldnt tackle bosh and get the ball he would let bosh pick it up, in this play the ball was at bosh’s feet, so asik dives and try and take bosh’s legs out just to get the ball. That doesnt make sense. Remember its not a playoff game.

    • MJBethancourt says:

      Who cares whether it’s a playoff game? You think players aren’t supposed to put out a serious effort during the regular season? If they did that, then they would be stealing from the paying fans.

      Get a clue, chief.

      • Bring_the_HEAT says:

        First off “chief” i got a clue. I know that going crazy and diving for a ball in the 3rd quarter is pretty stupid to me specially when his own team is up by like 5. Players just gota calm down and accept the fact that they cant get every ball no matter how hard they try.
        get a clue bud play the game then talk

  126. James says:

    If some lanky big man rolled into you whilst you were playing you would be pissed off too. All Asik had to do was go for it with his hands. It should have been a foul anyway. Fair enough what Bosh said.

  127. strawberry says:

    Speaking as a Raptors fan who watched Chris Bosh every day go out and score 20+….. This comes as no surprise… He’s too soft to be the power forward of a team with Lebron and Wade. I’ve never heard of a player complaining about the hustle of another player. Absolutely rediculous

  128. Realist says:

    All of you fail to really listen to what Bosh really said…he didn’t say Asik shouldn’t hustle, he said he should watch out for people’s legs. That’s why Asik made sure Bosh was okay, is because he wasn’t paying attention and landed on his ankle. And if any of us normal people who aren’t incredibly fit and strong as Bosh is, we would be complaining about getting hurt. Again, he didn’t say don’t hustle, in fact he said he is fine with diving for loose balls, but if someone is in the way, don’t risk hurting them simply to attempt to get a ball in a game that doesn’t even matter. Very simple, it really is.

    P.S. For all of you calling Bosh soft, I’d like to see you match up with a 6’10 guy who is in incredible shape.

    P.P.S. Just about everyone else that has agreed with Bosh has been called a “Heat Homer”, just cut that out, it’s BS. Just because someone agrees with Bosh and disagrees with you that they are suddenly a “Heat Homer”.

  129. KK says:

    Looking at the vid, if he’d dived for the ball like asik instead of standing awkwardly over the ball, he would have gotten hit in the back and not gotten injured. Maybe he should be telling guys not to stand over a rolling ball if they dont want to get hurt

  130. Bris Cosh says:

    Bosh has a point. Hustle plays are a big risk to the players. They must take care not to hurt others or get hurt themselves. So come to think of it, Asik could have been the one hurt in that play if Bosh stepped on him or stomething. So, everything is fair.

    And to all of Bosh’s critics, he is one hell of a player. Give him credit for taking Toronto as far as the playoffs. He just wouldn’t have a ring with Toronto’s lineup. Also, he has a very big impact on Miami’s success right now. He is one of the most consistent guys for the Heat in terms of production. But what is people don’t see are the things he does that doesn’t appear in the stats sheet. He is a good defender, alters opponent shots, set up good picks for Wade and Lebron to get most of their shots. But he can still improve his toughness and shooting. If that happens, he would be close, if not more, to his production in Toronto.

  131. ericson tamio says:

    if you dont want to get hurt dont play basketball…. You just play chess… ok???

  132. Jay says:

    Weak and lame Bosh. I am so glad he is not a Chicago Bull. The turtle boy is too soft. Shaq said it best,”he is the Ru-Paul of big men.”

  133. Heath says:

    For the love of %^& the guy was diving first and bosh moved his leg infront of him. How can you complain about that? I think shaq had this guy pegged when he was playing well in phoenix “bosh is the rupaul of big men” – classic shaq quote and obviously with this from bosh still very apt.

  134. J says:

    Bosh plays PF – Powder Forward. Now, to the powder room!!!

  135. jojo says:

    Man i feel so sorry for wade cause he’s got bosh as his help down low. THere are far bettter players at that position that Pat Riley coulda gone after. Ex. Amar’e Stoudemire.

  136. eanskii says:

    look at the heat now without lebron? i dont agree on the blog that james and wade both became mvp this season, because wade cant win a game without lebron,,but lebron can win a game without wade..

    • really? says:

      another hater u dont watch nba dont cant win? just lucky chicago they made wade into foul trouble in 3rd and the lucky shot by korver thats why they beat mia..youll eat ur words when wade take over in playoffs.

  137. YUNGMUNG says:


  138. J says:

    This “complaining” happens in the regular season? Wait, what will happen in the post season? File a lawsuit?

  139. Wow says:

    Everyone all this drama is destroying basketball, it is not even a big deal get over it.

  140. kelly says:

    what are u taking bout this is only just a game u win some and u lose some not everytime u r going to win. u see that ball commin if u r so so concern about gettin hurt u should of move. every team has an injury why are u making noise bout it. good luck with every thing else.

  141. DiEhArD D-Rose says:

    i agree with you Big Dave, watch the video first b4 any1 comments.. Asik diving and trying to get the ball and Bosh stepping in his way after Asik dives…. Bosh don’t play like a kid… hahaha…..

    • Cee says:

      I don’t think Asik was diving for something.. the ball is rolling away from him (with the same speed which he wouldn’t be able to get).. and before he dove for the ball.. Bosh already had it in his hands (or least it looks like it)…

  142. LP says:

    That’s…just…embarrassing. He’s like a soft doofus.

  143. Joe says:

    I think if bosh actually hustled and dove for the ball instead of being lazy and trying to just pick the ball up he prolly wouldnt have gotten hurt!!. thats what you get for being lazy! next time use those knee pads you got on and get on the floor and hustle!!.

  144. Pao says:

    a Sore loser makes a small issue to a big one.. clearly its a hustle play, if you don’t want to get hurt playing basketball, try playing chess..

  145. shackz7 says:

    This is the NBA!!!! cmon chrish bosh, dont blame it on asik…

  146. bigboy11 says:

    bosh need to shut up, last game heat played he went 3-14 in 3 quarters and stand around a lot when his shorter teamates are trying to get rebounds i believe what people were saying that he is soft as soon as they start playing him hard he disappears dont think he can carry the team if wade and lebron went down,, notice they dont hang with him no more

  147. diego says:

    clearly Asik was diving and going after the ball, everybody knows that basketball is a contact sport, if bosh doesn’t want to get hurt then he should be playing chess instead. getting paid by the millions and getting injured are part and parcel of this business.

  148. Gk says:

    hahaha BOSH IS SO SOFT. WA0o0o0o0o000oooo

  149. UIB says:

    has bosh ever heard of a guy named dennis rodman if he was still with the bulls then bosh is a dead man

  150. waylon says:

    This was a just a hustle play nothing more. Bosh needs to grow up and stop complaining. Omer saw the ball and went down for it thats all nothing malicious at all.Yes injuries are disspointing to players and fans but they are apart of the game in every sport. Yes the bulls had a 5 point leand with 30 seconds to go but that is not a safe lead by any means. I can understand why Bosh who by the way is injury prone anyway can be upset because he is unwilling to make hustle plays but if he was smart hecoulda just lazly took a step back had the ball and never woulda got hurt at all since he was the only one close to the ball after it slipped out of reach. Complaining about ppl diving for balls is ridiculous I mean if you want to side with Bosh then you should take any contact in basketball out of the game. I’ve seen tougher players in the WNBA than Bosh seriously he and James just need to stop complaining and let thier talents do thier talking bc they cant possibly believe everything that comes out of thier own mouths

    • evol1961 says:

      and by the way its only 3rd quarter when happened it, so Asik has the right to dive the ball, 5 point lead in the 3rd quarter is very very fragile and it may gone in a short period of time
      and dont question Asik’s ability to reach the ball! man he can reach that (by looking at 0:29-0:30 of the video)
      the play is clean and no one should complain

      but Bosh spoke rudely to a player with his unjustly frustration?! what a loser!

  151. geezLAweez says:

    I agree that there are situation that player can avoid injuries (like don’t put your underneath a jump-shooter and bust an ankle), BUT this is nothing like that. Omar just reacted to the ball. Bosh is standing behind him Omar didn’t know exactly were he was. It is not like he saw Bosh’s leg and then dove directly into. Bosh is just upset because he is hurt and I can relate with that, but doesn’t make him soft and not Omar’s fault either.

  152. LeShawn says:

    @ MJBethancourt

    it doesn’t matter. I wasn’t intending on hurting you, just as the dude didn’t intend on hurting bosh. Im gonna use T-mo’s response as another example just incase you can’t see the bigger picture. Let’s say I’m driving an 18 wheeler, and you’re driving ur car on a highway. I’m going to merge without looking out for you, and you end up…well u know. I did not intend on getting you hurt, it’s just my carelessness which got you hurt. Same as that bull’s player. I’m sure he wasn’t intending on hurting bosh, but when you dive like that, regardless of anyone’s safety, that irresponsible selfish decision has done a lot more than just hurt chris bosh. He could have potentially hurt his future.

    How would you like to be the guy in the car that got hit by that 18 wheeler? How would you like to be potentially crippled for life? Are you going to shrug it off saying it’s just an accident? No you’d most likely be outraged. Before you put forth your arguement, think of both sides of the situation. What you’ve said is very shallow. Apples and Oranges? A careless decision risking someone else’s and you own’s safety IS STILL a foolish decision. Think about it smart guy.

    • MJBethancourt says:

      I’m not being “shallow” or sanguine, I just completely disagree with you and all the Heat fans about the degree of “recklessness” of the play in question… and now you’ve gone from just a bad analogy to a totally ridiculous drama-tangent about 18-wheelers and “crippling”.

      It’s just some guys going for a loose ball, what’s with all the effing drama?

      • T-mo says:

        u disagree on what basis? People being fans? You wasted valuable data on this page for that garbage? The point of Bosh’s comment is that people get hurt by playing reckless all the time. We shrug it off as spectators, but when u have been sidelined for injuries like he has in the past, like getting elbowed in the face and ur team misses out by 1 game and you missed the game winning lay-up that could have put you there too, its pretty rough for the player who got hurt. Its like how Bruce Bowen used to step under every jump shooters feet so that when they landed, they may or may not have sprained their ankle. It is reckless and not necessary. Accidents happen during hustle plays, but this was not near a sideline where only his body was on the line when he dove for the ball. If you watch the tape, u can see he was already on the floor, if he gets it he travels and turns it over, if he doesnt it should be a foul (based on today’s rules). Facts are facts (and I am not a Miami fan.. I always pick any team but them when I play games, and unless its the lakers I pretty much hope they lose against anyone else) so you can not use that. The analogy works for its purpose, and really you are just being ignorant because you do not understand others perspectives.

  153. LakerGirl4Ever says:

    @Daver: ‘Maybe he should get fitted for hockey equipment, of course that would make it harder for him to skip up and down the floor!’. ROFL! Too funny!

  154. Go Canes says:

    Maybe that’s why Chris Bosh didn’t make his child support payments last year…he was afraid he may cut his lip if he licked the envelope. Or maybe he would slip on the way to the post box, so why take the chance…after all he needs to provide for his family…what a joke. I hate when guys like Boooooooosh say they need to be careful and they make decisions so they can provide for their family. Comments like that are what make fans hate athletes like CB. Accidents happen all the time and Boooooosh is just too soft to accept them. The guy missed weeks with a broken nose for crying out loud.

  155. bigboy11 says:


  156. JAYZ84 says:

    If Bosh is a superstar b/c of what he did in Toronto, then K-Love must be one of the best players in the world, considering he’s putting up just as many points and grabs more than 5 more boards than Bosh when he was up north and Love has nobody, not even a Barganni. Don’t be stupid. C’mon!

  157. Bird 33 says:

    Let’s just point out the elephant in the room regarding this discussion and all Heat discussions – most of the fans around the league hate the Heat (me included) – so yes, Bosh is a sook, a baby and every other bad word I can think of – as is LeBron (Wade is the only one I have any time for). If you’re a Heat fan, then you (and the other Heat fans – ie the minority of basketball fans around the league) will see that Bosh was right to be concerned about getting his poor little footsie hurt – those big mean Bulls….shame on them LOL!

    So,,,,the Heat suck, the Celtics rule… and we’ll prove it in June. End of discussion.

    Peace out

  158. guillermo says:

    thats not even close to accurate its injuries that have happened for years in the nba u cant be weak

  159. Benr says:

    Bosh shouldn’t complain but he is understandably frustrated he will get over it, as for John Schuhmann, that isn’t funny

  160. truthis says:

    There must be some risk for these players. Professional athletes are paid enormous salaries. Its fan pleasing to see it go all out every time out. Fans make athletes lavish lifestyles and overall wealth possible. In the end they should be performing for them, and its perfectly natural that it is dangerous for them. It is after all “a rough game”

  161. hotindacity says:

    if bosh had hustled for the ball instead he wudnt have gotten injured

  162. Moe Lester says:

    u guys shouldn’t be complaining about bosh and how he’s soft. I bet most of the ppl posting comments can’t do half the things he does.

  163. TFORD says:

    LeBron is a Diva? Yet he is the 2 time MVP. People get over yourself. Ha ve you ever seen him play in real live? The man is a level above most of the rest.

  164. MIA-Heat says:

    Accidents happen it’s a sport

  165. paulo says:

    wat about the players diving for loose balls? they also sacrifice their bodies.. that’s the flame, that’s passion, that’s playing the game like it’s your last.. you give it your all.. seriously, if you dont like contact.. just play boardgames or something

  166. shin says:

    Hey !! Bosh !!! Stop acting like a baby…. You’ve been in the NBA for 7 years, and you still act like this ?? hustling is part of the game. Even Michael Jordan receives an injury…. Hey Atlanta Hawks !!! Better get ready ’cause Chris “THE CRY BABY” Bosh is on the way.

  167. kenz says:

    if bosh dove after the loose ball instead of trying to pick it up he wouldn’t have gotten hurt thats his fault he wasnt playing as hard as he could

  168. Eugene says:

    C’mon, hustling is part of basketball game. I agree with Pao, if you don’t want to get hurt just play chess or poker, well in fact poker is also a part of basketball game. “eyes poking” lol..

  169. Arddy says:

    Injuries is part of the game and It is incredibly frustating when you get those injuries.I think Bosh should sit down and thinks how he could play better when he get back in the court, or at least become a more dominant inside player to help his team. Stop the whining, everybody should hustle in every play and injuries like that could happens to everybody, so man up, and learn to provide a more dominant defensive presence for your team, The Heat definitely need that especially when it came to may or june

  170. MIAMI HEAT 3:16 says:

    chris bosh get wil soon,we need you pls…… i hope CB is ok….

  171. I’m a heat hater, one of the biggest actually. But in this play , asik tried to go through boshs legs to get the ball. Thats pretty dangerous. He’s probably about 250 pounds or more. Thats a lot a weight going into someones leg. bosh could have hurt his knee actually. like i said, i hate the heat, but i still dont like seeing players get hurt this way

  172. Al says:

    What a pansy! Man up and play! If you wanna be a max salary type player, get on the floor and hustle for the ball & quit being a whiner! Go Bulls!

  173. Mike says:

    I actually think Bosh is right in this particular situation. That guy knew he had no chance of getting the ball back at that point, but he wanted to showcase a bit of fake hustle. There is such a term in basketball. What that guy did on that play, leading to Bosh’s injury, was 100%, pure and unadulterated fake hustle.

    I understand hustling, I understand it completely. However, you can still play as hard as anybody else out on the court, hustling for every single ball, hustling on every single play, while avoiding potentially dangerous things that can lead to other players getting hurt. Whoever does not understand this, does not understand real sportsmanship.

    I don’t think the Bulls player meant anything malicious with what he did, but he was definitely extremely clumsy and careless on that particular play.

    I say this as a die hard Boston Celtics fan ever since Ray Allen joined them. Whatever team Ray Allen goes to in the NBA, is my new favorite team, it’s that simple. So I’m a Celtics fan, not a Miami fan, but I agree with Bosh totally here. This isn’t a play where anybody but Bosh had a chance of recovering that ball in that particular situation. You can’t just go throwing your body around on the court, completely ignorant of the safety of the other players on the court. You can always stop a guy easily on a play by doing the most harmful thing to them possible, or you can try to do the safest, most aggressive thing possible to somehow tilt the odds in your favor. That isn’t what that Bulls player did on that play. He was careless. I agree with Bosh.

  174. I HATE the HEAT.. BUt Asik tried to go through Boshs legs for the ball. Thats 250 pounds or more impacting your leg. Thats pretty dangerous indeed. Like i said, I hate the Heat, but i also dont like seeing players get hurt this way

  175. RoyPhils says:

    Well, Chris Bosh can always play chess… at least the most injury he can get is brain damage. 🙂

  176. BERN says:

    chris bosh . . .. . sucks. . . . MIAMI should have take some other big men. . . the under rated ones like brook lope and some other guys. . . maybe even Stoudemire!!! Chris BOSH -__- should just be released

  177. WG says:

    LMFAO @ John Schumann

    Thats funny, No wonder Bosh hasnt gotten a ring yet. And exactly what critics has he silenced?
    I dont mind Bosh, he’s always worked hard, but C’mon, I’m not a fan at all of big guys who can’t rebound. 8.2RPG? With Wade and James throwing 50 shots up? Bosh has been soft this year, and by complainging about Asik he got a whole lot softer

    “If you do a wicked crossover, I might break my ankles, then I can’t provide for my family” Chris Bosh Quotes

  178. RoyPhils says:

    There is nothing smart in pulling 3 stars together… let me tell you this… it is just 3 desperate people agreeing to do something desperate which means at the end of this season (and mark my words) these 3 desperate people will end up even more desperate. The Thunder have more chances of winning a ring than these Cavs. Lebron is good at one thing: Season wins. Bring him to post-season, I guess there is not much to debate about coz history is good enough to tell you how far he can go. Then you add an aging Wade and a weakly Bosh… good luck!

    • Miky says:

      Wow you truly know nothing about basketball, noone cares about your opinion aha. i mean Lebron James is incredible and you hate cause u aint a Miami fan i mean dude we can see you crumbling.

  179. JAJB says:

    some people say lebron is a softie? thats why when he twisted his ankle he came back and made a triple in the play?? sure he is a softie everybody do that nowadays…

  180. chicago97 says:


  181. Rafael Miguel Mallillin says:

    Basketball is a physical sport which includes body contacts and if a player does not accept this fact like Bosh’s complain the he better QUIT.

  182. Richter Tan says:


  183. Rafael Miguel Mallillin says:

    Try to be a man.

  184. Stop_Whining says:

    Chris Bosh should just shut up and play. Other players need to be careful around him because he is too delicate? If your too soft blame yourself. Man up RuPaul.

  185. HOT_Streak says:

    im a D-WADE fan and a HEAT fan as well but what BOSH did was embarrasing for himself and for the team. look LeBron tried to play and had shoot around before the Bulls game but couldnt it shows u how he wants to play with no excuses. now WADE has been through more injuries than Bosh did and he’s smaller than Bosh about 6 inches differential. c’mon even i can play with a SPRAINED ANKLE!! BOSH toughen up! prove your not soft! and PLAY SOME DEFENSE for damn sake!

  186. maui says:

    bosh is a cry-baby…he used to comment on shaq getting the better of off him, saying shaq was playing too physical!he might as well stay out of hustle plays & just wait for a pass…that’s the best he could do anyways.

  187. jerrya@live,ca says:

    y the toronto haters? chill men ooh hey moose

  188. Brendan says:

    In the thick of action, an especially in the middle of a hustle ball players will do anything to get the ball!! Bosh is a wimp!!! harden up princess!!!

  189. j-J says:

    can’t wait for miami to get a ring this year… The games lebron isn’t a monster there is enough fire power to help out…. you can keep your lebum chants… I’m just a witness. t felt great as a kid to tune in to MJ23 and learn about NBA and now the chance to witness greatness can’t be tainted by haters. Kobe will be considered one of the greatest players of all time when he retires and he is not half the player of Lebron ( apart from outside shooting ).. He is a credit to the sport and all these people go to stadiums to boo him? what’s wrong with america? A fish bowl life since 13 and he’s still the man… let him be and support your own team… if you are gonna hate, hate on Paul Gasol, screaming after every shot looking for a foul, or even Ron Artest, not a baller just a bully.

  190. James-less Miami says:

    Miami with no james- -0-3

  191. HabsRaps says:

    Bosh sounds like Sprewell….”I got kids to feed”. How much has he made already as an NBA player? C’mon man…come back down to reality. Plays like that happen all the time, and no player is immune to them. Grow up and play the game. And Miami is a good team, but I don’t know about a playoff team, we’ll see how their depth hurts them in 40 or so games.

  192. Chuk says:

    I hate this guy now , Feed my family ? We need a job ? U have a guarantted contract fool , I need to work not u ughh i hate this guy hes so soft

  193. .................. says:

    So this is a slow NBA news day, what a bosh.

  194. Miky says:

    can we stop with this “that is why he dosent have a ring” and “he sucks” none of you guys are professionals and know what it takes for the rings, oh and hes far better then any of you haters.

  195. Mark says:

    Looks like Asik was diving for the ball and Bosh stuck his leg in front of him…

  196. Fakehustle says:

    This guy had no chance of getting the ball, he jus dived in wreckless abandon, shh haters hes better than u, so stay behind you computer, cyber warriors

  197. NbaFan says:

    nobody will dive for the ball sideways. omar sees bosh is on the right position to grab the ball that’s why he dive on bosh’s leg to keep him from the ball. but the ref didn’t call it as foul. so whatever comments we post here nothing can change the judgement of the refs.

  198. Evan B says:

    NBA, Where Princess(es) Happen!

  199. T.O for life says:

    man y yall hatin on toronto its a sick city and it isnt the problem the problem is no one is willing to stick around if bosh gave it 2 more year they would have been championship contenders they r a growing team with alot of talent but no one wants to give it a chance

  200. Get Real says:

    Chris Bosh is soft by nba standards, Nbdl, overseas & playground. the video clearly shows a half hearted effort to retrieve the ball by bosh. if bosh didn’t have possession of the ball, why is he crying that someone else was trying to get it. (refer to celtics/cavs series last season). delonte cleary should’ve had the loose ball, but because rondo kept HUSTLING, he came up with the ball & scored…NUFF SAID…tito give him some tissue….Lmao!!

  201. Tone1000 says:

    Chris Bosh Is not a competitor. He’s soft. Now I understand why Shaq once called him the Ru Paul of big men, he’s Weak. First he’s says Coach wants to work and he wants to chill now this. This dude pisses me off, Man Up Chris…………

  202. Peter Tan says:

    They pay players like these, to deliberately injure the opponent’s key players. This my friends is an age old strategy.

  203. manny says:

    it was an accident but i can relate to bossh being angry healthy is the main corcern and to get injured as if he was playing footbal would definely suck. its one of those moment were all you can see is the ball… and you will do anything to get it.

  204. jack says:

    If bosh would have dove for the ball, then he would have never of hurt his ankle

  205. RoyPhils says:

    I am a Laker fan… two-time champs… why would I crumble? hahahaha… Guess what, why would a franchise player like ‘Bron leave his team… he crumbled… look in the mirror dude. I think you are talking about yourself.

    • Miky says:

      You know nothing bout the game, i dont care if you watch the lakers and cheer em on, dont comment on superstars using your fingers. You just hate, they went 19-1 at one stage and your saying theres a problem with the three together and how it dosent work. Tell me how that dosent work my good sir? whats good?

  206. Tim says:

    Bosh is a tool. He’s one of those egotistical losers who has forgotten who he is and what he does for a living. He thinks he’s someone special and people should be terrified of injuring his sacred ankles. No. He’s a stooge that runs around with a ball for my entertainment. Myself and other fans like it when the stooges jump around on the ground fighting for loose balls. Get over yourself Bosh. Everyone loves players who hustle, you’re just crying because you didn’t get the loose ball.

  207. JustME says:

    If bosh did not go for the ball, then he and Asik would not have hit each other. If He doesn’t want his legs hurt, then he should take care of it.

  208. Get Real says:

    was it me or did it appear bosh walked away from the play fairly okay, the real question is…DID HE QUIT ON HIS TEAM LIKE HE DID IN TORONTO?…Hmmm!

  209. Basketball101 says:

    Well, he’s no Amare for sure. Damn Lebron Why didn’t you come to the KNICKS……….. I could only imagine

  210. GSDubs says:

    OF course bosh would kill any of us at basketball. thats why he is an NBA player and we are fans. Very foolish to even compare the two….lol
    anyways, he’s a professional athlete playing a grown mans game. other grown men were hustling making sure their team wins, how can you fault somebody for diving on the floor like that???
    that takes some guts to put your body on the line. i am no bulls fan what so ever but c’mon bosh has no right to complain. there have been countless amounts of plays where a player gets injured in almost every sport. and most dont complain becaus they understand that it is a part of the game, the time when askik had to make a decision to dive on the floor probably had to be made in a half second.
    CHRIS bosh makes $18 Million a year and asik probly doesnt even make a $1 million. BOSH should have been the one diving on the floor and earn his OVERPAID salary…

    great hustle play, its a part of every sport. everyone learns that when they are a kid

  211. evan b says:

    NBA, Where Princess Happens

  212. Riz says:

    Kinda looks to me that Bosh shot himself in his own foot. If you look at it closely, Bosh actually planted his own foot there just as Asik was diving for the ball. Asik had already no chance of regaining his balance by then and as such, could not avoid Bosh’s leg which was ‘conveniently’ there. Bosh, grow up and be a man. Stop whining!

  213. Pinay says:

    well i think Bosh has the right to complain. After watching that video above. He seems to be at good terms with Asik after what happened. But of course, if you are Bosh and after the game, you could still feel the pain it caused. Then, you can’t blame him being bitter or what. He’s hurt. Basketball is his life, his living. Bosh is not acting soft. He’s being real. People loves comparing other people. That sucks.

  214. MIAMI HEAT 3:16 says:

    chris bosh is the one of the biggest name in power forward position… ol you guys admit that!!!! he is the one of the dangeous player in terms of offense… lets go CB WE NEED YOU IM SOUTH BEACH….

  215. just sayin says:

    asik didnt intend to hurt bosh, he just wasnt quick enough to get the ball so was bosh he just lost his balance and unfortunately he hurt himself. stuff happens in contact sports and bosh shouldnt complain about it. remember the time odom tackled ray allen after getting his shot blocked by KG in a regular season game way back in 2008. that was an example of an unnecessary foul and couldve injured allen. just sayin

  216. Zar The Knicks Fan says:

    wow Crish Bosh really??? Garnett and Duncan giving their all hustling and aggressive with their aged and broken bodies and you complain about an injury that “might” happen. That’s what separate great PFs and average NBA players. and i can’t believe some of the people compare crish bosh to great PFs like Dirk, TD and KG.
    Celtics are relying on KG so much and no one there to complain when he go down. you are not even second option in Heat and you complain about injury that “might” happen. you are weak
    Heat should trade you and get 2 or 3 good role players and they will be much better team than they are now.
    And learn some lesson from the rookie (blake griffin)
    he got injured and sit out whole season last year but he didn’t complained and now he is playing like there is no tomorrow. playing his heart out and doesn’t care about what “might” happen
    so learn something from those great players and have some heart and stop being a teen princess

  217. bruno says:

    O c’mon man. He didn’t mean to hurt your leg. He just did what he has to do.
    Yeah, just go and play chess if you don’t want hustle plays like that. Lol. It’s part of the game.

  218. Ben says:

    honestly chris bosh is a good player. BUT he’s just using this as an excuse to the fact that he was out-hustled and out played by the chicago bulls team. the heat have too much hype and “bandwagon jockeys”. the only thing that’s going to happen is all 3 of the “super friends” egos’ will get to them and they will mess up in the playoffs. s

  219. NBAFan says:

    Looking at the video clip, Bulls’ Omer Asik just did what he thought was the best thing to do to get the loose ball. He might have seen a chance of getting the ball that we didn’t see so it’s useless to comment that it was a waste of effort to dive for that ball.

    Every professional player knows the risks of their craft. It’s needless to say to any pro ball player to watch out for other player’s body parts to avoid injury. There’s only a handful of players to intentionally harm their co-players. Clearly, Asik isn’t one of them.

    Bosh has been around the League for quite some time. He is tough but is inconsistent. He is more prone to injury compared to other players maybe that is why he’s “soft”. Can’t blame him for worrying about getting injured but he’s a pro. He should know how to avoid injuries and understand that in this sport, high-level competition often goes hand-in-hand with injuries. Ask the greats, they never let injuries get the better of their spirit.

  220. jose says:

    oh wow don’t play basketball if you want to get injured. look at the good players in the leauge like amare he had an eye injury and instead of saying he should be more careful to the guy who injured him he just simply played the game. plus bosh is making 15 million he should be more willing to risk his body, but seioursly this is a disgrase to the game

  221. CFB says:

    god i hate this clown, Bosh has always thought he was the best forward in the entire league.. no cross that, the world..

    Truth is the guy is not even close to being the best. I liked what someone said up top, if you look at the cavs this year without lebron it’s y teaso see what a tremendous impact he had during his time there. The raptors on the other hand are a terrible team now and a terrible team when Bosh was still lugging his lazy ass around their court.

  222. CaRmichael17 says:

    kk i agree with bosh only on the note that theres a difference between making smart hustle plays and dumb ones. This one, was a dumb one, yea Asik was hustling all right……….hustling for some sandwich some courtside fan was eating cuz theres no WAY he was even close to making a play on that ball, it wasnt smart, didnt do anything but injure another player. the dude is a complete sloth mate, wat if he hurt himself and still made no play on the ball? thats how you make the top 10 plays on ESPN and they make fun of you…&its easy for us to say bosh should of done this etc blah blah but in the spur of the moment ur not thinking wait if i stand here and put my foot here while looking up court some 300lb sloth is gonna use my ankle as a flippn recliner. hustling is important but theirs a thing called awareness and paul bunnion on the bulls dones’t have it clearly lads.

  223. Mike says:

    Asik clearly jumped in for the loose ball first. Then Bosh just blocked his path using his leg. Wrong move Chris.

  224. WG says:

    @The Truth

    If 3wings is 1 to many, then how would Melo help? They’re not gunna trade, C’mon, but hypothetically if they it should be for CP3. Thats a fantasy team, with Paul dishing out to Wade n James or for Kevin Love, a solid post player who is rebounding. If coulda picked at a 100 comments here, but your was just at the bottom.

  225. Jay J says:

    this guy should not be complaining .. look at allen iverson dude brought philly to the finals with a broken wrist . and a.i scored more points in the paint then bosh .. bosh is just SOFT im glad this guy no longer a raptor we dont need any more soft players but for some reason we get them all

  226. Magic4Champs says:

    Ill say this, Omer didnt do anything out of the norm. his whole team was hustling, he saw the ball and dived. i might add that bosh stepped in a fraction of a second after omer had dived. so actually it could have been boshes fault. BUT as the commentator says it could have been ugly and if bosh had gotten seriously hurt it migh have given him license to complain. Lastly i dont remeber any other player who has complained about NEARLY getting injured( or injured ones for that matter

  227. Asik says:

    Considering how aggressively the guy slid into Boshs leg, Asik is lucky he didn’t get called for a flagrant. If someone was reaching for their candy bowl in your blog station and jumped on your wrists and potentially ended your year, im sure you’d go home and say “dudes gotta be more careful reaching for that candybowl.”
    when ur not in the big leagues, u cant really knock em or the guys who rely on their physical health to stay in them.

  228. gary says:

    Bosh’s statement came out of frustration that he was heating up in the 3rd and then that happened. It’s a true comment to me but something that will just make you look like a complainer in the end.

  229. KB says:

    It’s not anyone’s fault.There was a loose ball and everybody started going for it,Asik did not purposely dive into Bosch’s legs.Those of you agreeing with Bosch,glad ya’ll are not referees.

  230. Christian says:

    if bosh had hit the floor too, he wouldnt have got hurt. simple.

  231. Viktor says:

    i’ve been playing street ball all my life and i am closing in on sixty. at every court i go i see young, middle aged and old ballers playing for free day in day out. many of the majority of these players play with sprained fingers, ankles, broken noses, dislocated fingers, the flu, upset stomach, etc. a few like in any sport will slack but the great majority hustle for loose balls even in outdoor courts. for bosh to utter such words is to show fans how a spoiled millionaire thinks and not how a true b-ball warrior should act & speak. i wish more players were like kevin durant or ginobli who play their heart’s out without the hype or flagrant egotistical manners; go out and play like what u are paid to do so bosh and stop whining or please play tennis or golf. i am sure you won’t have to worry then about hustle plays.

  232. Jon says:

    A little off topic, but I love how every year people count out the Lakers based on regular season performance. MY only concern is on which date the parade down Figueroa will be this June so I can be sure to request the day off work.

  233. […] Chris Bosh sprains ankle, worsens health by shoving foot in mouth by Micah Hart […]

  234. bigboy11 says:


  235. Andrea Bargnani says:

    Go Toronto Raptors wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  236. sissies says:

    good thing Bosh did not gave his comments in a 1 hour special ^_^

  237. Paul Pierce says:


    i wish the heat play against us in the playoffs……i want to dunk the ball in your face again with my knee this time in your nuts…so you can feel real pain… baby boy…

  238. […] the previous night. Atlanta was clearly looking to out hustle and physically dominate Miami’s modest frontline, but Anthony’s presence altered all that. Granted the Hawks didn’t have their best rebounder, […]

  239. kobe24 says:

    bosh is cocky,,like KEVIN DURANT said “fake tough guy”..bosh become cocky coz he ogt LBJ and DWADE,,
    by da way i like this phrase “If you might accidentally poke me in the eye, don’t try to block my shot. That’s how injuries happen.”..hahahaha…acting like a liitle girl(bosh)…hahahahahahahah 🙂

  240. kobe24 says:

    i like the heats but i dont like bosh whinning and crying about his injuries…cmon hustle is part of the game..

  241. sportsbet says:

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