Mamba visits our friend in Burbank

by Zettler Clay

There was a guest on Conan last night and you may have heard of him. With over 26,000 points and 5,000 assists in his career, Jellybean’s son has done nicely for himself. But on Tuesday, he was faced with another test.


Vodpod videos no longer available.


Kobe’s velvet blazer + (another) quick-witted quip on Shaq + Conan’s plug for friend Ellen DeGeneres = a rather cool night.

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  1. PapaJo says:

    I don’t care a fig about Kobe. I’m sick of his name and picture on everything. Other great players play in the NBA, too!

    • LovetheHaters says:

      You know what PapaJo, if you can’t stand anything about Kobe, why did you read this post or even dare watched the video? I feel so sad for people like you, feeling envious and insecure. Kobe is among the greatest players of all time. Deal with that. If your complaining that he’s everywhere, TV, web, posters, products, it’s because he’s famous and loved by many. A lot of people hate Kobe, just like you are, but he doesn’t know you, so Kobe doesn’t care about what you say. He’s millionaire, successful and he’s on top. Deal with it. Loser!

  2. richard shipman says:

    but kobe the best so you need to get on sumwhere