Antonio McDyess, how do you rate on the Horry Scale?

by Kevin McCormack

Let’s get right to it, that was a sweet tip-in for the game-winning deuce by Antonio McDyess over the Lakers Thursday night. Nice, yes, but how does it rate on the Horry Scale?

Difficulty: The tip itself was simple, but the real beauty in this play occurred while Tim Duncan‘s missed shot was in the air. Watch it again and note how the wily veteran McDyess hooks his left arm around Lamar Odom to gain rebounding position.  When Duncan’s shot hit the rim, Odom has no chance and McDyess leaps up and taps it in.

Game Situation: The Lakers were ahead 88-87 with 4.6 seconds left when the Spurs in-bounded the ball. Down one, it’s time to get a basket or go home. Clutch play.

Importance: I’ll say medium-high to high. The Spurs have the best record in the league, but still have their doubters as to if they are actually the “best” team. Beating the Lakers in L.A., and further extending the current NBA storyline du jour that Kobe and the Lakers are in trouble, is huge. And let’s face it, there’s a pretty good chance these teams meat up again come May.

Celebration: Gregg Popovich cracked a smile! I repeat, Popovich cracked a smile!


3.5 Horrys. The shot itself was easy, but the game situation, conference implications and the fact that this is the Horry Scale, after all, and Big Shot Rob did in fact once play for the Spurs, earns this play 3.5 Horrys.


  1. alessandroempire says:

    i give it a 0. where was bynum? gasol? dont worry that won doesnt happen in the playoffs though.

    • Pat says:

      See this? This is funny to me. This is a mirror image of what happened in the Lakers/Thunder series last year in the playoffs, except it was Pau Gasol who made the tip in at the last second. The difference? For the Lakers everyone begins harping about how great the Lakers are and how they’re such a clutch team. For the Spurs, everyone talks about how they got lucky, dodged a bullet, and something like this wouldn’t happen again. Damn, will some of you people get over yourselves and give the Spurs some credit for a great clutch play? You ask where Bynum and Gasol were? They were standing there watching to see if the ball was going to go in. Where was McDyess? Blocking his man out and trying to get in a tip to win. He played until the buzzer went off, more than I can say for the Lakers.

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  3. LebronJames23to6 says:

    I have to agree with my man pat everyone is saying spurs got lucky and it wont happen again. people think lakers are a team that doesnt care about the regular season and make an exuse about oh well it isnt the playoffs. lakers arent the only team that steps up in the playoffs, spurs do too and looking at their record spurs are probly going to beat celtics or the heat in the finals to win it all

  4. LebronJames23to6 says:

    alessandroempire dude your right it wont happen in the playoffs cuz lakers are gona be getting owned by 20

  5. NBAfan says:

    @Pat cant be more agree than you, nothing worst than a laker fan complaining for loosing in the last sec when they win a lot like that, give some credit to the spurs 2-0 against the lakers woot

  6. OhMen says:

    spurs are 2-0 against the lakers this season and they held the lakers to 82 and 88 points. they say the spurs are not playing defense anymore but how did they held them to 85.0 PPG? a fluke win, no. more likely to happen often in the future.

  7. Jake says:

    I remember being in the stands for McDyess’ first game winner. It was not in time, but they didn’t have replay then.

  8. Aussie Pacer says:

    Anything that beats the lakers should be number one