Don’t know about a thousand, but this picture talks, Part III

by Zettler Clay

Last night, the Washington Wizards – owners of NBA’s worse road record – visited Disney World. The outcome of the game didn’t come as any surprise (Magic won handily) but this sight might.

Either a foul was called, causing play to stop while J.J. Redick got his freebie in or Redick delivered a Tim Hardaway-like crossover and finished with a left hand flush over the interested Wizards’ D.

The body language of the three Wizards – John Wall (l), Kirk Hinrich (c), Andray Blatche (r) – says more than I can. Well actually, Hinrich could give us a little more on the apathy end.

However, he did manage to exact some get-back on the former Blue Devil later in the game.

(For sake of time, forward to the 1:50 mark.)

J.J., hardwood. Hardwood, meet J.J. And that smothered laughter you hear… is not from Stephen Curry.

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