Kobe’s movie with Robert Rodriguez is here

by Micah Hart

We’ve been hearing about Kobe Bryant‘s motion picture debut for a month or so now, and as promised, the five-minute Nike vehicle, directed by Robert Rodriguez, is ready for your viewing pleasure. Roll it!

What do you think? Does Kobe have a future on the silver screen when his days in purple and gold are finished?

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  1. tata says:


  2. J.Jay says:

    It’s more off of a video game concept.

  3. PVD says:

    should’ve seen more of bruce willis

  4. Not Mpress says:

    not impressive..better watch UFC.

  5. bongskie2jr says:

    love it!

  6. Pally says:

    Another thing Kobe is better than Shaq at…ACTING.