Blake Griffin All-Star poster

by Micah Hart

All Ball reader Shane D. sent us this poster he created all the way from Australia, and we just had to share it. Well done Shane:

I guess it’ll have to be updated now that Mozgov and Gallinari have swapped teams, but seems like a pretty good list. Anyone disagree with the lineup? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Isaac Bond says:

    Didn’t he dunk on Ama’e? I think he should be in there; gotta have at least one guy who’s still a Knick from Blake’s monster night at the garden.

  2. stephen says:

    weak. all he can do is dunk

    • Jesse aka LIKEjayUrock says:

      if no one can stop him from dunking why would he need to do anything else??

  3. rovy says:

    GriffINSANE 😀

  4. Steven says:

    @stephen-how can you say that all he can do is dunk? have you seen his games? I’m a celtics fan but this guy is going to be the face of the nba sooner or later..

  5. idris says:

    didn’t he dunk on jeff green…

  6. TK15 says:

    Isaac bond… It wasnt at the garden, it was at staples 😉

  7. michael martin says:

    god is trying to kill me in my sleep.

  8. arnoldcook says:

    he is a sick dunker best in the nba

  9. Hamish says:

    Shane from Australia sounds hot.