Gilbert Arenas, meet my wife

by Micah Hart

As you may be aware, Gilbert Arenas has been wearing a different set of sneakers every game so far this season. Why? Cause he’s Gilbert. That’s just what Gilbert do.

Have you stopped to wonder at all how much all those sneaks would cost Agent Zero if he were pulling up to the local Foot Locker before every game? I know he’d have to drop $395 on the Dolce Gabanas he wore against the Lakers, but that’s really all I’ve payed attention to.

Fortunately for us, CounterKicks has been vigilantly keeping track of Arenas’ footwear, and can you guess what kind of tab he’s run up in 51 games played this season?


Man, that’s a lotta cheddar. I can only imagine what Barry and Levon would do with that kind of cash.

I must confess, I’ve never been a sneaker guy, so this seems like a waste to me. Then again, given how much Arenas has supposedly spent on other items like, say, sharks, a little over $5K isn’t so bad.

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  1. matt says:

    is that because he doesnt have a sponser??

  2. Shoes says:

    Superman loves his kicks, lol.