Kevin Garnett and Channing Frye, The Sequel

Of course we remember this moment. (If you’re a guy, you might benefit from skipping this video).

And if you haven’t been paying attention the last few nights, my man Channing Frye has been cooking a bit in key moments. So with Phoenix traveling to Boston on Wednesday night, it’s all the safer to assume that Frye would bring his Maximus Decimus Meridius game to TD Garden.

Well you know what they say about assumptions. Garnett posted 28 points and 11 rebounds and 10 taunts aimed in Frye’s direction. Frye on the other hand, played 25 minutes and scored four more points than I did. He also had two rebounds to show for his efforts.

Paul Pierce even got in on the fun.

And to make matters worse, he collided with teammate Vince Carter and left the game for good in the third quarter with a bruised eye.

In two meetings with Boston, Frye managed to leave both games with his nether region and eye violated. The peaks and valleys of the NBA season rears it head once again.

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  1. nkn says:

    Celtics have the worst personalities