Behind the scenes of the NBA Encouragement campaign

by Micah Hart

If you read this blog, it’s safe to assume you are an NBA fan (or my mother). Therefore, it’s logical to assume you’ve seen the NBA’s Encouragement ad campaign this season, taking real footage of various NBA stars from when they were younger and having people from the future talk to them about what’s in store for them. Like Amar’e Stoudemire. Chris Paul. Kevin Durant. Stephen Curry. And Steve Nash.

If you’re like me, you’ve seen these spots and wondered, “How did they do that???*”

Your amount of question marks may have varied.

Well wonder no further, as NBAE released this behind-the-scenes footage of how the Nash one (generally considered the best) got produced. Roll it!

Pretty cool stuff.

Also, courtesy of, here is the original Nash footage that the commercial is based on:

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  1. SSMU says:

    that’s my high school gymn! woooo Saint Michaels University School. The guy with the glasses was the director of athletics Ian Hyde-lay, Most intense man ever

    Victoria B.C. Pride!

  2. Ventruck says:

    Nash’s spot was most believable. I think that one throws me off most because Nash is the oldest of the featured players, so looking back is looking far back.

    No offense, but the Curry and Paul ones were too obvious and sleezy in comparison. I would’ve told that guy to get lost in the Paul vid. He was just obnoxious.

  3. Joaquin says:

    Nash’s is the most believable, you can tell it is a green screen in all the other ones, except Amare’s, but Amare’s is just the guy playing while some guys are creeping on him. Nash’s is so amazing, they friggin interact, the kid passes him the ball, and Nash actually steals it from him after, it looks so damn good, and besides, seeing Nash dunk makes me feel I can die peacefully now.