Blake Griffin and Mars Blackmon? Yes please

by Micah Hart

USA Today has news today that Blake Griffin is paying homage to the greatest basketball advertising campaign in history*, the Michael Jordan-Mars Blackmon spots from the 1980’s. Here is a photo from said shoot.

*says I, but surely you agree

I don’t know if this is for an upcoming commercial campaign (USA Today only notes it is a photoshoot), but it does make me wonder — would you consider a new commercial featuring BG and Mars to be a fitting tribute to MJ, or would you consider it blasphemy? I say I’m all for it, and not just because I think Griffin is the most exciting player to come into the league since MJ — I just love me some Spike Lee as Mars.

What do you think?

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One Comment

  1. BG Fan says:

    No. While I want to watch BG more than any other player on the court, I don’t think the message really works for him. BG has trouble with defenders with height at the moment. Later on when/if he fixes that then sure, why not.