Blake Griffin channels Mars Blackmon, but not for the reasons we assumed

by Micah Hart

Earlier this week we alerted you to the news that Blake Griffin was doing some sort of photoshoot/commercial featuring an homage to Mars Blackmon, Spike Lee‘s famous character from Nike’s Air Jordan campaign back in the day. The results of that endeavor are now live, and while it’s not exactly what we thought it would be, it’s still worth seeing. Roll it!

Mars “Blakeman”, eh? I’m still holding out home to see Mars himself come back to talk about Griffin.

By the way, Jordan Cameron, I don’t know your future as an NFL tight end, but your dunking skills impress me. If you make it to play on Sundays, I fully expect you to put Tony Gonzalez‘s touchdown celebrations to shame.

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  1. Flubbi says:

    The Dunk over the car was actually better than the real one =)

  2. Gary says:

    Dang they should have just brought him into the dunk contest or Blake should have had him help out with his routine. And to the wise guy about…yeah…right…