Introducing the Bragging Rights Bracket

by Micah Hart

Here’s a popular conversation around this time of year:

Sports Fan A: Oh man, imagine how good School A would be if Player X had just stayed one more year. They might have won the NCAA Tournament!

Sports Fan B: Tell me about it. And look how good School B could have been this year. Player Y and Player Z would both be seniors!

If you watched the two amazing basketball documentaries last weekend — ESPN’s “Fab Five” and HBO’s “Runnin’ Rebels” — you know what I’m talking about.

Nowadays, Chris Webber would never have called his infamous timeout in the NCAA title game because he’d almost certainly have left after his freshman year — as would have Jalen Rose and Juwan Howard. Larry Johnson, Greg Anthony and Stacey Augmon — all of whom were first-round picks in 1991 — returned to UNLV after winning the 1990 national championship. The only guys who have done that recently were Florida’s ’04s of Corey Brewer, Al Horford, Joakim Noah and Taurean Green — and even then, everyone knew they were the exception.

While we’ll never know if Syracuse could have repeated as national champs in 2004 had Carmelo Anthony stayed, or what kind of ridiculous stats Kevin Durant might have put up had he stayed four years at Texas, we do know they became stars in the NBA.

Which leads us to a new series we will be running on All Ball over the course of the next few weeks:

Bragging Rights: The Ultimate Battle for School Pride

The premise is simple:

We want to know which school has the best NBA players. Over the next few weeks, we will pit every school with at least five players currently on active NBA rosters against each other in a hypothetical, March Madness-style, single-elimination bracket.

We’ve seeded the teams (see below), and we’ll roll out a few games each week. You vote for the winners.

We’ll start this afternoon with Stanford vs. LSU.

Why spend your time wondering how good your favorite college team could have been when your favorite players are still in action today? Once a Dukie, always a Dukie, right?

The ground rules:

  • Schools with at least five players currently on NBA rosters are eligible. If your alma mater doesn’t have enough to put a full team on the floor, better hope its recruiting gets better.
  • For our purposes, imagine these games are being played today. We’re not interested in how good these players were as collegians, or at their peak in the NBA, but how they’re doing RIGHT NOW. Vince Carter may have been Second Team All-NBA in 2001, but that has no bearing on how he’ll fare this March, in Bragging Rights.
  • As long as it’s not a season-ending injury, you’re eligible. For this exercise, we’ll assume normal health for all players who have played the bulk of this season but who may be sidelined now. However, any players with season-long injuries (like Greg Oden) are out.
  • Each school gets one team. Some schools — like UCLA, which has a league-leading 14 players in the NBA — may have enough players to field two teams. Some schools have only five alums in the NBA. To even the playing field, each team will play only its best five players.
  • Positions don’t matter. For each school’s starting lineup, we selected the five best NBA players currently playing. Think of the Bragging Rights games like the world’s greatest pickup games: the best five on each side play, regardless of position.

Nineteen universities have five or more players in the NBA. We’ve seeded them in four regions. There are three play-in games between the No. 4 and 5 seeds (Memphis-Marquette, LSU-Stanford and Washington-Ohio State).

Winners will be determined by your votes, so if you want to support your school, spread the word to your fellow fans.

Here are the teams and their seedings:

East Region South Region West Region Midwest Region
1. Wake Forest
1. Duke 1. Texas 1. UConn
2. North Carolina 2. Florida 2. UCLA 2. Arizona
3. Syracuse 3. Georgia Tech 3. Kansas 3. Kentucky
4. Memphis 4. LSU 4. Washington 4. USC
5. Marquette 5. Stanford 5. Ohio State

Who will win? Hang out with us through the rest of March Madness to find out.

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  1. PistonsFan10 says:

    UCONN! Ben Gordon, Rip Hamilton, Ray Allen, Rudy Gay, Emeka Okafor.. Can you say Unstoppable?

  2. pmichael says:

    I’m thinking Duke or Marquette (yes that’s only because I know my boy D-wade is from there!). this is interesting, I like it

  3. peter says:

    Kentucky. Straight up. DeMarcus, Wall and Bledsoe this year alone. Don’t forget Derrick Rose, Tyreke Evans, and the others. I’d type’em out, but I’m late for work!

  4. ball says:

    WILDCATS pat riley dan isser rajon rondo joe crawford john wall demarcus ocusins eric bledose

  5. sa says:

    North Carolina – (Michael Jordan “Greatest Ever”, Vince Carter, Antwan Jamison, Jerry Stackhouse, Rasheed Wallace)

    Duke- All Duke players end up hurt or average/so-so players in the NBA.

    • sa says:

      Also from North Carolina – (Sam Perkins “Younger Version”, Kenny “The Jet” Smith, Ty Lawson, Raymond Felton & Tyler Hansbrough “whose making a name for himself”)

    • uuconn boy says:

      the debate is for active player so mj don’t make this team but unc has a good chance but teams like uconn ucla and kentuky has great chance of win this type of tournament because the players they had r playing great in the nba

    • poot says:

      Actually Duke has pretty solid players. Theyre way better than average. Grant Hill back in the day was pretty amazing. Carlos Boozer is a 20 10 guy, low post threat for the number one in the East, Bulls. Elton Brand used to be the “Blake Griffin” on the clippers back then. Luol Deng is pretty solid, His numbers are all star like. Josh McRoberts is balling in the highlight reel, everynight. Can’t argue about the injurys though

  6. Daniel says:

    I think from Uconn you have alot of ball hogs/shooters,but no “team” florida has to be up there- Udonis Haslem,Al Horford,David Lee,Mike Miller,Joakim Noah,Jason Williams,pretty solid there!-swarming defense!!

  7. ball says:

    LSU SHAQ,, anthony randolph, brandon bass, tyrus thomas, glen baby davis
    bob petit, pistol pete

  8. MJ says:

    UNC – clearly if the best player of all time was a product of your school, then that school is number one

  9. Corey says:

    Don’t forget Rondo!

  10. Jesse says:

    Where are the team rosters? What players are on each team?

  11. Daniel says:

    Active is right lol,and one player dosen’t make a “team”

  12. COOKEDCRACK says:

    STANFORD has BROOKE LOPEZ, ROBIN LOPEZ, JOSH CHILDRESS, LANDRY FEILDS, JASON and JARRON COLLINS…. some real good size but no true point guard in the nba…
    LSU has SHAQUILLE ONEAL, BRANDON BASS, GLEN DAVIS, ANTHONY RANDOLPH, MARCUS THORTON and TYRUS THOMAS…. Thay also have no true point guard but do have size to match stanford and more athletism so i say LSU WINS!

  13. Paul says:

    Schools with at least five players currently on NBA rosters are eligible. Come on guys, let’s read the rules first before we post.

  14. lucius says:

    Russell Westbrook, Arron Afflalo, Trevor Ariza, Baron Davis, Kevin Love — go Bruins!

  15. gamal says:

    santa clara steve nash and kurt rambis baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. steagle says:

    I’d have to pick UCLA or UCONN for best current players in NBA as a fantasy squad.

    • Paul says:

      I would pick UCLA:

      PG: Russel Westbrook/ Jrue Holiday/ Baron Davis/ Darren Collison/ Jordan Farmer/ Earl Watson
      SG: Arron Afflalo/ Jason Kapano
      SF: Luc Richard Mbah a Moute/ Matt Barnes/ Trevor Ariza
      PF: Kevin Love
      C: Ryan Hollins, Dan Gadzuric

  17. Magic-040 says:

    – Ben Gordon
    – Ray Allen
    – Richard Hamilton
    – Caron Butler
    – Emeka Okafor

    – Baron Davis,
    – Russell Westbrook
    – Jrue Holiday
    – Trevor Ariza
    – Kevin Love,

    – Rajon Rondo,
    – John Wall,
    – Tayshaun Prince
    – Chuck Hayes
    – DeMarcus Cousins

    North Carolina:
    – Ty Lawson
    – Raymond Felton
    – Vince Carter
    – Tyler Hansbrough
    – Antawn Jamison

    – Jonny Flynn
    – Wesley Johnson
    – Carmelo Anthony
    – Hakim Warrick
    – Donte Greene

    – Derrick Rose
    – Chris Douglas-Roberts
    – Rodney Carney
    – Shawne Williams
    – Joey Dorsey

    – Corey Maggette
    – Luol Deng,
    – Grant Hill
    – Elton Brand
    – Carlos Boozer

    – Mike Miller
    – Udonis Haslem
    – Al Horford
    – David Lee
    – Joakim Noah

    – D.J. Augustin
    – T.J. Ford
    – Daniel Gibson
    – Kevin Durant
    – LaMarcus Aldridge

    – Marcus Thornton
    – Tyrus Thomas
    – Brandon Bass
    – Glen Davis
    – Shaquille O’Neal

    – Landry Fields
    – Josh Childress
    – Robin Lopez
    – Brook Lopez
    – Jason Collins

    Georgia Tech:
    – Will Bynum
    – Jarret Jack
    – Anthony Morrow
    – Thaddeus Young
    – Chris Bosh

    – Mario Chalmers
    – Kirk Hinrich
    – Paul Pierce
    – Darrell Arthur
    – Drew Gooden

    Wake Forest:
    – Chris Paul
    – Josh Howard
    – Al Farouq-Aminu
    – Darius Songaila
    – Tim Duncan

    – Mike Bibby
    – Jason Terry
    – Gilbert Arenas
    – Andre Iguodala
    – Richard Jefferson

    – Nick Young
    – O.J. Mayo
    – DeMar DeRozan
    – Ty Gibson
    – Brian Scalabrine

    Marquette, Washington & Ohio State have no chance at all!

  18. miko4rm206 says:

    A ‘TRUE’ starting 5… plus da most “UNDERRATED”

    • poot says:

      Sorry this team is a total joke. None of these player start and they get like 10 minutes a game. How are they going to beat anyone.

  19. truebruin says:

    Lets go UCLA (:

  20. steagle says:

    Texas ain’t too shabby either. Forgot about Aldridge.

  21. Austin says:

    Texas is clearly gonna dominate! We got the one and only Kevin Durant! Plus rising stars Lamarcus Aldridge and D.J. Augustin. Plus always 3 point threat of Daniel Gibson. Oh, and T.J. Ford.

  22. dotz says:

    man, high school ballers would kill these teams hahaha

    PG Kobe
    SG McGrady
    SF Lebron
    PF Garnett
    C Howard


    • Quincy says:

      I agree to the highschool concept too lol

    • tre' says:

      Put LeBron at the point, move T-Mac to SF, and put Kobe in his own position.
      NOW it’s game over-who’s stopping a 6’8 260lb point guard?

      • johhnybull says:

        the celtics did a pretty good job stopping him, three times already this year

      • NCAA nutter says:


        this High school line up will surely beat ANY team in the world.

        Any team, anytime.

        put the best 5 from NCAA, say Durant, Wade, Rose, Altridge & Anthony>>> no fight at all.

      • thunderup says:

        Um I’d say just about everyone in the nba has been stopping him lately..

    • Your Mom says:

      high school all the way!!!

      • OverBackBaller says:

        @thunderup he say who gonna stop him as a point guard azz… lebron aint play as no pg for heats!! get educated bout ball den run ur mouth!!

    • HSer says:

      Can’t agree more, man. High school ballers killed all those NCAA teams!

    • Mike Larry says:

      AMEN! GAME OVER! Any college team against these guys would be finished. Too Bad this isn’t our blog or our rules… but I still say … these active future Hall of Famers –> WIN!

    • Zero001 says:

      yeah,, this will definitely win,

    • KG5 says:

      yeah..these highschool squad will kill them all,with my man KG..who’s stopping them?

  23. RhoNin says:

    Wake Forest has the greatest PF of all time PLUS Chris Paul, I’m sorry but they’d beat down any of those teams no matter who the other 3 players on their team were.

  24. Alex says:

    USC baby ha Demar Taj Oj NIck young yeaaaaaaa just wanted to throw that in there

  25. David says:

    UCONN wins this one hands down.

  26. Quincy says:

    Can we not forget about Michigan state!
    PG-Shannon Brown
    SG-Jason Richardson
    SF-Morris Petterson
    PF-Zach Randolph
    C- Paul Davis

    Charlie bell, Maurice Ager, Alan Anderson, mateen Cleves, also attended to that are now in the league.

  27. sean says:

    haha deffinetly nc put micheal on a team with anyone and they win

    • Collin says:

      Thats not it at all

    • LB6 says:

      1st team
      pg – Lebron James
      sg – Kobe Bryant
      sf – Tracy Mcgrady
      pf – Kevin Garnett
      c – Dwight Howard

      2nd team
      pg – Brandon Jennings
      sg – Monta Ellis
      sf – Rashard Lewis
      pf – Josh Smith
      c – Amare Stoudemire

      any of your college starting 5 wont beat the 1st not even the 2nd team highschool ballers

      • VirgyVirg says:

        If it’s based on how they’re currently playing swap out T-Mac and Melo and put Amare and Monta in and it’s definitely team of current players no matter who you put on it would be them


    • LK Sri Lanka says:

      Wake Forest, Kentucky, Texas and Arizona are the 04 Best Teams…Lookig at the capabilities, I ll put my money on Wake Forest and Arizona

  28. 3 PEAT says:




  29. jj says:

    ateneo blue eagles!

    LA tenorio
    Chris tiu
    JC intal
    Rico villanueva
    Rabeh al hussaini

  30. Lee says:

    highschool 2nd squad

    pg Monta Ellis
    sg JR Smith
    pf Amar’e Stoudemire
    sf Josh Smith
    c Andrew Bynum

  31. Craig Sager says:

    Michigan : Fab 5

    Jalen Rose
    JImmy King
    Ray Jackson
    Chris Webber
    Juwan Howard

  32. Heat Win against lakers

  33. jacob says:

    I say the Beasts of the East Celtics, with Allen, Pierce, Rondo, this team is unstoppable!! P.S. Smelo SUCKS!!!

  34. p-dizzle says:

    az is totally in the midwest lol…

  35. BULLS FANN says:



    Yea I would go with the high school dudes too. I would add Amare Stoudemire to start since KG is my dude, but he is aging. I will make Andrew Bynum my backup center. I may also throw in the old Rashad Lewis off the bench too. But I would just start my international team and put them in the tournament. Let me get

    Tony Parker (Barbosa, my backup PG)
    Turkoglu (SG/SF) (Rudy Fernandez back up SG)
    Dirk (SF/PF kill em on Offense, but suffer on defense lol) (Boris Diaw at back up SF)
    Nene (Power Forward) ( Louis Scola from Houston at backup PF)
    Pau Gasol ( at Center) (Andrew Bogut at back up Center)

    I want to use Yao, but he been done for the season. Other notables that didnt quite make it – a young Peja Stojakovic, Marc Gasol, Carlos Delfino, Beno Udrih, and Jose Calderon. Im not counting international folks that played college ball.

  37. Brandon says:


    -rajon rondo
    -chuck hayes
    -demarcus cousins
    -john wall
    -eris bledsoe
    -nazr muhammed
    -patrick patterson
    -tayshaun prince
    -keith bogans
    -jodie meeks
    -jamaal magloire

    -also kelenna azubuike, daniel orton, randolph morris, and joe crawford are in and out of the nba.

  38. Taffia187 says:

    I think North Carolina makes a pretty strong bid to win …

    PG ; Raymond Felton
    SG ; Vince Carter
    SF ; Mavin Williams
    PF ; Antawn Jamison
    C ; Brendan Haywood

    Pretty complete lineup I’d say !

    • Taffia187 says:

      P.S not to mention !

      PG ; Ty Lawson
      SF ; Brandn Wright
      PF ; Tyler Hansbrough ( Big Fan of this guy ! ) Look out for him in the futur !!!

  39. Kwasi Pokuface says:

    Georgia Tech

  40. RONDO4MVP says:

    i agree da high school ballers would dominate

  41. Ms says:

    How about Kemba Walker?

  42. martin says:



    pg – monta ellis (lou williams, sebastian telfair)

    sg – kobe bryant (jr smith, tracy mcgrady)

    sf – lebron james (dorrell wright, travis outlaw)

    pf – amare stoudamire (kevin garnett, josh smith)

    c – dwight howard (andrew bynum, kendrick perkins)

  43. Kadoza says:

    First of all, the all High School team would have Josh Smith over McGrady at this point, and maybe Amare given the roster they have..
    PG: Lebron
    SG: Kobe
    SF: Smith
    PF: Garnett/Stoudemire
    C: Howard

    Easily the best team, as well as the best rebounding and defensive team by a wide margin. As for the college teams, UCLA, and UConn are slightly favored, but no one is a complete dominant team.

  44. Jay Bradley says:

    U of H back in the day! Everyone forgot how PHI SLAMMA JAMMA changed EVERYTHING! Clyde and the GOAT, HAKEEM THA DREAM!

  45. Ivan says:

    High school ballers would school this college ballers. :))

  46. yel galang says:

    Wake Forest:
    – Chris Paul
    – Josh Howard
    – Darius Songaila
    – Tim Duncan

  47. Ross says:

    Wake, UCLA, Texas, Florida,Arizona and Duke all look pretty good to me. Remember that its a pick up game and you need some grinders and rebounders like Haslem, Love and Noah, also guys who can handle the ball and score if needed like Westbrook,CP3 .Also someone to block the middle like Duncan.

  48. SugaRay says:

    UCONN all the way !

  49. HSer says:

    How about High School team?
    Kobe, Lebron, KG, Jermaine O’neal, and a random PG

  50. Link says:

    Texas- Kevin Durant, Lamarcus Aldridge, T.J Ford, D.J Augustin, Daniel Gibson, Royal Ivey ( his name sounds like a plant 🙂

  51. joe says:

    They’re school kids….. WHO GIVES A DAMN!!!!!!!!!

  52. Charles says:

    I like Texas because they had Kevin Durant, Daniel Gibson, Lamarcus Aldridge, D.J. Augustine, Damion James, Avery Bradley, T.J. Ford

  53. Brian Anonymous says:

    GEORGE MASON…. (hooray. my schools on here now)

  54. randy pacatang says:

    this is a fun one..

    but all those college teams have no match for players who came right from highschool and went straight to the NBA..

    PG- Brandon Jennings
    SG- Kobe Bryant
    SF- LeBron James
    PF- Amare Stoudemire
    C- Dwight Howard

    Bench- Kevin Garnett, Jermaine O’neal, Tracy McGrady, Cj Miles

    im just playin. but i know im ryt hahaha

  55. LJ says:

    the high school team owns… but instead of having t-mac’s broken body in the lineup why not make it look like this.

    PG: LeBron
    SG: Kobe
    SF: KG
    PF: Amar’e
    C: Dwight

    try scoring against that lineup…

    also, I was tempted to put in Rashard Lewis in the lineup so the team has a shooter, but KG at the 3 sounded much more dominant.

  56. Mike says:

    What about international players?

    PG: Tony Parker (can’t put Nash since he went to Santa Clara)
    SG: Manu Ginobili
    SF: Dirk Nowitzki
    PF: Luis Scola
    C: Pau Gasol

  57. Dame says:

    Demarre Carrol
    Keyon Dooling
    Linas Kleiza…..
    thats all we need we’ll go 3 on 5
    or we can go get kareem rush and thomas gardner im sure they’re n the nba d-league somewhere???

  58. imher2011 says:


    yeah , next time we pit SCHOOLS VS BREEDS



  59. Mike Larry says:

    BRUINS take this Championship!

  60. Got game says:

    UCONN has the best 5 of all teams…. staright up…
    – Ben Gordon
    – Ray Allen
    – Richard Hamilton
    – Caron Butler
    – Emeka Okafor

  61. vozza says:



  62. SAINT MARYS HS 05 says:

    SMC TAGUM HS!! 2005

    PG – Ryan Idulsa , Paul John Salundaguit , Edsel Manguilimutan
    SG – Rionel ryan Balili , Alan Taojo , Lloyd hidalgo
    SF – Jed Pajes , Ralph Gelbolingo , Jan johnson tan
    PF – Gabriel Pague , jayson Aninon , Edmar Pateno
    C – Darwin Padigos , Rupp John Seismundo , Paolo Bula

  63. Adam says:

    Tough…in no order my final four would be: Texas, Florida, UCONN, UCLA.

    If Caron Butler wasn’t hurt right now…I think I’d give a razor thin edge to UCONN.

    As it is…I’m having too hard a time deciding so I’m punking out and leaving it at a final four.

  64. liljb says:

    No GA Tech? Look at all the players they had… love?

  65. Anvil says:

    – Jonny Flynn
    – Wesley Johnson
    – Carmelo Anthony
    – Hakim Warrick
    – Donte Greene
    Could be bcuz of the young energy

    – Ben Gordon
    – Ray Allen
    – Richard Hamilton
    – Rudy Gay
    – Emeka Okafor
    Straight Shooters

    North Carolina:
    – Ty Lawson
    – Micheal Jordan
    – Vince Carter
    – Tyler Hansbrough
    – Antawn Jamison
    Just a Pure DYNASTY!!!
    Rest of the schools good but those the top 3

  66. Joe Ville says:

    PG-Kenny Smith/Raymond Felton
    SG-Michael Jordan/Vince Carter/Jerry Stackhouse
    SF-James Worthy/Rick Fox
    PF-Tyler Hansbrough/Antawn Jamison
    C-Rasheed Wallace/Sam Perkins


    • Rob says:

      UCLA would beat this team, you must be a typical BANDWAGON fan who hopped aboard after Jordan made a name for himself. Typical of most Duke/UNC fans. You probably haven’t set foot in the state of NC, either. UCLA has 11 NC’s for a reason, they have the most players to play in the NBA currently and All-Time. I doubt you’ll recognize half of the players below, but that;s a result of you not knowing historical players.

      PG- Walt Hazzard/Baron Davis
      SG- Reggie Miller/Gail Goodrich/Don Maclean
      SF- Jamaal Wilks/Ed O’Bannon
      PF- Marques Johnson//Sidney Wicks
      C- Kareem Abdul-Jabaar/Bill Walton

  67. BullsFan22 says:

    This is ridiculous. How many of these guys actually finished college? .8% of them? Most of them only stayed there for a year, so what’s ‘school pride’ for them? We might as well have high school or middle school pride!

  68. Money says:

    High school ballers allstar team
    monta ellis pg/sg
    kobe bryant sg
    lebron james sf
    amare stoudemire pf
    Dwight howard c

    College basketball all star team
    Derrick Rose-pg
    dwayne wade-sg
    carmello anthony-f
    Tim Duncan- c
    kevin durant f

  69. meloo16 says:

    what about the HOYAS?? Georgetown has a lot of bigman alumnus plus the flashy and only ‘The Answer’… Patrick Ewing, Alonzo Mourning, Dikembe Mutombo,..

  70. kobe says:

    Enough with the idiots picking UNC and MJ
    That is a different conversation.

    The issue is who would be the best now… or who would be the best if all players were in their prime. However the later is problematic because one could argue that players like Durant and Westbrook, and Rose, etc, etc may not yet be in their prime. I’m going to assume right now otherwise Shaq would dominate this field because no-one could guard him in his prime. Also: NO, NOT WHAT ABOUT INTERNATIONAL PLAYERS!!! That is also a different conversation.

    – UCLA looks real tough, as does Florida, these 2 may be the best but Florida NEEDS better guards. On the other hand UCLA has the best guards of the group. (Westbrook, Collison, Afflalo, Farmar who? haha he wouldn’t make THIS team)

    – Kentucky also has great guard play but Rondo wouldn’t be as effective because he can’t create his own shot and not enough players on that team are good enough shooters to make Rondo an assist machine. Realistically he is not even in the top 5 point guards in the NBA (sorry celtics fans). Besides the ball would need to be in Wall’s hands more than Rondo’s. Hayes and Cousins would be nasty inside but overall undersized.

    – Uconn looks solid, real solid, but Emeka wouldn’t be able to get it done alone inside (Specifically Defense and defensive rebounding). Same goes for Texas’ Aldridge.

    – UNC looks very attractive but would probably be better on paper than on a court. However they are well rounded which is a big plus for them.

    – Wake looks great with Duncan and Paul but could be beat by other teams for sure.

    – LSU is a beast inside but doesn’t have guard play which is obviously going to be their demise. Shaq is old now and can’t play more than 30 minutes in a game for fitness reasons, injury probability, and foul trouble.

    -Wade would have no more individual impact for his team than Kevin Durant or Derrick Rose, they would both be MVP before Wade in this tournament… Melo who?

    Final Four: Uconn, UCLA, Kentucky, UNC
    Honorable mention / recruit some decent guards: Florida

  71. HeIsIAmHim says:

    I guess some people on here are brain-dead, because this uses players RIGHT NOW in this, no Michael Jordan, Tar Heels.

    The Durant/LA combo wrecks everyone in this thing.

  72. Filip says:

    What about West Virginia david ebanks and joe alexander

  73. Charles says:

    I just realized that UCLA is stacked also, they have

  74. Rob says:

    UCLA should win this debate, they’re solid top to bottom and have a ton of depth. They have enough star players, some nice role guys, and a good amount of young talent. As for an All-Time team,

    I know there are a ton of bandwagon UNC people out there that love Jordan/Carter/Worthy etc, but UCLA has 11 NC’s for a reason. There isn’t a college out there that could contend with guys like, Kareem Abdul-Jabaar/Reggie Miller/Bill Walton/Marques Johnson/Jamaal Wilks/Gail Goodrich/Don Maclean/Walt Hazzard/Sidney Wicks.

  75. D says:

    Texas, Uconn, Wake Forest, and UCLA final four.

  76. mcbh says:

    All these college schools have great programs, this is where you wanna go if you want to be successful NBA..

  77. aimhigh says:

    arizona is a point guard university as you can see on the roster even those that are cut, they will not matchup against college schools who mold and focus on forwards..

  78. Chello says:

    If you’re making highschool teams you can onnly pick players from the same highschool, or you make a Highschool Vs College team where you could pick any player comming from HS against any player comming from college or else it isn’t fair :P.
    Those HS kids would get beaten, any way most players comming from HS are ball hogs, they wouldn’t pass the ball if their lives where on the line… do you imagine Kobe, Lebron, T mac, Stat on the same team ? ( not counting Dwight because he is the less selfish of them all )

  79. Patrick says:

    UCONN over UCLA in the final. Shouldn’t high school and international players get their own bracket too. (by country)

  80. Dave Kingly says:

    Chris Webber
    Jalen Rose
    Juwan Howard
    Jimmy King
    Ray Jackson

    First choice any day.

  81. DukeFan1991 says:

    I love this whole premise, but I think it would have been cooler if they would have made actual teams. A lot of the teams have 3 shooting guards and no point. Or 3 power forwards and no point. Obviously if there aren’t enough alumni, then I understand. But there were some solid guards on the Duke bench that could’ve been on the team raining threes or dishing dimes. Maybe next year do an 8 man rotation.

    • mihart says:

      I see your point, and certainly that does hold some water – but the way I saw it was, in a pickup game, you’d pick the five best guys. As a Duke fan, would you really rather have Chris Duhon out there over Corey Maggette just because he’s a point guard?

  82. BBall101 says:

    UCLA beats Kentucky/Uconn in the final.

  83. dean says:

    kansas is also decent. chalmers, drew gooden, brandon rush, darrell arthur, and pierce. gotta take ucla though

  84. bk2ncballer says:

    in all time. north carolina. and ucla are the favorites because of the large number of pros and hall of famers. In the last 20 years. UConn and Duke runs away with it in a land slide. In the past 5 years. Memphis. Kentucky are hot.

  85. KELBO says:

    Not Just My Top 4 but The Top 4 Schools is


  86. crazylarry says:

    you guys are forgetting about University of Beijing, Yao Ming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  87. Spursrnumba1 says:

    I’ll take the highschoolers..

    1-LeBron James
    2-Kobe Bryant
    3-Kevin Garnett
    4-Amare Stoudemire
    5-Dwight Howard

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