A whole ‘lotta block parties

by Zettler Clay

In case you didn’t know, JaVale McGee has a penchant for aerial hand-on-ball connection.

Apparently (and fictitiously), McGee heard whispers that owning Wesley Matthews’ shot was sort of like, well, easy. After all, Matthews is a 6’5 guard coming around the corner to a waiting 7-footer with a pterodactyl wingspan.

Pick on someone your own size, he was told.

So McGee set his sights on the league’s best dunker Wednesday night.

Well then.


  1. JSmooky24 says:

    Blake should have been going for the jam..instead of 3cheers for a poster he got 3jeers on the rejection. JaVale still mad about the dunk contest.pahahaha

  2. Lakers 3Peat says:

    Sick… Not as sick as his grab outta the air. Howard should be able to grab too if he wants to.
    Yes McGee is pissed about the Dunk Contest. Should have been Ibaka vs McGee lol. And Blake Griffin is my favorite player to watch and he’s a beast dunker. But in the contest, those 2 guys were better.
    Lakers 3Peat

  3. JSmoove says:

    Well, he was robbed in the dunk contest. Pay Back Time!!!

    btw, i saw this game and blake really whines and sulks and complains a lot… on top of that, he flops! I’m a fan of neither team, just wanted to see the great rookie showdown and man, Wall might not win ROY but he is the real deal! He not only has the ‘it’ factor, he also has the ‘clutch gene’

    great game overall

    • Jimmy Cheung says:

      dunno bout the “it” factor, but i definently agree that wall has more of a clutch factor than most in the league.

  4. Rich says:

    Mc.gee’s swap against Blake was lame. for one, Blake wasn’t even going for a dunk. number 2, there was a defender infront of Blake already, so Mc.Gee was able to get in form to swap the shot.