Bragging Rights Bracket: Elite Eight Recap

by Micah Hart

All the contests are now underway for the Bragging Rights Bracket’s Elite Eight. Make sure to check out all the games and cast your vote to decide who will advance to the Final Four! Voting ends Wednesday night at midnight ET.

Once again, your Elite Eight matchups:

West No. 1 Texas vs. No. 2 UCLA
Midwest No. 1 UConn vs. No. 3 Kentucky
South No. 1 Duke vs. No. 2 Florida
East No. 1 Wake Forest vs. No. 2 UNC

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  1. IMCJ says:

    Where’s Butler?

  2. IMCJ is dumb says:

    how stupid are you… butler only has gordon heyward…

  3. IMCJ says:

    (Just kidding) lol

  4. ikr, kentucky all the way. john wa11 baby!!!

  5. sacking101 says:

    what is this? its not this years bracket

  6. bk says:

    Wheres the highschool dropouts?
    that should be a 1 seed

  7. RhoNin says:

    if you’re talking about the likes of KB24, D12, KG, LeQueen and co. – they didn’t drop out, they did finish high school. I’m not sure about all of them, but Kobe also qualified academically for college

  8. KickNdaJunk says:

    Come on dummies, it’s the women’s bracket.

  9. Mark Wilcox says:

    Hello there whoever…I don’t know a lot about college ball but I know UCLA was #7 and they lost to #3 Florida. Something is wrong with the brackets shown.

  10. Mark Wilcox says:

    Excuse me…#2 Florida

    • rkb says:

      This is not a bracket of the NCAA tourny, this is a bracket where fans vote on which school they think has produced the best NBA athletes… that is why it is titled “Bragging Rights Bracket: The ultimate battle for school pride” and not the “NCAA Basketball Tournament Bracket”

    • rf says:

      its not a real bracket its nba players that played for that college

  11. JIggy says:

    This is the NBA NCAA voting bracket made up of players already in the NBA

  12. haller!!! says:

    This is not about this year’s or even last year’s bracket. They are talking about players from these college teams (alumni) who are in the NBA right now and that if they were to play together, i.e. Duke vs Florida (Duke – Grant Hill, Luol Deng, Carlos Boozer, Corey Maggette and Elton Brand, and Florida – David Lee, Matt Bonner, Al Horford, Mike Miller and Joakim Noah) who will win the match? I’d pick Duke.

  13. smittal13 says:

    id take high school ballers over these guys any day. kobe, lebron, kg, amare, and dwight FTW!!!!!

  14. BR says:

    Come on guys! This aint the REAL NCAA bracket. It’s the BRAGGING RIGHTS bracket. Read up before posting.

  15. Chris Armstrong says:

    U have to click on the Team and its composed of NBA players…it doesnt reflect the NCAA tourny

  16. Ray says:


  17. Junkie says:

    HAHA! Others who comment saying “this ain’t NCAA bracket” or something like that are dumb! GUYS, this is NBA’s version of NCAA.

  18. BALLS ON FIRE says:

    who starts at PG for kentucky? Rajon Rondo or John Wall

  19. DUMB JUNKIE says:

    WOW! NBA’s version of NCAA? It’s not really an NCAA bracket. It’s BRAGGING RIGHTS

  20. Jah.Martins says:

    North Carolina gets the bragging rights! i mean MJ. G.O.A.T! not only on the court
    but brought back basketball to even the remotest smallest 3rd world country!!

  21. MJ says:

    Finals: Texas vs Wake Forest
    all the way only problem can’t choose who wins this

  22. Ki-Su Ro says:

    Finals = UCLA Bruins vs Duke Blue Devils

    UCLA total: 110.3 points, 47.1 rebounds, 36.0 assists, 3.1 blocks, 9.3 steals
    Duke total: 117.3 points, 48.3 rebounds, 15.3 assists, 3.8 blocks, 5.8 steals
    3-2 Duke wins ( points, rebounds, blocks )

    GO CELTICS! :]