Bragging Rights: Final Four matchups

by Micah Hart

We are down to the final four teams in the Bragging Rights challenge, with all four No.1 seeds advancing to the semifinals. Who will win? Check out the matchups and cast your vote to decide who will advance to Monday’s championship game! Voting ends Sunday night at midnight ET.

Once again, your Final Four contests:

West No. 1 Texas vs. Midwest No. 1 UConn
East No. 1 Wake Forest vs. South No. 1 Duke

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  1. bk says:

    Needs a highschool only team

  2. Got game says:

    how about a wildcard matchup with the winner of bragging rights take on an all-highschool team…

  3. Mark says:

    What the heck? Wake Forest & Texas ain’t in the Final 4. It’s VCU & Butler. What is this about?

  4. Mark says:

    And Isn’t Kentucky in the Final 4 also? What is this Bracket?

    • Allan says:

      I think Its a bragging tournament in which you vote for which university has the best current/active NBA players at the moment. There’s more to the rules but I forgot. i.e. ucla – matt barnes, jordan farmar, kevin love, westbrook, holiday, etc vs other active players and who would win on a 5 v 5. It has nothing to do with the actual NCAA tournament.

  5. derrick says:

    this sucks their bracket is confused

  6. kevin durant says:

    texas is going to win folks

  7. nick says:

    are you crazy?? wake forest over UNC??????

  8. Are you dumb Micah Hart? says:

    Its VCU vs. Butler and Kentucky vs.Connecticut. Lol whoever made this is dumb and shouldn’t be on

  9. andelob says:

    Well,they have Duncan and CP#3 so I am not really surprised…

  10. BlazeUpDemNuggets says:

    Okay so this is a bracket of teams with Pro players all on teams with others from their college teams. So Texas is Durant, Aldridge, T.J. Ford, etc. I say Texas, because Aldridge is a Blazer, and they’re my team.

  11. Kevin says:

    Some people obviously haven`t been following since the beginning… It`s not the real final four, it`s the best schools based on their players in the NBA… which leaves you wondering how UCLA didn`t make it to the final four!

  12. LAKERS says:

    ok so whats the point again of this article?

  13. Shaz says:

    um.. people. this is about a dream team for each school that is composed of people that came form that school that have or still play in the NBA. try to keep up…

  14. celadz2783 says:

    what evr…! observing when they in the game,

  15. For all those who apparently cannot read this is the BRAGGING RIGHTS:FINAL FOUR. NOT to be confused with the REAL Final Four. If you’ll notice in the middle it says ULTIMATE BATTLE FOR SCHOOL PRIDE. This is a fantasy tournament in which the best alumni from each school are chosen to go against the alumni of others school. Duke for example would be comprised of Deng, Boozer, Brand, Hill, and so on. Schools are represented by players ALREADY in the NBA. C’mon people. Like the NBA would post something about college basketball when the playoffs are about to start. EVERYTHING posted n is almost strictly about the NBA. The only thing about college ball that matters to the NBA are future draftees and not the competition involved itself.

  16. flo says:

    @ people who dont get it…the bracket is like a pretend ncaa tournament. the best current nba players are on their used to be college teams. this isnt the actual current ncaa tournament.

  17. jufu says:

    ummm you idiots might have noticed that this bracket didnt include 64 teams…

  18. Pat says:

    you guys are idiots. This has been going on for a long time on It’s not the REAL final four. It’s a bracket made that’s comprised of current pros from different schools.

  19. sebastien says:

    you guys need to read what it was about, they put current nba players back in their colleges and re-did the brackets according to the current nba players from the schools in the brackets. only schools with at least 5 current nba players were eligible though. this has nothing to do with the actual brackets

  20. Jz3n says:

    Hey!… all of u!… Can’t u see?!… This is BRAGGING RIGHTS!… not the real NCAA bracket!… This is a matchup of those schools whose alumni are now in the NBA!… Click on the ones in the Recent Post so you could read the past posts!…

  21. All About 18 says:

    This is slightly messed up..

  22. RONDO4MVP says:

    Texas all da way

  23. jethro says:

    i myself am confused. isn’t butler.vcu and uk.uconn the final four? and yeah. it’s butler vs. uconn on the finals. so im excited. but anyway. what is this about?

  24. Nate says:

    The All High School Team is better than any of those teams.

    PG- Monte Ellis ( I know he is a combo but he can play the 1)
    SG- Kobe Bryant
    SF-LeBron James
    PF Amare Stoudamire
    C- Dwight Howard

    That is a beast team, especially with each player the best at his position with the exception of Monte Ellis. This team would cremate the competition.

  25. awesomeman says:

    All Highschool team

    Kobe Bryant

    Kevin Garnett

    Moses Malone

    Lebron James

    Connie Hawkins

    Amare Stoudamire

    Dwight Howard

    Tracy McGrady

    Jermaine O’Neal

  26. scott says:

    dont forget Kwame Brown!

  27. Nate says:

    Connie Hawkins would have probably been one of the greatest players of all time if he wasn’t banned from the NBA until he was about 28. He lost so many years. Oh, well he still made the HOF. He could have had 25,000 points easily

  28. Zach Bowen says:


  29. Varan says:

    Understanding it doesn’t make it less stupid.