Live from New York, it’s Carmelo Anthony!

by Micah Hart

Carmelo Anthony hasn’t been in New York that long, but as the city’s shiniest new superstar you knew it was only a matter of time before he made his way onto the set of the Big Apple’s favorite show, Saturday Night Live.

With Elton John hosting last night, ‘Melo joined Tom Hanks in making a cameo on the recurring digital short Laser Cats. Roll it!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Anthony also appeared in an amusing sketch for an ESPN Classic showing of ladies’ shot put, but be warned there is some slightly adult-themed content.

What do you think? Did Carmelo show enough to get a chance as a host someday?

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  1. Nisha- Let's Talk says:

    Yayy! The Knicks are stepping up!.. Ha! Total sarcasm! The Knicks aren’t as great as they thought that they were going to be.. Everyone is always talking about Melo.. What happened to Stat?? He’s just been slowly falling into the background.. At least with Miami, Wade still shows up to play.. Billiups should be getting some credit too.. The Knicks will be happy it they put up a fight in the first round against Miami.. They should PRAY not to get SWEPT!

    • Jon says:

      Swept? by miami lol the typical ignorant espn mindset what makes miami so much better than NY? since the allstar break who has a better record against winning teams you know teams that are going to be in the playoffs? Amare is fading by choice he is just relaxing a little he put in alot of work carrying the team most of the season now they are simply working the new stars into the Offense you know how miami needed 45 games plus a presason and training camp to “gel” we have only had 25 games and seem to be on our way to figuring out an offense where every1 is comfortable as for defense well we need to step that up but miami will not beat the knicks in the first round knicks in 6 bosh wont show and d wade is gonna struggle amari will destroy and do your history research on what melo had been doing to bron in the last 7 years then our bench is better lol they have a better record yes but that means nothing miami can will lose

  2. law says:

    lol Melo was off beat and dry he cracked me up lol

  3. I wanna love Annie and Phoebe Chen Treasurer says:

    Oh my god. Now, I just wish New York wins the championship!!!!!!!!

  4. Matt Boner says:

    No, Melo sucked and would make a horrible host. I’d rather Landry Fields hosted SNL. That guy is jokez. Oh, and MATT BONNER.