Blue Devils take inaugural Bragging Rights bracket

by Micah Hart

In a back and forth contest that saw both schools lead at various times during the day, the Duke Blue Devils defeated the Texas Longhorns by a 52%-48% vote to win the inaugural Bragging Rights challenge.

The Dookies were probably the odds-on favorite from the get-go, with five legitimate near-All-Star caliber players at their disposal (say what you want about Corey Maggette, but the man can get buckets if nothing else). And as the dominant program in college basketball over the past two decades, it certainly makes some sense that they’d field the best current crop of NBA players.

Thanks to everyone who voted and argued, it was a lot of fun.

Enjoy your title, Duke – we’ll see if you have what it takes to repeat come next March.

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One Comment

  1. DBD30 says:

    @Micah: I’m going to say that yes, Duke will repeat next year. Remember how you mentioned that they lacked a ball handler? Well next year they’ll have Kyrie Irving in the lineup.