A look back: The Blake Show

by Micah Hart

Though he won’t be in the playoffs this year (and who knows about the future – it is the Clippers after all), we couldn’t turn the page to the postseason without taking one last look back at the havoc created by Blake Griffin in his rookie season. Here are each and every one of his 214 dunks in 2010-11. Enjoy responsibly:

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  1. Nisha- Let's Talk says:

    His dunks are amazing! Don’t get me wrong though when I say this, When his contract is up, he’s leaving the Clippers.. He’s gonna leave because there is NO WAY that the Clippers will get a championship with their roster.. The Spurs, Thunder and Lakers are all in the West.. They will NEVER get past them in a 7 game series unless, Kobe is gone, Duncan is retired, and Durant just plays a sucky 7 game series… Sorry… But I say that he goes to a good team in the East that’ll love him…

  2. Johnny says:

    Don’t know what you’re talking about a roster that has 6 players 22 or younger for? Gordon was in the top 12 in scoring with BG, Jordan impressed when he started at center, Aminu is a decent wing player, Bledsoe is an up and coming pg. So you don’t really know what you’re talking about. Sorry….

    • point gaurd chris says:

      your right russell westbrooks asisst to turnover ratio is horrid…..and with kevin durant being a point forward styled player he would have the ball more often to score. if blake wants the ball more then he should stay on a swingmen team like the clippers. but u may also be wrong because okc is an iscolation team, they like to put kevin one on one with deffenders…..this would allow easy cuts to the basket…blake griffin is a master on the attack so he should be able to finish from the cut

  3. Del says:

    They should make one of those for DeAndre Jordan as well.

  4. Celoi says:

    Well what if chris paul left the hornets in 2012 and goes to the clippers. Imagine Deandre Jordan and Blake with CP3 as their PG and then you got Eric Gordon an All-Star to be as a SG. Add some shooters that can play D and that’s a championship team. But then again it’s the clippers and they will not pull that off 🙂

  5. SmokeStack says:

    You forgot the alley oop he threw down on Kyle Korver. As a Bulls fan, I remember it well: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3PKG4jVNMK4

  6. Jake- Nisha, really? says:

    Nisha, are you serious or something? You said Blake will never win as a Clipper? You also said that he will never win unless Kobe is gone, Duncan is retired, and Durant just plays a sucky 7 game series. Let me explain something to you ok. Kobe is 32 years old so the Lakers are indeed going to fall. Tim Duncan is a dinosaur and he has no chance at stopping Blake. The Clippers have other players too, Eric Gordon a 22 ppg average, Deandre Jordan a ferocious defender and two young rookies in Al Farouq Aminu and Eric Bledsoe. They also have two 1st round picks in 2012(One is Minnesota’s pick) and they can possibly get both Austin Rivers and Harrison Barnes. Last thing Nisha, think before you write ok.

  7. dove says:

    @ Jake and nisha — don’t forget Foye! Blake is history in the making and I’m glad I’m here now to see him. Thanks for setting the record straight Jake; ).

  8. ggfff says:

    wish he was in phx… imagine what coulda been… man.. when Amare left i had to get therapy, watching blake griffin make me want to go right back into therapy. hopefully suns will get someone.

  9. Ariel says:

    NBA, Please replace the rims for next season. They are hurt of Blake Show. Make them stronger. 🙂 lol

  10. jw1911 says:

    Saw this guy on espn… its been 2 decades since i followed NBA but wow he’s great!

  11. joseph says:

    o my gosh that boy is crazy good he’s dunkalicious

  12. handsome says:

    your are my only 1 idol in nba players ..you are a good player i hope someday i see you in personal .i wish you give always dunkalicious shot for always game.

  13. alan varela says:

    RE: Nisha Let’s talk AGAIN , Blake isn’t going anywhere. Welcome to LobCity.