Jameer Nelson, you sir got pwned

by Kevin McCormack

The basketball public is probably still a little skeptical as to how far this Hawks can team can go in the playoffs, but one thing is for sure, they are the champs (the CHAMPS) of postgame smack talk. And for this, we salute them.

First, we had Josh Smith with a little “In yo’ face!” comeuppance to an Orlando sportswriter and now comes word that Hawks VP of Public Relations Arthur Triche left a pair of tickets to last night’s Hawks-Bulls Game 1 for Magic guard Jameer Nelson, who famously told Derrick Rose a few weeks back that he’d “see you in the second round.” Um, or not.

Well played Mr. Triche. Well played.


  1. Tenki says:

    Right move at the wrong time. They should have sent Nelson courtside tickets in Game 3, when Atlanta hosts Chicago.

  2. Steve` says:

    Pride comes before the fall!

    Howard to the Lakers 2011 🙂

  3. jmL| says:

    nice one !

  4. heater says:

    Im so happy the lakers are sitting home with their egos laying on the floor. But whats better then that is that the bosten fans aren’t talking cr-p anymore their mouths are on the floor with tiers about to start falling. And up next are the bulls get ready D-Rose playoffs are a different story what happens in the reg season doesnt matter just look at the celtics still wondering what is happening. Lets go HEAT burn em down.

  5. lamekid56 says:

    ORLANDO MAGIC gone fishin’…hahaha

  6. bulls>heat says:

    lol i guess derrick rose gotta get josh smith some bulls vs heat tickets