Conventional wisdom report: May 8th

by Micah Hart

Each day until the end of the NBA Finals, we’ll be taking a look at the conventional wisdom of the moment — which team is currently the favorite to win it all, and which team should be ashamed to still be putting on their jerseys.

Here’s how it looks on the morning of Sunday, May 8.

Start planning the parade:

Dallas Mavericks

The only team with a 3-0 lead, the Mavericks will look to close out the Lakers in Game 4 today at American Airlines Center, where they’ve yet to lose this postseason. Dallas star Dirk Nowitzki is playing so well, he even has ESPN’s Sports Guy starting to mention him in the same space as Larry Bird, praise normally reserved for deities and superheroes.

If the Mavs can close it out, they look to have the opportunity to get several days of rest for their veterans, as the Thunder-Grizzlies series is definitely giving off a seven-game vibe.

Give it up already:

L.A. Lakers

Dynasties rarely bow out gracefully — they often go down in spectacular and embarrassing fashion. The Lakers won back-to-back titles in 1987-88, then were swept by the Pistons in the 1989 Finals. The Pistons took the same route, winning two championships before getting swept themselves by the Chicago Bulls in the 1991 Eastern Conference Finals.

The Rockets of the mid-90’s? Two straight in 1994-95, and unceremoniously bounced by the SuperSonics in a sweep in the 1996 conference semis. And then of course there was the end of the Shaq-Kobe Lakers, dumped by the Pistons in five games in 2004.

We already saw what happened to the Spurs earlier this postseason, and the same fate appears to await the Lakers later on today.

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  1. Turk says:

    I believe the Bulls are beginning to be overlooked again…..’
    We got the MVP in DROSE and a great supporting cast with the exception of Boozer’s lackadaisical play
    Bulls in 6 agianst the Mavs!

    • hahaha says:

      hahah the bulls over the mavs? hahah wow
      no, u wont see the bulls in the finals buddy
      , bos n mia r both better and deeper teams and have proved it in these playoffs

    • SeattleRebel says:

      WRONG on both accounts.

      NO BULLS & NO MAVS in NBA Finals.

      Celtics/Heat vs MEMPHIS GRIZZLIES in NBA FINALS.

  2. lmfaoo @ TURK…..I got love for D-Rose, his one of the most exciting player to watch play…A goood defensive team will shut down D-Rose then what do the other players going to do then haa?? Chi-Town need a good SG or a good low post threat then they gona b rocking…. MEM GRIZ is gonna shock the nation.. MIA VS DAL FINALEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

  3. Carl says:

    I am a Celtics fan but the Bulls are definetly the team to beat

  4. BullsNation says:

    We beat the Heat twice this year , and we beat the Celtics twice this year , if D-Rose doesn’t come through ( which he ALWAYS DOES ) We have one of the best underrated 3-Point shooters Kyle Korver. We have great presence in the paint and Loul Deng is at his prime. Bulls v. Memphis championship game … BULLS WIN !

  5. Adam says:

    Bulls beat the heat three times this year…not twice. As in 3 – 0. Bulls beat the CEltics the last two times they played them…and they did it in very convincing fashion.

    People get all excited by large margins of victory…when the victories are all that matters. The Bulls are very stable, very consistent, not all super hot or all super cold. Steady.

    Best defense in the league. Best coach in the league. Best point guard in the league.

    Count them out now…talk about bad refs, if this guy didn’t do that, or if the other guy did this…later. Get your generic excuses ready people.

  6. KB says:

    DIRTY DWANE made an intentional takedown on Rondo. I knew when I first saw it, and I was even more convinced after every replay.

    I wrestled in HS for years, so I know the move he used. He took a big step with his left foot to step across Rondo’s body, and used his right arm to hook Rondo’s body, then popped his hip and twisted to essentially trip Rondo over his hip. This is basically a modified hip toss that you might see in Judo or wrestling.

    If Wade was trying to prevent a fall he would not have stepped across Rondo’s body and twisted going down, so it is pretty blatantly intentional.

    He did not know Rondo would hurt his elbow going down, but he did try to take him down, and that is not OK on a hard basketball court. You should expect injuries doing wrestling takedowns on a hard court! I think that should be a Flagrant 1, and his second Flagrant this series after basically body checking Peirce in Miami.

    If Wade plays like that he does not belong in basketball. That is not acceptable “physical” play in the game of basketball. It is pure thuggery. If I wanted to see that I would watch MMA or Ice Hockey instead. What a disgrace to try to win that way!

    If anyone defends him, I challenge you to a pick up game. Let’s see how you feel when I throw you with a DIRTY DWANE hip toss on the court. You’ll probably get up and throw blows, and that’s understandable reaction to a dirty play like that.

    • fuki says:

      what a baby wade is killing your celtics haha

    • steagle says:

      well said. i hate how so many people defended D-Wade by saying that was an accident and he intended no harm. give me a break. did Bynum intend no harm on Barrea tonight? or Odom on Dirk? when they get it in their heads, certain players will literally try to take down their opponent, for nothing other than frustration. Boston was beating Miami all over the floor and suddenly that crazy takedown on Rondo. i think D-Wade should be ashamed of himself (he won’t be, of course) and he better be careful himself next game.

    • HEATinSeven says:

      LMFAOOO.wade isnt like that.he wouldnt cause pain to another player on purpose. people have the funniest posts these days..

    • Jake says:

      Obviously Wade was trying to take down Rondo, but I guarantee he wasn’t trying to dislocate Rondo’s elbow.

  7. Dirkinator says:

    do you think that Bulls will have their chance with the Mavs?? Sure that you have your MVP but are the Bulls experienced enough when they reach the finals? Mavs will take the Ring this year.. they are playing so good..

  8. FancyPancy says:

    “We have one of the best underrated 3-Point shooters Kyle Korver”
    Pretty certain Korvs was the leader in 3point% last year buddy, so i wouldn’t say he in underrated whatsoever, get a grip.

    It’s gunna be Bulls v Mavs in the final, the bulls are to big/smart for the heat, ala’ Tell me how they’ll stop D-Rose, and if they some how can, he can dish it out to the wings and feed THE UNDERRATED PLAYER Luol Deng, Korvs or even KBogs if he feelin’ it. Yes, i know the Heat have 3 of the top 15 players in the league in one team, but the ‘bit’ players aren’t good enough to withold a good bence, just look at the celtics game to see.

    All in all i think the Bulls are taking this one out, though i have love for my Hawks, we not good enough……yet 🙂
    Bulls to take it to the Mavs in 5.

  9. BBallGuRu says:

    I think you all slept on OKC here… they are only down 2-1 and juss cause Memphis beat the spurs dont mean they are a better team… is OKC closes out the last quarter this whole conversation looks different.

    • FancyPancy says:

      But they didn’t, so this is what the conversation is. The reality is they down 2-1, tough to come back and win 3 in a row,

    • SeattleRebel says:

      Yea, & IF I had or IF you had or IF so & so had…………..

      That’s what life is often all about…….IFs & WHYs & could’ve & should’ve…..


  10. Jack says:

    @Bballguru Yeah the same way if the Lakers had executed in games 1 and 3 they wouldn’t have gotten swept. You can say a lot of if they haven’t but all that matters is what happened, not what didnt

  11. Man says:

    the bulls are not deep enough at all to take on the mavs. and there is no one on the team who could guard dirk. and if you did not see todays game, korver was 1-7 shooting. i am not a heat fan at all but the heat will beat the bulls. mavs an heat in the finals.

  12. JS says:

    @ KB Okay, this ‘Dirty Dwyane’ business is nonsense. Looking at that play, it seemed every bit Rondo’s own fault for basically keeping Wade from getting to the loose ball. I mean, seriously. In that situation Wade had absolutely NO reason to try to trip Rondo. The ball was last touched by Miami, so Wade’s only motivation would be to get to the loose ball, and Rondo’s motivation would be to stop him. Rondo got tangled up with Wade and they both fell over, the end.

    Are you seriously going to say that Dwyane Wade, a proven standup guy, charitable, and respected player for 8 years in the league, would sacrifice a possession in a playoff game in order to purposely trip Rondo for no reason with a Judo move he picked up somewhere? Somehow I think it just makes more sense that the whole thing was an accident.

  13. boss lei says:

    who ever will face the mavs will go home with out the title. its very clear that the mavs are the rightfully to become the champions. dirk is the best in this playoff. lts go mavs. with his team mates playing that well.. theres no reason why the mavs will be the champions on june. hahhahahahha lets go mavs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Jonathan says:

    Excuse me but can anybody please tell me where in the Heck are the Laker Fans at now LMAO

  15. AE11 says:

    I think that everyone is getting a little bit too excited on here. This isnt the reguar season anymore, its the play offs so people need to stop bringing up the past and what happened in the regular season. I mean the :akers are out of the play offs now and im pretty sure not too long ago everyone had them down to 3peat? i also believe people said the heat would choke against boston yet they are up 2-1, the supurs are the team to beat? yet they got swept. Instead of coming on here to write a bunch of rubbish about who you think will make the finals etc and why they will win and all tht crap i think some of you need to realise that this is the NBA, any team can beat any team and as far as i know, no one has made the finals yet so stop with all the unrealistic speculating.

  16. shaqtus says:

    whats all this about the bulls? hawks can beat the freakin bulls just shut down rose and you win the game, and the bulls have no depth, who else do you have that can step up and score big points without rose? no one. Hawks v dallas final, hawks win after 7

  17. AZiatic says:

    this years po’s have to be the most entertaining playoffs ive watched for some time now, im just soo happy the lakers and spurs are gone, this year has been full of surprises, Memphis has what it takes to edge out OKC and atlanta ( my team) is as close to the CF’s as they have been this whole decade. this year has had me checkin every hour or so, jus soo excited Grizzlies and HAWKS BABY!

  18. dg says:

    Celtics-Grizzlies. Grizzlies in 5.

  19. Tom Henares says:

    LA LAKERS are sore LOSERS !!!

  20. awesomeman says:

    Mavs, you guys want the heat.

    2-0 against them, no one to guard Dirk or Tyson