Conventional wisdom report: May 9th

by Micah Hart

Each day until the end of the NBA Finals, we’ll be taking a look at the conventional wisdom of the moment — which team is currently the favorite to win it all, and which team should be ashamed to still be putting on their jerseys.

Here’s how it looks on the morning of Monday, May 9.

Start planning the parade:

Dallas Mavericks

Several things stand out in the wake of the Mavs’ total destruction of the Lakers on Sunday. Their staggering proficiency from 3-point range was amazing, as Dallas tied several NBA playoff records including most 3’s in a half (11), most 3’s in a game (20) and most by a single player (Jason Terry, nine). But the biggest achievement to me (as our main man Sekou Smith also points out): the Mavs became the first team in playoff history to have three bench players top the 20-point mark in the same game, with Jason Terry (32 points), J.J. Barea (22), Peja Stojakovic (21) each reaching the plateau.

Dallas has everything rolling right now and is making its playoff failures of the past a distant memory with each win. If the Mavs’ bench can keep turning in performances even half as good as what we saw from them in Game 4 on Sunday, they just may net Dirk Nowitzki his first NBA title.

Give it up already:

Chicago Bulls

Game 4 against the Hawks showed everyone exactly why the Bulls aren’t ready to win a championship yet. When Derrick Rose doesn’t have his offensive A-game, Chicago doesn’t have enough reliable alternative scoring options. Much like Atlanta did against Orlando and Dwight Howard, the Hawks can focus their defensive energy on making Rose work for his points (34 points in Game 4, but on 32 shots) and count on the rest of the Bulls coming up short.

The Bulls may have had the best regular-season record in the NBA, but they had a much tougher first-round series against the Pacers than most expected. Now the Hawks are threatening to take them to the limit as well. Even if Atlanta can’t finish the job, the looming battle with the Celtics or Heat — both of whom play much better defense than the Hawks — will be enough to send them packing.

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  1. PSoul says:

    I think everything is setting up for the Mavs to win. They aren’t the favorites despite thumping the Lakers and no pressure on them at all. All the pressure is on Miami since it’s Miami’s title to lose with everything falling into place for them. This could be Dirk’s year.

    As far as the Bulls are concerned. They are in trouble. They should have gone after Ray Allen or Rip Hamilton when they had a chance. It’s Rose or bust for them. If they had a solid SG and Deng could still get you the points he’s getting you now as the 3rd option, they would be ready.

  2. Matt dunn says:

    Start planning the parade? I think we did that once!

    • Marqui says:

      We did and look what happen. We need to wait until we actually win the damn chmpionship before we start planning anything.

  3. Hunter says:


  4. Kangkarot Ski says:

    GO DALLAS!!!

  5. Kel says:

    I agree about the Bulls. They have problems and have never looked like a championship team in the playoffs. However, while the Mavs have looked great, I doubt they’ll be shooting that well from 3 all the time. And it’s all about matchups. If the Mavs play OKC, for instance, they actually have a PG that can stop penetration unlike LA. They definitely have a great shot though. I wouldn’t be surprised if they won at all. I think Chandler gives them a toughness they haven’t had in the past. And if they make it to Finals, if they face the Celtics, that would be a tough one.

  6. Christian says:


  7. Todd says:

    Just as @MAtt dunn said we did that once! The Mavs shouldn’t listen to all of the bandwagoners from the media just keep playing Mavs b-ball and carpe diem. You can truly see the hunger of the veterans Dirk, Jet, Kidd,and even Peja.

  8. Binner says:

    Congratulations Dallas Mavs.I can’t think of another team that is more deserving than the Mavs. Their unselfish play and team concept makes them fun to watch. Keep focus and it will be your year. And to think you didn’t have to rock the NBA nation by conspiring to stack 1 team with self proclaimed super stars.

  9. J says:

    yupz i agree with soul.. keith bogans isnt too bad actually, he plays pretty decent defense.. but with all the super-teams these days you have to be strong 1-5.. a more solid SG for the bulls would be great.. second thing, i think noah needs to up his game, especially offensively.. i know ppl give him a lot of props for energy and hustle and thats true but when it comes to the offensive end he’s not dependable

    • Jake says:

      You know Noah’s not going to be a big time offensive threat, but what about Carlos Boozer? He’s been even less dependable for the Bulls than he was for the Jazz.

  10. rigosc says:

    Congratulations Dallas Mavericks! I, as a Laker fan hope you the best. I realize how lucky i am to have a team as the Lakers organization-many playoffs, finals, and titles. You must understand that there is never enough, hence, i am still disappointed/sad about the loss. However, i must tell my team that i love them, even if it was a sweep.

  11. Yatesy says:

    The Mavs have the firepower and experience to knock off the Thunder or Grizzlies. They also have more weapons than Atlanta and Chicago (no disrespect to Rose but the Bulls can not win without him at his best). The winner of the Heat and Celtics will contend for the Finals and even then, the Miami bench will have to match the Mavs bench (86 points in game 4)

  12. renz_garnett says:

    i want to see dallas-miami again.. but this time.. it will be all about dirk nowitzki..


    If it’s a miami dallas match-up, does my name mean anything?? Any COMMENTS???

  14. Barry says:

    I’ve been watching Mavericks since they came into league. After thier first playoff losses (to the Lakers) I have never seen them play like they have the past 4 games. I truly hope this is thier year! GO MAVS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. ROSE THE HEAT IS COMING!!! says:

    @HISTORY REPEATS ITSELF!!it could be possible because i myself or even everybody never expect that DALLAS can play like what they did to the LAKERS and this happen when the MIAMI has the BIG THREE and expected to be a FINALS contender,,if this matchup will happen in the FINALS it could be the most exciting matchup for the finals this season,but still i believe that MIAMIcan win coz they has the TOP 5 DRAFT PICK in 2003 NBA DRAFT and i think this is the best draft so far for the last 10years, and they are improving the inside defense and their problems in the 4TH QUARTER close games during the regular season are gone..