So, what has Andrei Kirilenko been up to this offseason?

by Micah Hart

For the teams not in the playoffs, there is a lot of time to kill between now and the start of next season. It’s a time when players can focus on themselves, spend some quality “me” time. Some go back to school, many go on vacations, and all use the time to take care of projects they just don’t have time for during the regular season grind.

I wonder what Jazz forward Andrei Kirilenko is doing with his time?

Yowsa! That’s quite a tat. Apparently, it took just 12 hours to complete, too. I am positive that he in no way ever regrets that, nor scares any future little AKs when he tucks them in at night.

H/T SLC Dunk, art by vicback

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  1. awesomeman says:

    pretty cool, glad he likes it.

  2. lol says:

    what on earth is that supposed to be?

  3. lamekid56 says:

    that’s what i call a tattoo…

  4. bulls>heat says:

    i bet hes the next anderson. u know that guy on the nuggets with tattoos up to his neck and a mowhawk? that guy is crazy

  5. choker says:

    it will not make him a good basketball player…….. and by the way the tattoo sucks!!!!