Conventional wisdom: May 16th

by Micah Hart

Each day until the end of the NBA Finals, we’ll be taking a look at the conventional wisdom of the moment — which team is currently the favorite to win it all, and which team should be ashamed to still be putting on its jerseys.

Here’s how it looks on the morning of Monday, May 16.

Start planning the parade:

Chicago Bulls

Pretty impressive show by the Bulls last night in Game 1. Derrick Rose continues to show why he’s the league’s MVP, getting into the lane at his choosing, and hitting several shots from the perimeter to boot. Honestly, if Rose is hitting 3-pointers, you might as well just hand the trophy to Chicago now and save the other teams the embarrassment, because he is literally unguardable when his jump shot is falling.

Here’s a question for you: Who has been the breakout young talent of these playoffs? You could say Atlanta’s Jeff Teague, or OKC’s James Harden, or perhaps Dallas’s J.J. Barea, but you’d be wrong. The answer is Chicago’s Taj Gibson, who, much like Nuke LaLoosh, announced his presence with authority last night:

The Bulls shot the ball exceptionally well last night, and that in and of itself is perhaps a little fluky, but the defensive effort (holding Miami to 82 points in 83 possession) and the offensive rebounding numbers (19 boards, leading to 31 second-chance points) are not. Those are huge advantages Chicago holds in this series, and they will carry them to a surprisingly easy series win and onto the NBA Finals.

Give it up already:

Miami Heat

The problem the Heat have, and there is really no way to avoid it, is that they are playing three-on-five in the best of situations in this series. And that’s when their starters are on the court. What about when they need a rest?

The Heat are quality-not-quantity, and matched up against the Bulls, who had the NBA’s best bench during the regular season, they are going to be in trouble any time any of the Super Friends is off the court.

LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, and Chris Bosh all pretty much need to play 48 minutes every night for the Heat to even have a prayer against the Bulls. And even that probably isn’t enough.

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  1. BLM73 says:

    Awesome Game One – Go Bulls!!

    • Isaac says:

      I agree, this series emphasizes that basketball is a 5 man team sport, not 3. The heat pulled off a great feat in bringing together the superfriends, but now they are realizing that even leaving just bosh out could have given them enough cap space to get 2 or 3 solid players. Meanwhile the bulls are composed almost wholly of (aside from rose) solid role players who are consistent and do their jobs night in and night out.

      bulls in 5

  2. Bulls12 says:

    Bulls just need to keep that kind of defense against the big 3. and they sure will win this series.

  3. TIM&Zo says:

    Hold on a minute… Just because D.Rose and CO. took one game doesnt mean that Chi-town won the east. The Heat Played a bad second half offensively. They got outrebounded. The Heat will make a better effort in Game two to attack the defensive boards, even though that means less fastbreak points. Haslem is going to have to be ready to play solid minutes because we need rebounds, loose balls, and drawn charges. And The Heat will move the ball around more, Kick it out more, layer the plays and move more. LET’s Go Heat.

    • sethu says:

      yep!! evn i hav a feeling dat heat mite pull it back to 1-1 with a strong performance frm evry1 and take d rest to south beach… ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Rickster says:

      Less fastbreak points = half court game = Bulls Win!

  4. Tim&Zo says:

    It’s not over! Miami will play the defensive boards more, we’ll move the ball around, kick it out and layer our plays more. Haslem has to get solid minutes because we need rebounds, loose balls, and drawn charges. Wade and LBJ will not lay down, and our underated bench will step up. Lets Go Heat!!

  5. Bulls FAN! says:

    YEAH That’s Right!! GO BULLS!

  6. dtp says:

    4-1 Bulls…………………………………..

  7. future hall of famer says:

    The heat are gonna come back derrick rose is good i respect that but the heat are the real thing dwyane wade my favorite player is gonna kill the bulls. Bulls better watch out scince they just made the heat mad. Mia 4-1

    • shawn says:

      The heat are far from the real deal, I know that the regular season does not matter now, but theres a reason why the heat have a losing record against the “elite” teams n the NBA. Dont dont give me they beat boston, because they have not been contenders since the Perk trade. Chicago is a real team, top to bottom. The big 3 can score all they want, but who gets it done after them? If bosh goes for 30 a game, thats cool, because we will slow down wade and lebron. Hell wade and lebron can go off, it still wont be enough.

  8. Krampot says:

    yeah. pretty impressive win but still its just one game. If they win game 2 miami is in deep sh*t. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • hawt1 says:

      Agree with you 100% on this. One game does not win a series, but if the Bulls go to Miami up 2-0 the Heat will be in some serious trouble.

  9. Jason says:

    What is up with you idiots already predicting the outcome of the series just because Bulls won one game? A series sweep by the Bulls? a 4-1 win over Heat? IT’S TOO EARLY TO PREDICT ANYTHING! Just because Heat lost one game, you count LeBron and Wade out? Have you realized which team was down 0-2 in 2006 against the Mavs and which player played like a legend? That’s right, it was Miami Heat and Dwyane Wade played like a legend. Derrick Rose is playing his best. What happens if LeBron and Wade play their best? Who can stop them? Let me answer that for you, NO ONE! James and Wade had a lot of pressure put on them in Game 1. Don’t forget, Miami Heat had the record for games played on the road(along with Dallas).

  10. heatles ! says:

    It wasn’t good . We had to win game 1 . But it is not over yet . I think this series end 4-2 lead by Miami Heat. Lets Go Heat !

  11. Derrick Rose says:

    Lebron is better than Derrick Rose, anyone disagree>?

    • Derrick Rose jr says:

      yes at the moment because rose is generaly playing better ball and has been all season (im not saying stats dont count but they dont tell the full story) and i think that rose has done just as much if not more than what lebron did in his first three seasons.

  12. bulls*** says:

    its just one of seven games AH!

  13. michael says:

    as much as im a huge bulls fan i don’t think this series really starts until the miami leg – if the bulls take game 2 game 2 and then can steal a game in miami then the heat are done – but i think game 5 will be when it all beings!

  14. ian says:

    i’m a bulls fan living in where else but chicago but i wont discount miami out…

    having said that, if the bulls win game two its all over for miami wheteher it be in game 4, 5, 6, or 7… they will loose in the end… the bulls are not the mavs of 2006, they have a TRUE MVP, the COY, and most especially my beloved BENCH MOB!!!

    karma is a you know what… having TWO parties even before they had proved anything… thats what this team did at the start of the season PARTY 1 made them a .500 team in the first quarter of the season because they underestimated the other teams in the league and overestimated their teams ability… PARTY 2 meant that they underestimated the bulls by thinking that boston was their major hump… lol i guess PARTY 2 turned to CRYGATE 2… courtesy again from the bulls… when will this team ever learn? how many times will they follow lbj’s poisonous attitude? LBJ is definitely an otherwoldy talent who is also a great physical specimen but there is no doubt in my mind that his attitude rivals that of stephon and AI… what a waste

  15. Realist says:

    Ummm…the Heat don’t have a chance against the Bulls? Are you kidding me here? They haven’t played a whole 48 minutes all season, and that’s because the rotation they have works wonders for getting wins. People really underrate every player we have outside of the Big Three, and at times even underrate the Big Three, which is utterly ludicrous honestly. James Jones knocks down 3’s whenever he is open, Joel Anthony changes every team’s offensive strategies, Chalmers is a very good defender at the point-guard position and can knock down some shots himself if left open, and if our 4th and 5th best players were healthy (Mike Miller, Udonis Haslem) this wouldn’t even be close to a series. People have made way too big of a deal from one game, just one game. They didn’t get two wins for it, did they? Nope, they just won once, at home no less. I got the Heat in six, but it might go the distance and go seven with Miami taking it, though that’s hard to imagine. Oh, and before anyone starts on me, because I just know people will, I hope you realize Wade and LeBron will not combine for a measly 33 points again in this series, that just simply won’t happen. It’s one game, and people are saying we don’t have a chance. Relax, if the Heat stick to their defense and bring energy and hustle back into their game, it’s Chicago who will look bad. I’m not going to go crazy like the writer of this article and say it’s going to be a cakewalk, and I’m not going to count Chicago out by any means, but to say the Heat should “give it up already” shows just how little he truly knows about playoff basketball and is typical of everyone’s overreactions to every single Heat loss.

  16. call me boozer 5 says:

    ive already planned the parade at my house=) bulls own heat on all ends of the floor

  17. Agodang says:

    All I can say – GO MIAMI HEAT! – what did you say sir? just give the trophy if DRose hitting the 3s? what about if the miami heat will rebound the ball well and dwade/lbj scores 30+?

  18. bullsyourface says:

    …game 1 is not enough to declare the eastern conference champs. miami will prevail and the bulls will be down in the rodeo show, bwahahahaha

  19. Jon T says:

    Chicago will be tough and the rest of the games will come down to the wire, i think although Boozer, Noah and the bigs on the bulls bench will dominate all it takes is a 35 from either Lebron and a 30 from wade vice versa and 10 boards from bosh and then bam u have a series. Rose is quite over rated as he is not the reason why they are there, Anyway Heat in 6.

    • 305Baby says:

      Ummm, its time to wake up man. First off, over one game means nothing. Everybody knew miami had no chance in beating boston in the playoffs. What happen? They pull it off 4-1. This will be the last time LBJ and Wade will score a combine point of 33. But all im saying is the Bulls dont have a chnace this year. Sure they have MVP on their team, but that means nothing. They just had a chance in the first game thats all. Taj Gibson is not a really great player. He just played good and we were outrebounded. So let see. Good luck

  20. JOhn velasco says:

    let’s see what happen. the hornet won game 1 but lost the series
    atlanta won game 1 but lost the series to bulls
    memphis won game 1 but also the series
    back last 2007 when the cavs under 0-2 against pistons but lebron helps his team to win the series 4-2.
    i dont know maybe bulls or heat.
    playing in the nba surely anything can happen.
    It will be great series.

  21. raymanster25 says:

    i promise you that this blog will mean nothing once
    Miami gets their act together….

    and also what makes you think that the bulls quest for
    the championship will be that easy?

    just in case you get past the heat, do you think okc and dallas
    will make it easy for your bulls?

    its just 1 game and your sounding like they are the best… wait till
    game 2…

    i will concede if your bulls can make it 3-0 against the heat…

  22. Anthony Tobin says:

    The only guy that could play 48 mins all series and still be fresh for the finals is luol deng and he won’t be far short of it.

  23. CHAD says:

    bulls are a complete team… miami is great with the two superstars and bosh… this should be a good one… iam a bulls fan so GO CHICAGO…!!!

  24. south beach says:

    waz up miami heat is back in game 2 pretty sure…lol..

  25. allaround baller says:

    Taj did well during season, he’s there when boozer & noah injured. This playoff is another proof of him

  26. iamBcman says:

    Force Derrick Rose to the left. hE IS NOT COMFORTABLE WITH THAT. Lebron or Dwade must guard him. Not Chalmers nor Bibby!!!

  27. iamBcman says:

    Give Udonis Haslem saome minutes. He is a defender and a spot up shooter. Try Haslem, Bosh , James, Miller and Wade line up.. I think it will work.

  28. iamBcman says:

    Miami at 7!

  29. Gustavo says:

    Wow a little early to be dismissing teams don’t you think and a bit harsh, might as well tell the Heat to don’t even play anymore. I understand that this is about who is “trending” right now sort of speak but the author of this blog especially in the main NBA website should be more objective and less eager to see the Heat leave simply because the author doesn’t like them personally (pretty damn obvious). It is so annoying to have so many people hate of the Heat but it will make it that much sweeter when we take the Bulls out just like everyone thought we weren’t going to take out the Celtics. Good for you Bulls, you got one win, savor it because it WILL be your last.

  30. Chimera says:

    A little too early… The Bulls are great, and can definitely beat Miami but the series is not yet over… But your kidding yourself if you’re thinking that the Miami cant win this series… As for me, both team can claim the series, I just cant wait to watch the show… Enjoy the ride…

  31. MNM says:

    don’t compare the Bulls to the Mavs in that 2006 Championship match with the Heat, the Bulls are a totally different team. Go Bulls in 6

  32. Bilbo "Bosh-ins" says:

    Check the history, you deluded Miami Heat fans. Defense and rebounding wins championships, and oh yeah … great benches as well. Miami may have one of those in their defense, but it won’t be enough. I’m not just saying this as a Bulls fan, trust me, if Miami were to be in the opposite position, I’d give them the acknowledgement they deserved as well. The reality is that 3 superstars alone CANNOT defeat what coach Tibbs has done in Chicago, and overcome the fact that Chicago has been nearly unstoppable at home.

    Chicago in 6 … Maybe 5 … Although I hope 4!
    (Miami still hasn’t won a single game against Chicago all season!)

  33. Darrindt02 says:

    The Bulls will win the series! If you go into a car shop to get your car fixed you would want them to have everything they need to fix your car. But if you go into a car shop and they only have 3 parts and your car is in need of 12 parts to run efficiently are you going to let them fix your car. No. You are going to go to the car shop that can take care of all the problems in which your vehicle has to get you from point A, B, & C. So, the heats are going to lose because they have no supporting cast. They have no bench other than James Jones and he only produces on Lebron, Wade, & Bosh’s clock whenever they want him to produce. Everybody talks about Kobe, but they dont look at Lebron & Wade and how selfish they are in their franchise. The heat probably would have a bench but when you base your whole team game around 3 individuals your bench never gets to shine which means the world never will know what the Heats bench could do if given an opportunity. This series is going to be determined not by the players but by the coaching staff and as of right now the Bulls have the coach of the year in Tom Thibodeau who is a great supporting cast for those guys who go out there and put their bodies on the line everynight injured or not. Erik Spoelstra has not been to supportive of his superstars which means the heats dont trust in their coach. Its amazing that they made it thus far. Bulls 4-2!!!!!! Series will go six games.

    • Ozfan says:

      What if you turn up to the car shop (game) and the 3 parts they supply you with are a turbo (Wade), intercooler (Bosh) & nitrous injection (LeBron)???
      That will make your heap of junk car (team) go really fast to A (semifinals), B (conference Finals) & C (The Finals)

      hahahaha, nice work-shop analogy, which has no direct relationship to an NBA game… are you an apprentice mechanic?

  34. Centrix says:

    The Bulls will sweep the Miami Heat. The Bulls are just so fast, so good, so talented, being much younger than the Heat. The Heat players, most of them, are old, including but not limited to the so-call beig three, Lebron, Wade, and Bosh. The Heat thought they had to beat only the Centics and that’s it. They did not realize that the new and number one Team now is the Bulls. Again, in this Eastern Conference Finals, it’s going to be the Bull son game 4. The Bulls will sweep the Heat. Go Bulls go. Bye Heat…

  35. Heat 4-2
    Gotta go harder Game 2, then go to Miami and handle yo’ll business on our floor in front of our crowd,
    Undefeated at home in the playoffs as well.

  36. John says:

    Keep charging Bulls!

  37. SYDALE says:

    I’ve got the Bulls winning 4-2 in this series… I just can’t buy into a 3 man team reaching or winning the Finals…

    With that said however, the Heat will probably take Game 2….

  38. K-rob says:

    A superpowered high octane offense vs A stiffening physical defense……who wins? Defense always wins ….Miami will fight back but Chicago will win

  39. ian says:

    here comes the cHeat fans… blabbing again before game one I heard Heat will sweep the Bulls coz they had a hard time against Indiana and Atlanta… I guess those two teams are better than Miami afterall, lol

    Now their cry is that is just one game… what happens if the Bulls win again? you losers will say 2-0 aint nothing, that dwade won against dallas down 2-0 in that series… you guys are as pathetic as LBJ and Bosh… teaming with wade to win a championship

    i see nobody commented on my first post WHY? coz what i’m saying is TRUE… 2 PARTIES NO RINGS?!

    tell you what 10 heads are better than 2.5

  40. Ldv says:

    Obviously the guy who wrote this article is heat hater. Heat is the underdog in context.

    • da bulls says:

      lol everyone except for people in miami are heat haters. no1 likes the heat. btw, who will taj posterize next? u are a heat expert, u should know.

  41. Miami needs help!

  42. mutual says:

    in reply to Ian
    its thier first year together!! there are so many strong teams in the nba, you wana give yourself the best possible chance and thats what they did and what do you know, they are in the ECF.. 3 of the USA team in the Olympics.. you heat haters were quiet during the playoffs till now.. haha its great you can finally come our after one game huh? im a miami fan but the series can go either way, thats the beauty of the nba.. gtta love the game,

  43. ROSE THE HEAT IS COMING!!! says:


  44. Chimera says:

    Now it becomes a best of 5, with Heat having homecourt advantage.. Its far from over, even for the Heat…. Like I said, enjoy the ride…

  45. icepogi says:

    @da bulls
    taj??? posterize??? How about Haslem posterizing bogans and drose….. now what???? it’s 1-1 and 3 games will be played in south beach…… taj gibson will take his cockiness to south beach…. what? bulls d is the main reason why the heat lose game 1…. how about now??? what’s your excuse???? scalabrine didn’t play???? taj didn’t do much effort in his cockiness??? that baldy was just lucky…. he even got blocked by wade 2 times and yet it came in… that’s either fluke or just plain luck… anyway…. I want to his cocky attitude in MIAMI home court… So he could play like a fool on himself again….

  46. ROSE THE HEAT IS COMING!!! says:

    1-1 series..lets see if you can beat the UNDEFEATED HEAT at home in the playoffs..

  47. im a says:

    hey?its any body’s ball game.. but this is the beauty of this ECF. nobody can predict who wins.. if your a fan of either team or you hate the other team, im pretty sure your saying crap about those teams.. but one thing is for sure, no one will go down without a fight, and expect whoever lose in this match up will have a great bounce back next season..both teams are almost eqaully good, in a sense that bulls is a GREAT defensive team, but sometimes lacks ability to find a go to guy when their MVP is tightly guarded.. for the heat, they are a GREAT offensive team, no doubt with LBJ and DWADE. but they lack in their defensive schemes, and they don’t have that much hustle.. the team who capitalizes on both their own respective weaknesses, will more likely win this. but whatever happens, i want that NBA title in the east! DEFENSE will win this all..