Carlos Boozer makes his hip-hop debut

by Micah Hart

The five best rappers in the world are Dylan, Dylan, Dylan, Dylan, and Carlos Boozer

The Chicago Bulls dropped their playoff anthem on the world last night during Game 2* of their Eastern Conference finals series against the Heat, a song called “Winning Streak”, featuring the vocal stylings of Twista, Mario Winans, and, amazingly, Carlos Boozer.

*Can anyone explain why this song premiered last night? In Game 2 of the Conference finals? What if they lost to the Hawks, would the world have never benefited from hearing these dope beats?

Boozer leads things off, and in case you were wondering what kind of hip-hop artist the Booze would make, just know that in a span of a few seconds he rhymed “God” with “hard” and “abuse ya” with “Boozer”. Here, take a listen:

Yowsa. I want to give Carlos a break here, a) because spitting rhymes is not his day job and b) it’s not like the bar has been set particularly high by his NBA brethren.

Also, jeez, Boozer then Twista? That’s like letting your nephew go on and tell “What’s grosser than that?” jokes before Chris Rock takes the stage. This song is pretty terrible, but Twista can guest on my track anytime.

As to whether or not this song cost the Bulls Game 2 last night, that’s not for me to decide. But it couldn’t have helped.

H/T Fake Shore Drive

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  1. illi says:

    “But it couldn´t have helped” …Why didn´t you post it before the Game 2? Your team could have won whether or not.

  2. booze says:

    Stick to your day job baldy!!

  3. Jake says:

    That’s song is pretty sick…but the worst NBA rapper of all time is, without a doubt, Gordon Hayward.

  4. Dubturbo says:

    Thank you for this great post. This is what I was looking for. I’m a beat maker.