Blake Griffin is angry about Rage

by Micah Hart

Blake Griffin has accomplished many things in his one NBA season — unanimous Rookie of the Year, All-Star, Slam Dunk contest winner — but the thing that I keep being impressed by are his acting chops. To wit:

A lot of athletes make silly commercials like this, but Blake is one of the few who comes across like he’s behaving almost naturally, and not wooden (cough, cough, LeBron’s State Farm commercials, cough). He is doing a lot of silly stuff here, but he sells it, and that makes the spot work. The kid has some comic chops.

In fact, I’m going ahead and calling it now. Blake Griffin will host Saturday Night Live someday, and he will be the best basketball player to ever host.

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  1. Triple B says:

    haha gotta agree, that clip made me lol a couple of times
    kid has been real funny on his TV appearances so far which sorta belies his quiet demeanour

  2. Angelo Cifarelli says:

    cough, cough, they are for state farm, cough, cough. If you are going to write something, make sure it is accurate before posting it.

  3. Ivan says:

    That was completely hilarious. I would love to see Blake on SNL, but I do remember that Michael Jordan already guest-starred on the show. Griffin would be a funnier guest-host for sure, but not the best basketball player.

    • Plasmaman says:

      I think he meant the best host who is a basketball player, rather than the best basketball player ever to host. If that makes sense?

  4. Schaffer says:

    That was HILARIOUS!!!! But I don’t think it was needed to try to compare to LeBron.. That commercial was made to make people laugh, to buy the video and of course for Blake to make money. LeBron is making money and that video was funny!!!!…no drama needed.

  5. reVAMP says:

    agreed!…..a funny one but is this game threaded from DOOM?, anyone know because i love that game!

  6. Rob says:

    Lol. I loved this. Much better than Lebron’s commercial, even though I did like that one as well. But this is, IMO, is way better. Can’t wait to see what the future holds for Blake Griffin. I’ve definitely become a fan.

  7. vision76 says:

    ok ok enough with the comparisons. Let’s not forget that these are atheletes not actors. Anything they do extra is a plus and deserves credit. They make millions they should do other things.

  8. Mike says:

    Tiger Jump!