Haywood explains his new poster

by Zettler Clay

Apparently, when big men get dunked on by perimeter players, there is an airtight alibi. And our man Brendan Haywood is the guy to let us know.

Haywood spoke to ESPNDallas.com about the play that is making rounds around the NBA Playoffs.

“He made a hell of a play, man,” Haywood told ESPNDallas.com during the Mavericks’ shootaround before Saturday’s Game 3. “He went to the 20th floor and I stopped at the 10th. It was one of those plays, I mean, I watched it myself and was like, ‘Whoa, that’s a great play.’

Fair enough. But he wasn’t done. Not by a long shot.

“It was a great play, but I’m not even really worried about that. I’m more worried about how bad our perimeter defense was. I’m like, ‘Peja, uh, can you close the gate a little bit maybe?'”

Peja Stojakovic said “my bad” after the play. Haywood wasn’t satisfied.

“I was like, ‘A little late for that, Peja. I don’t really want to hear your bad. Just move your feet a little bit better next time. Just move your feet,'” Haywood said. “I think that’s the problem. There’s no way in the world we should have had Peja on (Kevin) Durant. That’s wrong. We’re going to blame that on a coaching error. If Peja is on Durant, we should automatically as a team yell zone. It should definitely be a zone.”

Goodness. On one hand, this looks to be a clear case of an embarrassed soul saving face for a play that, well, would make Shawn Bradley blush. On the other hand, this could be viewed as an impassioned plea for smarter play from a team that is this close to a NBA championship.

Overall, Haywood is ultimately right. There is absolutely no percentage in pitting Stojakovic against a two-time scoring champ in a Western Conference Finals matchup. Ever. Whether his excoriations will affect team chemistry or any future highlight reel is remaining to be seen.

And as if you haven’t seen this enough:


  1. rere says:

    westbrook is so selfish!!!

  2. bryan says:

    Brendan no business speaking this way, whether true or not. This stuff should be said by Brendan–but within the team. Being a Wash. guy I watched him for years, so I know especially from the last few years he his capable of doing better himself. So if your underachieving yourself you don’t want to be criticizing your teamates, especially when they have the excuse of being old and slow and you do not. Brendan should be blocking more shots and boxing out better, and he has no excuse for his free throw shooting. He already proved that he can make free throws at 70 plus percent from his tutoring in Washington, so how do you fall back to under 50% FT% and miss the big ones? Most likely, lack of practice, focus, concentration and determination. So Brendan make your FTs and block some shots and box out before criticizing old man Peja for not sticking the worlds greatest scorer.

    • sunsman says:

      Thing is Bryan, I think Haywood wasn’t picking ultimately on Peja, his comments were directed at the coaching staff who he may be frustrated with for any number of reasons.

      I know Haywood is a better player than what he has been showing at Dallas, maybe it is a lack of rhythm coming off the bench, but it also could be something off the court we haven’t heard about. In essence though you are 100% correct, Brendon, do the little things, box out, contest shots at least without fouling, and practice your free throws, eventually the opposition is just going to sag off you and then foul when you get your hands on the rock.

      Dallas in 5

  3. ballhog says:

    Go Westbrook…. Go!!
    Don’t stop hogging the ball..LOL

  4. spec says:

    he is disrispectfull to one of the legends of the game, No4 of all times in 3pt shots made. Brendan you have to do something on your own to be able to nag Peja. Here is a list: Play and win world Championships, Play in Nba finals 4 times score 40 plus points a game, or maybe make a free throw and occasionally score a basket

  5. cloyzeppelin says:

    from this time of the playoffs theres no time on blaming each other, should learn from mistakes and continue playing good basketball,,, one mistake should not solved with another mistake,, hope caron be healty enough to play again for this series, we need him for defensive purposes, get well soon ,, GO MAVS

  6. reb says:

    C’mon man!! this aint the lakers…. NO ISSUES!! Go Mavs!!

  7. AK47 says:

    Well said Brendan. You play hard defense, you deserve a right to speak out to the coaches. Pussies wouldn’t have challenged that dunk. The fact of the matter is, that was poor perimeter defense which lead to your team mate getting banged on. The perimeter defender let the team down, Brendan did the right thing by rotating to challenge the shot, but like he said, Durant already reached the 20th storey.

    All those who are paying out Brendan for not playing to his potential – hes been playing great defense. He is a better defender than Tyson Chandler, as proved by the Blazers series with the work he did on Aldridge. Do you think shot blocking is defense? Have you not seen Javale McGee play basketball?