What’s not to like?

by Micah Hart

Normally, the NBA Draft lottery is useful for only one interesting piece of information; namely, who gets the top pick.

That wasn’t the case this year, as everyone in America fell in love with Cavs’ owner Dan Gilbert‘s 14-year old son Nick, who represented the Cavs at the lottery drawing.

Nick Gilbert, who suffers from a nerve disorder that can cause tumors to grow in his body at any time, won the room over (and the nation) during the evening, when he answered ESPN’s question about how he feels about his father calling him his hero, saying, “What’s not to like?”

The phrase became an instant hit, repeated several times over during the course of the night’s events, which oh-by-the-way culminated in the Cavaliers hitting the jackpot, moving up from the eight spot (originally the Clippers’ pick, which they acquired as part of the Baron DavisMo Williams swap at the trade deadline) to No. 1 in the Draft pecking order.

T-shirt maker Fresh Brewed Tees capitalized on the growing popularity of Nick’s catch-phrase, introducing a t-shirt (right) to commemorate the occasion and donating five dollars of every one sold to support The Children’s Tumor Foundation, for which Nick is an ambassador. As of this posting, the shirts have already raised nearly $40,000 dollars for the organization.

Well done everyone, all around.

UPDATE: The t-shirt has been a big hit, but the $40,000 figure is actually how much the campaign for the CTF has raised in total, not simply from sales of the shirt (which, by the way, Gilbert the father has said he will match dollar-for dollar). It’s not too late to donate to the cause either, as they have extended the drive through this coming Friday, May 27.

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  1. Nisha-Let's Talk says:

    Wow… already a hit.. Not so surprised.. I’m glad he’s now a huge hit, and he came up with his own saying.. cool and good for him.. Cavs better bask in the glory now because once the season starts, all of it will slowly fade away… That number 1 pick will NEVER give them what LEBRON JAMES gave them.. :).. Enough said.

    • Ben says:

      hehe – this totally has to have come from him watching the movie Enchanted, right? The Prince is asked whether he likes himself and says ‘whats not to like?’ The fact it’s become used in this way is really sweet – its nice to see a kid like this create a moment that ends up with people giving to charity. Just goes to show, you never know what the small thing is that will make a difference.

    • jwy of Singapore says:


      though Miami Heat is lack of bench players

      LET’S GO MIAMI HEAT !!!!!!

  2. jp says:

    Last time I checked all LeQuit gave Cleveland was a bunch of headaches. Or better yet, a sore elbow.

    • that's all. says:

      if cleveland ever makes the finals or even the playoffs again. Let me know.

    • Brandon says:

      I wish Cleveland fans would just get over the fact that LeBron left. Comments like that just are head scratches. All the people from Cleveland that are now doing everything to can to show their hate at him are just crazy. You guys didn’t mind rooting for him when he got you to the finals. you didn’t mind cheering behind him when he lifted you guys to new heights and brought some hope to the city. He knew is limits though. He said he couldn’t win it by himself. No one player has won by himself. So Cleveland fans, let this number one pick silence you anger at James and focus on the future. And support the charity that this article is talking about.

    • Kanwar says:

      You and many others are completely ignorant of what he did the 7 seasons he was there. Just forget all the good things he brought to that franchise?? The cavaliers or the city of Cleveland would not be anywhere near where they are now if it weren’t for LeBron. He has put them on the map. What more could you ask for, besides a championship which he certainly wanted to and tried to win. Just one game or series does not define his legacy in Cleveland.

  3. Jkikidd says:

    This so-called number 1 pick will never leave a legacy in Cleveland just like Lebron did. The guy literly gave so much to this organization, and last year after The Decision, they erase everything good he did (by burning his jersey,…,etc. ), shame on you Dan Gilbert, shame on you.

  4. HPU DEAN says:

    Lequeen James is an overated competitor

  5. Peter chang says:

    Some of u guys are so foolish as if u can do better than Lebron? he admitted his fault in ‘the decision’ let it go now, lequit? how bout legit……….

  6. cavssuperfan says:

    yo i give lebron the ultimate respect despite hwat he put us through he was a stud for us for 7 years we reached the nba finals had multiple number 1 seeds we were an elite team with lebron and the loss of him was monumental how do you explain 60 plus wins to 17 wins in the absence of just one man. hes a legend wish he stayed oh well.

  7. Tom says:

    I don’t know if having the number one pick in this draft will yield anything spectacular, I mean the big men in the draft are decent but long term projects, and Kyle Irving needs to be watched because of his weight (then again he hasn’t played in 3 months because of his injury so he should be able to lose the weight when he’s 100%)

  8. Brian says:

    Punctuation error.

  9. Mada says:

    they will never get a Lebron James like talent for a long time. way to go Cavs. really it was their fault not making any big moves on that free agency.

  10. MOVE ON CAVS……take a new path…

  11. no like james!!!!!!!!!! says:

    hahahah you won the lottery but still na num,1 draft pick of yours cant perform like lebron james did, face it

  12. LenHard2306 says:

    Maybe daddy Dan Gilbert should put “Lucky” son Nick Gilbert on his roster.. Lets see if the luck of his “Lucky” son could give them at least 25 wins next season..

  13. The Truth says:

    I dont understand what everyones problem with Cleveland is… “Get over it Cleveland” “Move on Cleveland” “Quit crying Cleveland”

    This city gets nothing but ridiculed every time somthing bad happens to us, you dont see people saying the Cubs fans should get over it, or that Red Sox fans were crying to much when they went 86 years without a title, or that Seatle Supersonics fans should get over the fact that they had their team stripped away a year before Kevin Durant and Westbrook showed up to save the franchise, so on a and soforth… we dont ask that the whole world has a pitty party for us, but to be honest we are sick of getting shafted. I would have had no problem with him leaving if he had done it in a respectable manner instead of going on world wide televeision and jabbing a knife right through our backs, wheather he intended on it or not, and his half hearted apology after beating Boston a couple weeks ago would have been nice had it maybe been 6 months ago instead of in May, let us not forget all of the jabs he took at Cleveland for no reason during the season that he refused to apologize for. So yes Lebron James may be the best basketball player on the planet and i cant refute that as i watched and cheered for him since i was 13 but being a good baskeball player dosnt make up for being an arogant conceded person….

    If the Heat win it all for the next 6 years then so be it, good for him, but to all of you people who keep insisting that Cleveland get over it, maybe you should get over that fact that were not going to and probably never will, so deal with it

  14. Jacob says:

    Very well said @The Truth.. These are the same people that we’re crying because LeB$^ch beat the Heat etc.. Now just let the fair weather fans who can’t sell out a stadium bask in their own becasue after the new CBA there will be no more super teams.. Thanks to these so called BIG markets that ruined the NBA.. I’ll watch again if it can ever get back to normalcy..

  15. The Truth said it all. While some Clevelanders are still on LeBron (as would ANY city who had the most talented all around player in our generation and possibly ever), a lot of people from other places are still on us. Why is that? Can’t you guys just stay on the Heat bandwagon and let our city rebuild? I’m 100% positive if Dwight Howard had an Adidas fundraiser “Decision” special next year and said he was taking his talents to L.A. that the people of Orlando would despise him for at least the whole following season. What, just because we’re Clevelanders, we don’t have a right to be upset for once again getting shafted? Get over yourselves. Get off our backs, stay on the bandwagon, and try and focus on CURRENT news….not how Cleveland is coping with losing the best player on the planet. K? Thanks. Bye.

  16. JAJB says:

    this is not about LeBron james leaving Cleveland its about a great kid creating hope for others and putting the right feelings on people hearts so they star giving :).

  17. I Agree With Truth 100% too! says:

    Everybody always saying shutup Cleveland or get over it Cleveland , but i bet if this happened to yall Heat Fans i meant Bandwagon Fans yall would do the same thing. If Dwyane Wade went to Chicago, you guys would have been mad too? Wouldn’t yall? So try to feel our pain before you go criticizing US!!!!!!!!!! GO CAVS!!!!!!!!!!! Its Rebuilding time!

  18. Michael MArtinka says:

    Obviosously you people have no clue. This guy was given all he could be given and the job was never done. We had enough power to take out Boston last year and La-choke quit. Dan Gilbert tried to make this guy happy as much as possible. What Lebron did will never be forgiven. You dont go on tv and use the boys and girls club as your scapegoat to leave Cleveland. This was all planned 4 years ago. He wanted to play with Wade and now his dream came true. I applaud Dan Gibert for coming out and trying to make a winning team. Like the other owners is this town he cares about his team. In couple of years this team could be a force to be reckon with. GO CAVS!!

    • err yeah... says:

      Dan Gilbert does not care about the cleveland cavaliers in any way shape or form other than making money from it. I’m sorry, but his letter to Lebron after Lebron’s “Decision” proved it. He’s just sour about how noone is ever going to buy a cav jersey again. I feel sorry for cleveland fans. The only person I won’t feel sorry for is Dan Gilbert. His “decision” was just as bad as Lebrons.

  19. Hahaha says:

    “What’s not to like?” –> Go ask Irving…..Feel sorry for him.