Just another routine play by a routine guy

by Zettler Clay

For all the carnage that LeBron James wreaks on the offensive end — as Kyle Korver can attest — his work on the other end often plays second fiddle. Although he was named to the NBA All-Defensive team for the third time this season, it’s easy to forget how well he works in that facet.

So when Carlos Boozer came barreling down the lane with Dan Gilbert’s best friend coming to challenge, those on the “LeBron Sucks” train prepared their schadenfreude mix, poured it into a sports bottle and toasted, before this happened:

Well then. Not even a Boozer right-arm push-off could prevent ‘Bron from adding to his copious reel. I hope the seats on that aforementioned train is comfortable, patrons. Or at least comfortable enough to last until Game 4 on Tuesday.


  1. Usuck says:

    BULLS just show their true color…:)

  2. OzHeatFan says:

    LBJ with an awesome block on the Bulls man of the night. Boozer finally put on a show.. and Bosh was even more incredible.. He is coming into his own this series.. Surely the haters can drop the 2&1/2 BS now.

    Only gripe being that Spoelstra puts Mike Miller on the floor for 12 minutes, and comes up with 0 for 2 shots, 2 fouls and a turn over… What the?

    Heat will take the next 2 and get some rest and figure out how to take down Dirk and Dallas.

  3. dirk45 says:

    This is experience. That’s what will take the Mavs and Heat to the Finals. The Thunder and Bulls will get a good shot at the future but they don’t have the experience to fight for the last inch to stop the opponent.